Thumb Pain with Clean/Presses


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Hey everybody,

I have looked around a bit but could not find a proper solution for my issue: I feel pain/stress in the lower part of my right thumb, in the area between wrist and "thumb knuckle". A first guess is, that there is too much pressure on the tendon. No pain in the left thumb!
I have attached some pictures showing me holding the Kettlebell in the rack, just shot spontaneously :). Thanks in advance for your help!!!



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Do you have a picture of the view towards inside/palm side of your hand , so we can see where it sits in relation to the base of your thumb or web between thumb and finger?


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Try holding the bell at each station with your fingers straight out-- do not actually grip the bell. Is the handle still in the same place?


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Have you tried gripping more in the corner of the handle?

On overhead movements, I find it most comfortable to have the bend in the handle right in the L of my thumb and index finger.

Caveat: I use competition bells
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