'The Game Changers' Documentary

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  1. Steve Freides

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    If it works for you, it’s Ori’s preference. I used to juice veggies but it was too much sugar and not enough protein for me.

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  2. Abdul-Rasheed

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    Too much sugar in vegetable juice? May be carrots or something similar?
  3. Oscar

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    The warrior diet has a ying/yang rhythm to it I find very appealing:

    Undereating / overeating,
    raw / cooked,
    Hunger / satisfaction
    Alertness / relaxation
    Low caloric density / calorie dense
    Low protein / high protein
    Detox / nourishing

    The idea of raw fruits and veggies plays a big part in that rhythm to me.

    I dont know how well the warrior diet eating only raw during the day works regarding building muscle and body composition though.
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  4. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    Carrots, celery. I think those and not much else. I think we used to do half carrots and half celery.

    My stomach and a lot of fruits/veggies has never been a good combination.

  5. kenaces

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    fyi - the movie should be on Netflix starting tomorrow
  6. kennycro@@aol.com

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    Building Muscle

    As Snowman said, you can gain muscle on an Intermittent Fasting Diet. That providing you have a "proper calorie surplus".

    Think of it like an American Football Game. It doesn't matter how many points you score in each individual quarter of the game or if your "Time of Possession" was more than the other team. All that matter is the final score.

    It's the same with Intermittent Fasting. As long as you are in a calorie surplus at the end of the week, you gain weight/muscle mass. That providing you have a well formulated diet and training plan.

    Eating 3 - 4 Meals

    Think of this like working. In most jobs, if you work 5 days a week, you're going to make more money than if you only work let's say 3 days a week.

    There is a directly relationship to the amount of time you work each week and the amount of money you make.

    Thus, as Snowman states, "Eat more, gain more."


    Thibaudeau is definitely one of the smartest in the business. The "Primer 52", (I am not sure why it was named that) as he stated it is a modified version of the "5/2 Diet" of TC Luoma. Luoma's "5/2" is modification of Dr Krista Varaday's Alternate Day Diet for weight loss.

    Bodybuilding's Bulking and Cutting

    This is what Bodybuilder have successfully done for decades, Calorie Rotation.

    Periods of increased calorie intake for gaining weight and decreased calorie intake for losing weight. Dieting is essentially a Periodization Training Program only with food for gaining or losing weight, dependent on your objective.

    The General Adaptation Syndrome, GAS

    The foundation of Periodization Training and Calorie Rotation is based on GAS. That because the body eventually adapts. When adaptation occurs, progress stops.

    The MATADOR Study

    This research determined that the body will adapt to a lower or higher calorie intake in approximately two weeks. Thus, this diet for weight loss is based on decreasing calories for two weeks, then increasing them for two weeks, then repeating the sequence.

    Thus, some form of Calorie Rotation is required to either maintain weight loss or gain.

    Intermittent Fasting

    I understand your concern. However, the bottom line is as long as you are in a calorie surplus for week, you will gain weight.

    My longest fast was 47 hours. I didn't lose any weight during the week because I made up for it, consuming more calories, once I went back to eating.

    Kenny Croxdale
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  7. Molson

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  8. HUNTER1313

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    Started watching it on Netflix last night. I hope to finish it tonight. It's not too bad. Alot of what they are saying makes sense and I'm not bashing vegetarians as I have tried it in the past, but I like cheeseburgers too much. For every vegetarian that's thriving there's probably a carnivore doing the same. As Pavel has led us on the quest for everything awesome and doesn't disappoint, his recommendation about meat for strength/muscle and veggies for health is the way to go.
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  9. Marc

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    This film is just another "sensational" finding and actually not a game changet at all. If you are vegan (for whatever reason) got for it, if it is your thing but don't expect anything magical to happen. As far as I am concerned there is absolutely no benefit to a vegan diet compared to a well balanced omnivore diet.
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  10. vegpedlr

    vegpedlr More than 500 posts

    Finally got watch this after eagerly waiting for years. Loved every minute.

    As my handle shows, this is my lifestyle and has been for years. So it was very inspirational to see others like me. I’ve listened to and the read the stories of many of those profiled, and fortunate enough to have met a couple in person.

