Titan Competition Kettlebells

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations - Kettlebell' started by Snowman, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Snowman

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    Anybody have any experience with them?

    This seems like a good deal, but I've never heard of the brand before. I don't have very high standards for my 'bells, and am not afraid to fix up the handle myself with some sandpaper. I draw the line at at stuff clinking around in it or falling out the bottom.
  2. Maine-ah KB

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    I don't have experience but I've read reviews about Titan being the worst shippers ever, with sending the wrong stuff. rant starts at around 7min
  3. Snowman

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    Haha gotcha! Well, I definitely won't order anything on a time crunch. If I go with them, I'll make sure to allow for time for returns...
  4. George Locke

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    Also worth noting that Alan's problems were all with large equipment with multiple parts (benches, racks), where some of the parts were missing or bent or what have you. IIRC, the equipment itself was ok once assembled. KBs are one piece, so you'll be at least somewhat insulated from those problems. But yes, if Alan's experience is representative, their customer service is poo.
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  5. George Locke

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    (Now that I recall, the assembled products were not all correct. There were some things that didn't match and Alan couldn't be arsed to get with customer service to fix them. But, of course, a kettlebell does not require assembly.)
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  6. Snowman

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    I still have a couple months at least before I have to make a decision, so I'm just letting it percolate in the back of my mind. The only thing I can't stand with comp bells is if there's stuff rattling around inside them. I might have to go somewhere else, though. Based on their other reviews I can almost assume they used a shell and filler manufacturing process, which has a greater chance of lending itself to my pet peeves.

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