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I mean that i am confinced, not confused, stupid language barrière. I have seen other faults to. Sorry :$


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Sorry one last question. In the book it said, if i read it allright, to do the warming-up with a lighter kettlebell.
I Now can manage to do the swings with 24 and 3 getups with 24, the last 2 i do with the 20.
Is it okay to work up to 24 for 5 reps or did i start to soon with the 24.?
I can do the getups with the 20 relative easy but with the 24 its hard after 3 sets.
The lightes kettlebell i have is the 16, do you advice to do the warming-up with the 16 or heavyer?
The book explains how you can work up to a bigger 'bell (24 in your case) in a "staggered fashion". Basically only add 1-2 sets of the heavy 'bell per session. eg. set 1: 20kg, set 2: 24kg, set 3: 20kg. etc. the next day could be set 1: 20kg, set 2 24kg, set 3: 24kg, set 4: 20kg etc.
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