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I've just started my S&S journey and have a way to go, I appreciate that, but in the long run I'm looking at doing the "retro" S&S with snatches and bent press.

Has anyone else done this? Do you have any tips/advice? Or even any links to relevant articles?



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Thank you for your speedy response!

This has given me some targets. Im a week into my S&S. Swing and TGU at 24K. But my TGU technique is shaky so still doing a lot of shoes.

I've asked Santa for a 16k bell which will massively help with technique. But I think at least 6months of daily S&S before investing in a 36k then maybe another 3months before attempting the Royal with cheese!

Thanks again


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If you can manage the TGUs with 24kg, give it time. If you are close to managing it, why not a 20kg bell?
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