The value of doing lower reps swings

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Anders, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Anders

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    I am currently following a program made by Karen Smith, that contains among other things 2-hand swings. I am currently swinging the 32 kilo kettlebell. I was wondering if sometimes swinging the 36 kilo kettlebell With sets of 5 would give any effect ? Have anyone tried this ?

    The purpose would just be to entertain myself and create some variation. Still it is important that this kind of training is not a Complete waste of time.

    My final goal is of course to become stronger and get a better conditioning.

    All answers would be appreciated :)
  2. RS12

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    It's not a waste of time. Just make sure all your swings are crisp with a lot of hip snap. I routinely swing a heavy bell for sets of 5 or 7.
  3. Bauer

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    Have a look at this plan from no other than Andy Bolton:
    Kettlebells and Deadlifting: A Match Made in Heaven? | StrongFirst

    It goes from swinging a heavy bell from untimed 5x5 to 10x10 EMOM. Progression: First EMOM, then sets, then reps, then weight.
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    I'm no kettlebell expert. But right now I am keeping reps low.. Well Monday I use my 35lb one and do 3 sets of 20, mixed with using two hands and one...

    Wednesday I use my 32kg one and do 3 sets of 10... and Friday I use my 55lbs one for 15 reps or so, and can swing that with one hand for a few reps... I'm gonna buy an 88lbs one soon.
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    Do you mean sets of 5 swings?
    One of the new Q&D protocols involves 5 swings, 4 sets. Repeated in a series. So yes.

    I think just about any rep/set scheme can produce an effect. I prefer fewer reps so I can focus more on very strong/crisp swings instead of a marathon of weaker swings that are just guiding the bell through pendulum.
  6. william bad butt

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    Yes in general, for swings I like sets of 5, 10, 15, and 20.

    Maybe talk to Karen Smith about this?
  7. Steve Freides

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