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Off-Topic The 1890's Colorized

North Coast Miller

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Really enjoyable!

Recently came across a crate of stereo photo slides from my father in law's belongings, picks of New Orleans and Miami in the late 50s in Viewmaster-style 3D with Kodak color. Feels like you're right there. I can't believe it ever went out of style.


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Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed watching. I find it interesting from this and photographs of the 1800s that people were generally slimmer and seemed to have had better posture back then compared to modern day,

North Coast Miller

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I'd find myself wondering how the people are and then coming to the realization they're all gone.....
When hiking etc I come across wildlife, and years later recollect on these trips and the animals I came across, only the trees are still alive...maybe.

"Ten times the life of a man, the life of a dragon"

But their offspring are still in the mix...
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