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Just gonna use this thread for my thoughts about training and what I'm currently doing. Not really a log per say since I have that on pen and paper. Here goes nothing :

Currently I'm following the Rite of Passage with the 16 kg. I'm matching every press with a chin up. I might pick up some rings to spice it up. My most recent heavy day was 4(1,2,3,4) 1(1,2,3) 16 kg presses matched with chin ups. I'm adding one 4th rung every week. So next week it will be 5(1,2,3,4) presses and then I'll do the same thing up to 5(1,2,3,4,5). I roll the dice for my swings and snatches. Something I've noticed is that the volume really creeps up on you, some heavy days can be rather taxing.

I do nothing on variety days except for mobility, walking and 3 x 5 16 kg goblet squats with curls, which I do every single day regardless. I follow Steve Maxwell mobility, CC2 Trifecta, goblet squats per S&S and I hang from a pull up bar. Once work dials down though, I might start doing some Turkish Getup's with a heavier bell on variety days in addition to goblet squats.

I currently do an extreme version of the Warrior Diet. I only drink some coffee and water during the day and eat as much as I want night. I am a pescatarian. So I eat wild caught fish, pastured eggs/dairy, vegetables, fruit,grains,potatoes, pizza and a insane amount of nuts and seeds. I never eat the grains/fruit with nuts/seeds. It's either or for me. I'm only doing this extreme version until I decide to do a mass building program and then I'll start incorporating small protein meals throughout the day.

Mentally, I really struggle currently with stressing out over silly things. Considering my moniker on this forum, this really shouldn't be the case. I overanalyze the smallest things and get stressed over them. I realize it's a problem and I'm working on it. If I treated my mental health like I treated strength training maybe I would be better off. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.


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Have you tried meditation? I've found it clear my head and make me worry less about the little things, and bigger ones as well. I think meditation also helps with lifting, in concentration and visualization.

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Have you tried meditation? I've found it clear my head and make me worry less about the little things, and bigger ones as well. I think meditation also helps with lifting, in concentration and visualization.
I've tried it before. But I might try going deeper into it.

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So today I hit 5(1,2,3,4) 16 kg C&P supersetted with chin ups.

It's amazing how growing stronger works.

I've found through this journey that you have strong days and then you have stronger days. Today was a stronger day.

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Note about Warrior Diet
This way of eating is the most lovely thing. It allows you to eat as little or as much as you want. That changes day from day. For example some days were so stressful that I just came home and ate a TON of healthy food and that's okay. On some days I am in complete control and eat a small or medium portion, it changes based on how you feel. It doesn't go by some arbitrary guideline. Life has ebbs and flows. Your eating should ebb and flow as well. The feeling of freedom is astonishing. Nobody or anything is telling you to do anything. You eat until you don't want to eat anymore. You never force feed yourself.

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So my new nutrition plan with my coach involves me eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I feel so much stronger and my memory is better. I would lie if I said I wasn't worried about gaining fat. I went from eating once a day to eating three times a day. But the energy I have is great and weights feel lighter. I still keep with my pescatarian diet though.

He also has me on a hypertrophy plan, which is a huge difference from how I have ever trained before. But I'm giving it my best and my all. I'm enjoying it so far, my quads are really quick to respond to hypertrophy for some reason. I can see the benefit of having hypertrophy seasons and strength seasons.

As I go into 2018, these are my goals :
  1. Read One Book a Month
  2. Buy/do something for someone once a week minimum.
  3. Host a picnic at my local park once a month.
  4. Maintain my Facebook support group to help anyone who needs it.
    1. This is the explanation of my Facebook group and I want to share it.
      1. You feel better when you help others and do good. That's a fact. We have the power within ourselves to positively impact others. Imagine a society where everyone offered to help to each other. Now when I say help, I don't mean handouts. Help is providing assistance to someone who is already attempting to help themselves. Handouts is giving something to someone who has no urge to fix themselves. It's essentially wasted time.

        You have to want it for yourself. If you want it for yourself, we want to help you get there. I don't expect anything in return except that you pay it forward and answer the call when someone asks you for help.

        This group turns nobody away who is working to help themselves. The only people we turn away are those who take without giving back. Freeloaders so to speak.

        Imagine if this group got people from all different backgrounds to join. Retail workers, lawyers, landscapers, doctors, warehouse workers etc. Everybody has something to offer someone else, no matter how small or "insignificant" their place in society. We are all human and are defined by more than how much money we make. Society couldn't function without everybody doing their part. We need to hold each other up and propel each other to success.

        I hope that one day this will become a real life event. A weekly meeting at a park maybe. Where we can relax, talk, play games and discuss our concerns, beliefs and the good things in life. This is a part of society that I think is missing. The Roman Empire had a place called a forum. The forum was where people of all status would go to debate, drink, talk and converse. What ever happened to that? We should take time weekly away from our screens to meet together and socialize. It would be even better daily.

        Maybe at first it would only be a couple of people but I think that would soon grow. As people invite their friends and family to this "forum". Just try to imagine a cool spring day where everybody meets at a park regardless of social or financial status. Just hangs out and has a good time. This doesn't mean you would agree or like everyone there but it would encourage you to deal with others in a constructive way. This isn't a party but a weekly or daily community.

        I'm going to make this a reality. Remember this page is open to ANYTHING you want to ask. Even if you just need to talk to someone.

This is song has been in my head so I decided I'd share :

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