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Bodyweight Training and Camping

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Maine-ah KB

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hey all so in a few weeks I will be off to Newfoundland, for a 6week camping trip. it will be a great couple of weeks filled with hiking and grilling. heres the thing I want to keep up some basic level of strength training during this time. I'll have gymnastics rings with me and some heavy duty resistance bands. im unsure that ill have consistently strong enough branches for my rings so it will be a variety thing at probably.

Here is my thoughts at the moments.
1 arm pushup progression (using this @Karen Smith program A 6-Week Program to Master the OA/OAOL Push-up | StrongFirst)
pistol progression
Single leg deadlifts-with bands?
some upper pull (at worst seated band rows at best pull ups)

I am currently able to do a single arm pushup on the floor (2 if you want to see my face turn pretty colors) 3 pistols.

so what have I missed? I thought about handstand stuff but again not sure about finding a level-is surface with a wall/tree/good place to fall. any advice? I'm not so good about GTG I tend to forget, then cram at the end of the day... so dedicated time works better for me.

Thanks strong people


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Highly situational but... there may be ample opportunities to lift logs, stones, etc. Plyometrics. MovNat kind of stuff.
It will be a great opportunity to get creative and use your environment...

North Coast Miller

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Pack some leather gloves.

Pick up, press, and throw big rocks. Round back lifting, Goblet squats. Break into sprint intervals when you're hiking (if practical), broad jump over obstacles for reps.

Seek out deadfall for the fire that is large and far from the camp, limb it only enough to where you can drag it. I camp with a 6 foot length of 3/4" poly rope expressly for sparing my fingers when dragging big wood. Cut the bigger stuff into lengths and carry back on your shoulder. Volunteer to do all firewood processing, water filtration duties.

A trowel and small rucksack would make a good sandbag.


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I am from NL. Lots of rocks, not a lot of big trees.

Some Strand Pulling and TRX/Rings should be good to supplement your exercise. If you are doing plenty of rugged hiking that should be enough.

I have been in just about every corner and the center of The Island if you have any questions.

Check out Justin Barbour he has some great content. He traversed 700km across The Island and is releasing a documentary about the adventure soon.
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Last summer, my family and I took a 2 week RV trip around our state. It's not bodyweight, but I brought the 20k KB with me, and did some program minimum work whenever we had some down time - jog around the campsite, do some snatches, repeat until cocktail time. Lot of fun, and worked nicely given all the uneven/rocky ground - not a lot of places where I would have wanted to be lying on the ground.

Another vacation on a beach, I stumbled upon a reasonably compact stump sitting in the sand, maybe 30-40 pounds. Spent 20 minutes just throwing it as far as I could down the beach, walking over to it, and throwing it back the other way. I thought about trying to do a TGU with it, but decided I wasn't confident enough to do one with something that weighed that much but didn't have a handle.

North Coast Miller

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The closest I made it was Cape Breton. The wife and I were about to book passage on a ferry but realized we couldn't take the rental car off of NS.

Some of her family is originally from PEI, I'd love to retire there.

Maine-ah KB

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Thanks guys! I probably will end up doing freelance stuff. I will keep 1 arm pushup and pistols because I can bang them out pretty quickly and I enjoy the structor/emotional therapy strength training has to offer. but your right I should enjoy the experience and focus on that while exploring other movements like crawling/stonelifting/beerlifting.

Oh @Geoff Chafe I checked out Justin Barbour and now im even more excited (though he was camping way more ruggedly then I will be)

Thanks all!!!


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Here is my humble opinion:
Do not follow a dedicated programme but rather enjoy the time! Knowing you have to do session x or y will probably stress you.
However, you still can train.
As the folks said, lifting rocks is great. Do BW moves as desired and take gymnastic rings/TRX with you. I'd just go by feel during that time and train whatever you are in the mood to.
Regarding OAPU: since you can already do 1 rep your whole session could look like 6-10 singles of OAPU dispersed over the day. If you are looking for a regression and do not have access to different hight just do self-assisted OAPU with your free arm out on your side or above your head.
By moving your free arm closer to your tigh and using less and less fingers on the ground you can adjust the diffuculty.
Have fun!


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The self assisted OAPU is actually my personal favourite regression to the OAPU. It mimicks the real thing the closest (at least for me).
Check out the video at 58'' to see what I mean:



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I used to squat with my rucksack in the Army. You can also move it from your back to your chest and do the same. Can do lunges and other leg exercises, too. Can use your pack to add resistance to pushups, as well.
but your right I should enjoy the experience and focus on that while exploring other movements like crawling/stonelifting/beerlifting.
Nothing wrong with high rep 12oz curls ;)

Ivan Merl

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Time off. Take it.
I have never lost strength that could not be easily regained and then surpassed from some time off. Just my opinion.

Dan John wrote about taking six weeks off in his article about a Novel Approach to Rest Periodd. Might be worth a read.


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When I am away from home for some time, I mainly use this frame (OAOL PU / Pistol)
Strength Aerobics: A Powerful Alternative to HIIT | StrongFirst

OAP / OAOL PU and pistols already have a very strong core component. However, even if this is optional, I enjoy adding some specific core training such as Lalanne plank for instance. I incoporate this core exercise in the circuit. As variety, it is possible to do SLDL using the resistance band as already mentioned. Let's say every other day.

To target even more on shoulders and triceps, handstand progression are worthwhile. Nonetheless, this move require less core strength so in this case, adding a specific ab move can be more interesting.

Working on the biceps may be harder. However, if you have bands: biceps curls can do the job. Planche push ups with fingers pointing backwards and elevated feet also put more tension on the biceps (even if it does not equal the curls or the pull ups / chin ups).

Kind regards,


Karen Smith

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The program can work and the go with the flow enjoy the journey can work... it really depends on your goal.

But I can tell you this.. If you are doing your OAPU correctly you will also be getting in your pulling (pulling yourself down and powering back up). IMO OAPU or OAOLPU is one of the best bw strength skills and the carry over is amazing.

Enjoy your tip and keep us posted :)
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