The Kettlebell Mile

Discussion in 'Other' started by mprevost, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. mprevost

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    Simple strength/endurance test: Grab a kettlebell (24kg males, 16 kg females) and travel a mile on foot with the kettlebell in the suitcase carry position. Switch hands as often as you like. Put the kettlebell down as often as you like. Goal is to cover a mile as fast as you can. All time counts, even when you put the kettlebell down to rest. This is one of my favorite simple workouts. After more than a year my back is finally well enough to give this a shot today. Managed about 13:10. I had to shuffle step (between a walk and a jog) to do that.

    Give it a shot and see how you do. I would like to shave it down to 10:00. I would have to be able to do a steady jog with the kettelebell to do that. I can manage a 10:00 mile with a 55lb backpack, but holding a kettlebell is harder.
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    At which points do you drink a beer?
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    Well heck Mike, I guess that pretty much rules out a ruck together at Mission Trails, no way a schlub like me could keep up with you! ROFL I have my hands full carrying 45 lbs at a steady pace..
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    Well, those ruck running speeds were a few years back but I feel like I can still come close. And that was flat ground in Florida. Doing that uphill in Mission Trails, no way.
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    I'm just now seeing this and wish I did this today as it was a great day, tomorrow and Wednesday will have rain, sleet and snow. However if I do decide to do thi tomorrow my time should be decent as I don't want to be out in the weather.
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  6. mprevost

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    You can also do this on the treadmill. You need a 1% graded to equal walking outdoors.
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  7. offwidth

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    Done and dusted by 0345MST...
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    Completed this morning in 19:47
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