The 24 hr diet


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Did a test run today. Only had the full AM formula with my first 2 cups (5:30am and 8:00am) and did not even feel the need for more coffee till about 1pm. That cup I just went black. Felt high energy all day till about 4pm my time and now I am hungry per usual on a fast day. May try to bring some PM formula with me to work for these days as a test.


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This might be a really dumb question, but does it matter if you put the coconut oil in your coffee of just eat a spoonful? Drinking coconut coffee gets old pretty fast and I enjoy high grade plain black coffee.
On a side note, I read somewhere that taking fish oil and vit D in the morning and before bed help with the big T. So a little fat from the oil will help with the absorption.


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Joining in late here, but ZMA or a Magnesium Oil spray has always worked well for me 30 mins before bed to promote a good night's sleep


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1. I'm not sure I notice much of a difference whether I take vit d before bed or not on my sleep.
2. Has anyone tried adding a little chocolate protein to their coffee for a sort of cafe mocha?
3. I read somewhere that gelatin before bed is supposed to help with sleep. I have noticed after my noonish coffee with gelatin I'm a little more sleepish/tired.
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