Trail Running/Ultramarathon Weight Training

Discussion in 'Other' started by banzaiengr, Oct 16, 2019.

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    I have a buddy who is into ultramarathon running. 95% of all his running takes place on trails. He is wondering what type of strength training would compliment this.

    The majority of his strength/cross training is core and stability work. Some plyometric type stuff to simulate the lateral movements you would find running on a trail.

    Wondering if anyone here does this and has a strength routine they'd share. I'm sure you could go with the basics of strengthening the legs and core. Thanks in advance.
  2. Antti

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    The squat and the one arm kettlebell swing sound good to me. The squat strengthens the legs and the core like no other. I wouldn't worry about which specific variation to use, whether it be front, back, zercher, whatever, as long as it's convenient and will be done. The one arm swing will complement the squat nicely, helping with power of the hips and makes the core work against rotation and twisting etc.

    All that said I don't any ultramarathon running or anything close to it.
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    My background is MTB, but I also run and have done XTERRA. What I’ve found after some experimentation is to just focus on the basic movements, one compound lift for each. Just get stronger in the basics, and leave plenty of time for aerobic volume.

    So, squat, DL, Press, pull.

    Either a short, low volume workout like Easy Strength or the DMPM done 4-5 days a week, or a little heavier and harder done twice a week, or maybe three times in winter. I like Tactical Barbell for that approach.

    As for the “other stuff” I’ve found loaded carries to be a game changer, and very easy to implement in any routine. Also, single leg work like Bulgarian split squats and SlRDL. Mike Boyle has some great info.

    All these programs are discussed in various threads here, search for more.
  4. offwidth

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    Tell him to read 'Training for the Uphill Athlete' it's all in there.
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  5. Tim Randolph

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    1 leg deadlifts (opposite hand) put some very healthy load on the joints in similar posture as when your foot strikes in running. I have been doing these lately and noticed that my stability when running got a clear boost.
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  6. pet'

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    +1 @offwidth

    Otherwise, A+A swings or snatches

    I also noticed that my running is better when I do rucking, sprint uphill with a weight

    As far as bodyweight goes, even if this is out of the OP, pistol squats and OAOL PU help tremendously.

    Kind regards,

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  7. ag189

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    I'll second this

    Other things I do when I run

    Workout 1a/1b (alternate or don't. Doesn't matter)

    Pushups x5
    Pullups x 1-2
    Jump Squats x5
    Extra 1min rest

    On days you want to run, do 5 cycles (2omin). On days you are just working out do 10 (40m).
    Progression is to add a rep a week on squat/pushup for each set. Add a rep every 3 weeks for pullups.
    Once you get can own 10 perfect pushups a set, add a 10lbs band and drop back to 5 reps. Squats once you hit 100, just jump higher. Pullups, just stop at 10 (100 dead hangs is in a workout is pretty damn good)

    With luck, you'll have your HR wave from the bottom to the top of zone 2 the whole time.

    Double Press (KB or DB) x5
    Bent Row x 5
    Goblet Squat x5
    extra 1m rest
    *same thing, do 5 cycles as warmup for a run, 10 cycles on days you don't.
    Add a rep every week or two until 10. Add weight and drop back to sets of 5
    Workout 2a/2b (Alternating)
    5 sets of 5
    Weighted Pullup
    Set 1 is 60%, 3 min rest set 2 is 80%, 3 min rest. Rest 5 min between working sets. Add 10lbs as needed to upper body, 20lbs to squat
    5 sets of 5
    Push press
    Hex bar DL
    Set 1 is 60%, 3 min rest, set 2 is 80%, 3 min rest. Rest 5 min between working sets. Add 10lbs as needed to bench, 20lbs to squat

    Do 2-3 workouts a week and run the other 3-4. On days you do workout 1a/1b you can run too if you cut the cycles to 5. Never run on days you do workout 2a and 2b.
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  8. M_lordi

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    Anyone have experience mixing in Q&D with some running?

    Not nearly ultra level miles, but I’ve been running as a commute a few times a week (about 5 miles each time) and following a loose program with it.

    Running days:
    On days I run in I’ll work in some weighted carries, horizontal pulls, or presses, keeping the volume lower and making them heavy.

    I generally do Q&D snatches twice a week with deadlifts on low volume days and heavy get ups every now and then.

    Original Strength resets in the mornings, some arm bars and bent arm bars, hanging, and Brettzel 1.0-3.0 sprinkled in does the job for me.

    I also practice Jiu Jitsu and play water polo, so a bit all over the place.

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