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Kettlebell To mr. Pavel

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A few months ago I pposted a question about supplementary training for martial arts.
You said that S&S would be the solution.
I had thouoght about it and then I saw another workout and thought that that one would be better, only to notice that I didnt have the energy after such a workout to train my martial arts.

So I ended up just doiing these workouts and didnt train my martial arts, and I am a teacher in martial arts...
So this weekend I thought about S&S for long and came to the conclusion that it couldnt be that bad.
I have seen things from you and I now you are a martial artist to so it have to make sense what you say.
Why try to do things different if there is already a good solution. Its simple, short and hopefully effective.

SO I started today with the 20 kilo kettlebell. I did great I think, TGU's are hard but I can do them.
So now the questions, is it okay to do this workout 3-4 times a week and if so, would be the results the same?

And what would be the results? I want to get stronger and be more athletic, I am a little bit older, 55 year, so I dont have to have huge muscles, just getting stronger and looking more toned would be great.

Can I practice martial arts, just some kicking and punching etc. after the S&S (dont even know if I have the energy for that, but just to know ;-)

And I have a 20 kilo, a 24 kilo kettlebell. I think I have to stay with the 20 kilo for now even if I hit the time markets this evening, just to get used to it.
Tiday I got a offer to buy decent and solid kettlebells for a good price, a 24 again, a 32 and a 40 kilo. I couldnt let that pass.

Is it okay to work up from the 24 that I have to the 30? Or is this step to big? Or can I just try it with one set?
And if so, can I do then one set witht the 30 for the swings to and then work up to 10 sets of 10?

Sorry for all these questions, maybay its in the book to but for me its hard to read a whole book in Englisch, I am from The netherlands.

Hope you or someone else can give me some answers. And I have to say already, I like the simplicity otf the S&S so I think I will used it for a long time. I think that if I can swing and do tgu with a 40 kilo I have to be strong, but I dont know how I will look then.
Will I look puffed with big muscle or just lookin strong?

Sorry for the long thread


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Test it for yourself, analyze results and then come to a conclusion as to if it worked for you.


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In the book, Pavel says the program is meant to be done three to six times a week. 3-4 times a week is fine. You can even do 5 or 6 a week if you have the time.

The program definitely makes you stronger and more athletic. My younger brother has been doing the program. He played hockey through high school but he could never jump high enough to grab a basketball rim (he's a little under 6'). After one month of S&S, that's suddenly easy. He's swinging the 24kg.

S&S does NOT build puffy muscles. Your muscles will get dense and solid. In the book Pavel says that S&S will build a fighter's body, so its exactly what you're looking for.

It's important to rest until you can talk normally between sets of swings. This will leave you feeling fresh after the session. You can then practice whatever you want if you feel like it.

After you can do 10 sets of 10 swings, you can start adding one set of the next weight. The program is made to go from 24kg to 32kg, so that's fine.

It's all in the book. I hope the way I wrote this helps you understand it. You could also let S&S be your English reading practice too, though. One of the "What the heck" effects ;)


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Hè jca17, thanks for reacting and the advice. I think yesterday i did it all to fast, meaning that i did all the swings as fast as i could. So i have to go more slowly.
I will read the book again, as you say it could be good for my englisch ;-)
Sometimes i have more time to workout so it would be great to combine s and s with some kicking and punching.
Do you suggest to do the warming-up everytime by the way?
For after s and s i do some other exercises sometimes. Exercises that works better for me as martial artist.
I dont think thats a problem.
Thank again.


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Lokate, S&S is right down your alley (even though you might need to reduce the frequency to ~3/week) but you need to work up to heavier bells, at least 32kg.


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Thanks mr. Pavel that you react yourself.
I have a lott off work to do working up to 32 ;-)
I have one last question, is this enough to build a bit of strenght? Because i read that many people do some kind of strenghttraining training to.
The most i read is that guys do the Armstrong pullup programm to.
Do you think that is neccasary?
Or to do other strenght exercises?
I ask this because this routine, s and s seems relative simple and short so perfect for me as martial artist

If i have to make time for other strenghttraining then i am training more On these things that my martial arts.
Hope you can react On this last question to.

Colin Stewart

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As a Kali and Judo guy I found my three cycles through S&S to make me 'more awesome'. I know a lot of martial arts practitioners can get a little worried by the lack of 'variation' as I've had some of my students work in blocks of 3-4 weeks on S&S, move to 3-6 weeks of something else (ROP, PTTP, Easy Strength) and repeat. Easy strength seems a good choice for those with workout ADD because they can choose 'different exercises from the movement menu' each cycle.


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Pretty sure we covered this on the old forum. Yes S&S is great for Martial Artists. I used it for a solid year.


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Okay, okay, okay guys. I get it.
I will start with it and keep On doiing it.
Its Just that i am a old school martial artist, that have a little bit brainwashed true all these years of pushups, situps etc.
Thanks for all the help.

Pavel Macek

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....old school martial artist, that have a little bit brainwashed true all these years of pushups, situps etc.

Been there, done that. Do your S&S, and never look back. Following StrongFirst methodology saved me, my colleagues, and students a) brain power b) time c) energy for combat training d) sore muscles the next day(s) after - and d) we are all healthier, stronger, faster and have better cardio in to combat disciplines. Trust, confidence, and patience.


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Question for Pavel Macek.

Do you use S&S year round with your fighters or do you have times where you use barbells too?


Pavel Macek

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@keith_g all of our fighters start with kettlebells, after mastering at least the "Simple" standards I switch them to barbell skills - deadlift, bench press and full contact twist, Easy Strength programming - "lifting heavy, not hard".


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Sorry one last question. In the book it said, if i read it allright, to do the warming-up with a lighter kettlebell.
I Now can manage to do the swings with 24 and 3 getups with 24, the last 2 i do with the 20.
Is it okay to work up to 24 for 5 reps or did i start to soon with the 24.?
I can do the getups with the 20 relative easy but with the 24 its hard after 3 sets.
The lightes kettlebell i have is the 16, do you advice to do the warming-up with the 16 or heavyer?
I was a bit scepticus at frist when i starten but now i a completly confused.
I already feel strong and have enough energie to train my martial arts.
Great simple programm for me. I am glad i starten it.
Light problem is that i sweater as hell ;-) after the workout but maybay its because i do it in the garage. I think i can do it better in the garden.
Some people On this threads say that they had a hard time when they bought the 32 and couldnt handle it at first.
I feel the same. I can picked up the 32 but cannot push it about my heavy.
I hope that in a few weeks i can do that.
I can imagine how strong you have to be to do that. I even have a 42, man thats heavy.
Do you guys practice clean and press to sometimes or do you get so strong with s and s that On a certain point you Just can do that?
Sorry for the long threads again. I am Just checken if i do it the right way. I only have done it 4 times so i can adjust things if i am doiing it wrong.
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