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Discussion in 'Flexibility, Mobility, and Movement' started by Noah lehmann, Nov 25, 2018.

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    I am starting the relax into stretch routine and for the stretches I was wondering how long do you hold each stretch or do you keep going until you can`t go any deeper?
  2. Bauer

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    on mst days for most sets I contract for about 5 seconds for 5 times per set. The last one maybe a bit longer. Or a bit longer in the first set. I do three sets once or twice per week.

    I would try rather short contract-relax cycles (like relax on every outbreath) and then hold your last position a bit longer. Some muscles need longer contractions, for example he calves amd groins.

    Dont forget to tense your glutes/abs/hands and then to relax everything with a sigh of relief.

    Dont push too hard. I may take a year - but it will come! Dont stress your CNS too much or yu will burn out quickly. The important thing is to keep doing it.
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