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Good morning. Hope all out there are well.
Not sure this post belongs under kettlebells so sorry in advance if it is misplaced.

I am really struggling with understanding how to breath during training (i.e. the kettlebell swing). I am reading about it but having trouble understanding how to actually do it during training. Any advice? Any good videos?

Thanks for helping me out.

Anna C

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Hi @dcp

Here's a video I made recently to demonstrate the normal swing breathing (1st 5 swings) described in S&S 2.0 page 37 and "double inhale" or "fractional breathing" that's described in S&S 2.0 page 106 (2nd 5 swings).

Let us know if you still have questions... The idea is to use the power breath exhale to assist the abdominal contraction and torso stability created by the diaphragm and all the muscles in the torso during the most powerful part of the swing (the first part of the upswing, as the kettlebell is coming through your legs). The inhale, of course, gets fresh oxygen to your lungs, which you need in any set of more than a few swings.

Benjamin Renaud

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@Anna C thanks for the video. Very clear and easy to understand.

When I tried the double inhale in the past I found that I took too much air in, compared with the regular swing breathing. Never got to trying it again.
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