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The Struggles Of A Perpetual Goal Hopper


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The Past
I started practicing martial arts at the age of 5 with Tae Kwon Do. I competed in several track events and wrestling during high school. Did some Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate after graduation and joined the Military. I was in the process of getting ready to enter an amateur MMA event until a knee injury ended those plans and put my career at risk. Following a long rehab I still wanted to push myself physically so began training with weights. Very much enjoying pushing myself physically without getting punched in the face. I found the original version S&S and began working through the program. Always trying to beat the clock, pushing harder than last time, and trying to hack the process. I worked up to using a 24kg easily and started to train with the 32kg regularly. My barbell lifts went up and I was regularly setting PR's. I even did a few Kettlebell sport competing and coached some Olympic Lifting I was supporting a very intense training regime with bad eating and sleeping habits, not to mention massive amounts of caffeine. Gradually injuries began to compound, my recovery and health began to suffer and I completely crashed. I set down the weights and basically walked away from any competitive training for the last five years. Valuable lessons had been that I was not yet ready to deal with.

The Present
I am two years away from my fourth decade on the earth. I have made the decision to start this whole training journey over exactly the opposite way I did things up until now. By opposite I mean consistent, methodical, intelligent, and embracing the day to day process. Tomorrow 13 Nov 2022 I will being the journey from the beginning, starting S&S 2.0 and attempting to follow the program as written to the best of my abilities.

To The Future
We are not defined by our past mistakes or missteps and the person you were yesterday is doesn't have to be who you are today or tomorrow. I don't know where this will go but I hope somewhere better. My short term goal is to create a consistent practice in line with the S&S 2.0 book and gradually work towards Timeless Simple, while working on my bad habits in day to day life (sleep, nutrition, mental). One day at a time, stacking small wins and enjoying the process.

Thanks for reading!
Tire Change and Yard Work @ 1:00pm
-2 hours of work around the yard and changing tires

S&S 001 @ 7:30pm
-I warmed up using the prescribed circuit of 3x5r of Goblet Squats, Hip Bridges, and Halos (Goblets and Halos were done with 12kg)
-Deadlifts, 5r with 16kg for 10 min. Focused on strong powerful lockout and moving the bell as quickly as possible. Tried to recover fully between sets and keep the hr down. Was comfortably able to do 5 reps on the minute without issue
-Naked Getups, 1/1 for 10 min. I believe I did 5 pers side
-Finished with cool down circuit and a 30s dead hang from the bar.
-I used a heart rate monitor and focused on bringing my hr back down to about 110bpm before beginning the next set.
*Correction to my previous post, my first session was on Sunday the 13th*

Tracking and Logging
I am very interested in recording changes to my body as i continue with the program. As a baseline I have recorded my weight, body fat %, lean body mass and waist size. I also have a Garmin Vivoactive 4 for various metrics such as resting heart rate and sleep. Also I have a Polar 10 heart rate monitor I am using during my sessions. Any suggestions on what specifically I should be looking for and how to properly measure and when is appreciated.

Monday - 14 Nov 2022 Recap
S+S Practice - 002
-Prying Goblets with 12kg , hip bridge, halo's with 12kg
-Deadlift: 16kg x 5 reps for 10 minutes. Roughly 1 set a minute
-Naked Getups: 3 reps per side in 10 minutes. Consistent pace, deliberate pause at each position of the movement.
-Straddle and 90/90 stretches 2x1 min, Dead hang from Bar 1x30s
Notes: Before each set I aimed to bring my HR down to 110-115bpm. This developed a steady pace for the workout.

Tire changing in the evening.

Tuesday - 15 Nov 2022
No S+S practice, longer work hours today prevented me from getting a dedicated session. Tried to get in as many steps as I could and move as much as possible. My body is feeling ok after the past two days, although I can feel the areas lagging behind such as my right him and glute.
Back and feeling better!

Week 1 13-19 Nov 2022 - Recap
-I had four S&S practices this week (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs). The focus of all sessions was Deadlift technique and Naked Getups.
-I used the 16kg for all working sets of deadlifts and my volume for both movements improved as I adjusted to the work.
-I used a HR monitor for all sessions and attempted to keep my HR between 142bpm and 110bpm. I felt decent all week and the sessions absolutely left me feeling recharged.

Week 2 20-26 Nov 2022- Recap
- Unable to train this week, I picked up a respiratory virus my daughter brought home (not Covid) from school.
-Tried to keep moving with some Original Strength work and walking. All very low intensity as my energy levels were terrible.
-Symptoms improved and I was feeling much better by weeks end but not 100%
-As I was unable to train, I picked up the new S&S video course and studied.

Week 3 - 27 Nov-3 Dec 2022
Monday 28 Nov 2022
S&S Practice

- Followed Warm-up, deadlift, and cooldown portions of the S&S video course for this day's practice with 16kg.
-Many small details picked up from video's, such as using a hike pass to set up the goblet squat and the halo. Another great point during the deadlift instruction was the breathing instructions for touch and go deadlifts. Deadlift better than the first week by following the video instructions.
-Energy levels still lagging

Wednesday 30 Nov 2022
S&S Practice

-Warmup circuit with 16kg. Took my time and really focused on the bottom position of the Goblet squat and the behind the head position with the halo.
-Deadlifts 3x10r @ 16kg, focused on breathing pattern as described in S&S video. Previously I would always get light headed with touch and go deadlifts. Fractional breathing completely changed these for me.
-1/2 Getups, I followed the video instruction for this portion. I never really worked on a half getup before, the video offered great instruction. I can see great use for this movement.
-Followed session with cool down stretches and bar hang.
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