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I just learned how to deadlift two weeks ago, and I've been dabbling in kettle bells since '06. After the euphoric feeling I got from deadlifting, I decided I should do the TSC in April. I Frankensteined a training plan, and was hoping for some input. It is conservative as you will see, but I figure I have six months to build up. Any help would be appreciated.

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After looking through your plan, I would suggest switching your s&s days with your snatch days. Reason being I believe you need to build up volume on the snatches and I feel you would make better progress with 3x per week rather than twice. Also would suggest a "longer" period of building up strength (90 day cycle). I competed in my first TSC in April and placed 37th. Though I pulled a DL pr of 500# (even though I've never pulled more than 450 before this). I did this by increasing my percentages each week (ie working with 60% the first week, 65 the second, etc...) and each 5th week was a "deload" week focusing on mobility and structural work. I hope this helps somewhat, but I am a firm believer that you need a minimum of 6 weeks to really see if you're making improvements. good luck in your training.


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Here's my suggestion;

Day One

3x5 goblet squat 32K or heavier
Deadlift: PTTP or similar program
Swings: 10x10 S&S style

Day Two
Fighter Pull-ups
Snatches: I'm not sure where you're at snatching, you need to work up to a pretty healthy volume with the 24K by April 1 (depending on when the spring TSC is). Start out with the 16, if you can do the 20 even better. Start out with 1 set of 5 each arm every minute on the minute for 12 minutes. Work up to 30 minutes over time varying the volume each session but try to get in 100-300 reps per week. When it feels right move up a bell.

Day Three
5x5 goblet squats
Swings: 5 rep swings each arm every minute on the minute. Start out 12 or 15 min. and work up to 40 minutes with at least the 32K over time.

Day Four
Same as Day Two but less volume on the snatches.

I'm just throwing this out there not knowing where you're at or where you've been. At some point you need to do a 5 min. snatch test and see where you're at. Decide on where you want to be at the TSC and start working snatches at that cadence. For example; 100 snatches is 20 per minute. That is where you want to start working the 40 at on Day four training and still going heavy on day two. You need time to build up your snatch volume so I would suggest you get going on them ASAP.

Good luck

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There are several blog posts on our site with TSC training plans. Perhaps someone can post links to these blog posts ...



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Trog, here's a very good article by a guy who has had tremendous success at the TSC, Derek Toshner. His philosophy is by training the snatch, you will improve your pull-ups and your dead.

12-Week TNT TSC Training Program

Here's the answer I got from Derek's brother @Ryan Toshner Toshner about training for the TSC year round;

Based on what I've learned from myself and my students, I'd suggest something along the lines of:
  • 1-month (post-TSC): Have fun. Do something different. Work on fixing your imbalances (TSC is a lot of pulling, so perhaps squat & press).
  • 2-3 months:
    • Pick a program to get stronger. Stick with it. Anything (legit) will do, really.
    • Once/week, do heavy swings. 10x10 is solid.
    • Once-to-twice/week, do something "fun" for conditioning... BJJ is my personal preference. You might like easy jogging, mountain biking, or lighter swings/snatches.
  • 2 months (TSC prep):
    • Deadlift... "Lock" everything down... Lats, grip, abs. i.e. Practice tension.
    • Heavy Swings. 10x10. Twice/week.
    • GTG pull-ups on off days. Take time off from this without worry if you're feeling particularly tired, sore, etc.
    • Occasional snatch technique practice if you need it. "Practice" is key. If you need "more" practice, swap one of the swing days above with a session of heavy(ier), low-rep snatches. At the TSC, your conditioning will be fine... Plus snatching a lighter-than-training bell will feel easy enough to be able to suck up any discomfort you'll be feeling for five minutes. :)
If you go to the home page/articles/TSC there are some other articles that are very good.


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Thank you for the replies. I'm trying to build a base using the specific movements in the TSC, but perhaps instead should look at overall GPP. I have been reading the TSC blog posts for the last three weeks. My concern is that since I have only been deadlifting since 22 September that I should be trying to get as much muscle memory on this new movement as possible, hence the implementation of the Daily Dose plan. PTTP or Daily Dose, at this time in my nacent use of the deadlift as a training tool, does it really matter?

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