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Several of the previous Sticky threads (that always appeared at the top of the forum) are now _not_ sticky but links to them are below so that you can find them easily.

Craig Marker's conversation starter about how much glycolytic training is appropriate in a primarily anti-glycolytic approach program.
Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water: Have we taken AGT too far?

@Anna C's One Complete S & S Session video and thread:
One Complete S&S Session

Links to everything about schedule, preparation, testing, etc., for our kettlebell instructor certification:
How Should I Prepare for My Upcoming Cert?

Comparing S & S with the ROP and PM from Enter The Kettlebell:
FAQ: Comparing Kettlebell: Simple & Sinister and the ETK Program Minimum and ROP

Doing the ROP Math
ROP Progression Questions and Answers

Technique: GU, Swing & Goblet Squat

Gaining Mass With Kettlebells

Hand Care Info

Mixing S&S With Other Programs

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