    But the way people approach diet and nutrition is funny. Most people don’t care. Taste and convenience are all that matters. For the few who do care, polarization comes quickly. So a film like this will be quickly dismissed by most, like it has here, celebrated by a smaller group like me. The real hope is that an audience of people with an open mind, who haven’t already chosen sides, may decide to give it a try.

    But the lifestyle is about much more than performance or even health. So even if a different diet could be clearly shown to be superior, the environmental and ethical concerns would probably prevail. In the meantime, I’m completely unimpressed with health claims of Omni diets. When any different protocol can show equivalent results to clinical results that McDougall/Esselstyn/Ornish/Pritikin/Kempner have been documenting since the 1940s, I’ll revise my opinion.

    It was very inspiring to see some new athletes profiled like Kendrick Farris, Dotsie Bausch, Patrick Baboumian, and Nimai Delgado.
  11. LukeV

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    I live near the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) which is a residential facility for elite level athletes and come across a lot of them in my wanderings. I'm curious about stuff like exercise, diet so I always ask what they are up to. I've met lots of vegetarians and some vegans, definitely more vegans in the last few years. Interestingly the only low carbers I have met have been dieting to lose weight. They don't seem to live/compete like that. But I tell you every single one of them has looked fantastic! I mean stunningly healthy! Like seeing a baby in a hand knitted jumper, you just know someone loves them and looks after them. And that's someone in the AIS kitchen by the look of it. I'm not vegetarian let alone vegan but having seen these guys I wouldn't have any concern at all about whether it's a feasible diet health or performance wise
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  12. North Coast Miller

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    This right here ^.
  13. ali

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    Started to watch it and got bored. My daughter came home from school to say that a lot of the guys, 16 year olds, were going vegan after watching it. So watched the rest of it. Now I know why.....bigger more enduring erections! Clever piece of marketing that one.....guaranteed to get any 16 year old to eat their broccoli. Quite possibly any bloke, for that matter!
  14. Oscar

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    The result of that study is the one I found most intriguing. For the N=3 sample, the results were consistent between the participants. I wonder why the diet caused that and if its of any importance.
  15. ali

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    Well I've had a butternut squash curry with chick peas, red pepper, mangetout, spinach and basmati rice. The Barry White playlist on spotify is ready to go.....
    I'm presuming increased blood flow, or something.
    Maybe all 3 of them spent a longer time on the internet, ahem, that night.
    Viagra.....so I've been told....contains nitric oxide, a vasodilaltor leading to increased blood flow, the same molecule that nose breathers benefit from and is present in plants. Maybe?
    In which case, nose breathing, S&S, fruit and veg is looking good!
    Netflix, slowly turning the world vegan, one hard on at a time......
  16. vegpedlr

    vegpedlr More than 500 posts

    Viagara was originally intended for heart disease. It didn’t go as planned, but had interesting side effects.

    That was explained with graphics and by Dr. Vogel who has done a ton research into endothelial health. Animal fats and oils impair endothelial function thus reducing blood flow.

    Erectile dysfunction is considered a canary in the coal mine regarding heart disease. If you have heart disease anywhere, you have it everywhere. The cardiovascular system is one big unit.
  17. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I would think that could be the case if a 20 year vegetarian was being compared, due to the accumulated effects on the cardiovascular system. In this case, it was two consecutive nights being compared on the same subject. So I don't think it can be related to cardiovascular health.
  18. ali

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    So we have a third front in the war on food. Carb/fat carry on, animal/plant carry on, animal fat/plant fat carry on.
    Seems to me the peace compromise treaty is 'eat plants and animals, mostly plants' (and some chocolate). It awaits ratification. Maybe a while.
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  19. vegpedlr

    vegpedlr More than 500 posts

    Endothelial function is different from the plaque formation and rupture most people associate with heart disease. The endothelium reacts very quickly. For more, check out Dr. Robert Vogel’s work, such as the brachial artery tourniquet test.
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  20. kiwipete

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    Hmmm... not sure about Dr Vogel's research.

    When applying some critical thinking to at least one of his supporting studies it is found to be severely lacking in scientific rigour.

    It seems nowadays that almost any study can be conducted to support almost any argument - and used to convince people of almost anything...
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