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Discussion in 'TSC' started by SuperGirevik, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. SuperGirevik

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    I’m 40yrs old, 6’ tall and weigh 208lbs. I’ve recently made it my goal to participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge - Novice (Spring 2019). So far I have been on the Simple & Sinister program for over 2 months and I’ve moved up to training with the 32kg.

    I’ve done 100 GS snatches in 5min using a 16kg with only one arm switch. But never trained with a 24kg or using the SF/HS style.

    I used to deadlift years ago and once reached a PR of 400lbs. However, I recently did a session of 5x5 @ 225lbs and it felt a bit challenging.

    As for pull-ups, I can only do 3-5 strict pull-ups.

    You can probably see why I didn’t register for the Fall TSC...

    So, I’d like to get some advice on a long-term training program. If possible I would love to continue doing S&S daily (I’m comfortable doing light days if needed). I feel S&S is the foundation of my training and I’d hate to disturb it.

    This is what I was thinking:

    Sun - S&S
    Mon - S&S + Pull-Ups
    Tues - S&S
    Wed - S&S + Snatches
    Thurs - S&S
    Fri - S&S + Deadlift
    Sat - S&S

    The additional lifts would be performed hours after a S&S session. Also, I can add GTG snatches on any day of the week but I don’t have access to a barbell or pull-up bar throughout the day.

    My goal for the challenge?

    Deadlift: 425-450lbs
    BW Pull-Ups: 12-15
    24kg Snatches: 100-110

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my message and for any advice offered.
  2. fractal

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    Is the TSC your main goal for the future or is it more of a yardstick to see how you're getting on?

    Your ballistics look to be proportionately much stronger and you have a history of a good deadlift. I think with this much time before the TSC, you might be better served by a more focused approach rather than trying to serve 3-4 masters at once.

    While you might get away with S&S every single day, you'll probably do better on a 5-6 per week plan, especially with the extra physiological stress that comes from deadlifts and pullups. I'd limit S&S to 2x weekly, 3x if recovering well.

    3x weekly on alternate days I'd do the fighter pullup program as the main focus, with easy to moderate deadlifts at the end of 2 sessions and snatches with the 24 at the end of the other. You could consider A/B weeks where the following week you did 2 snatch sessions and 1 deadlift session. I'd keep it up for the rest of the year and then retest maxes and adjust accordingly.

    Curious to see what others suggest, keep us posted with how it goes!
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  3. SuperGirevik

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    @fractal - Thanks for the suggestion!

    As for the TSC, at the moment I’m using it as a goal to improve my strength. I feel that when I don’t have a concrete goal with a deadline, my training has no direction and it’s easy to get lazy.

    So I’m always shooting for something.

    A shorter term goal for me is to reach the SFG I requirements (without actually getting certified). I figure that hitting this goal will aid me in reaching my TSC goal too. Especially the SSST requirement for SFG I.
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  4. Anna C

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    Do the SFG I, and get certified! It'll be a good thing, I promise. :)

    Just to clarify, the SFG I is 100 snatches in 5 minutes. SSST is 200 snatches in 10 minutes.
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  5. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    Thanks @Anna C for the clarification! So for SFG I the requirement is a snatch test (in my case 100 in 5min). That’s easier than the SSST ;)

    As for the certification, I’m just not in a position financially to pay for it. I’m scrapping just to get a 40kg that need to continue my S&S progress. But I’m sure the certification would be an awesome experience!
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  6. Sean M

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    I did TSC last fall. I loved the training and the day of the event. I wasn’t trying to “compete”, just set PRs for myself.

    There is a good TSC training plan on the SF blog that I used.
    TSC Training Plans for Athletes of All Levels | StrongFirst

    It worked well and I enjoyed it. I think that’s key.

    If the training doesn’t look like something you want/can do, you could still do it using whatever training / program you want.
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  7. jef

    jef I am a student of strength. Certified Instructor

    Don't forget that the snatches for TSC novice are with a 20, not 24. You are there already, no reason not to go to this coming TSC.
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  8. SuperGirevik

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    @Sean M - I just read that article, thanks. I’m going to try to implement the Fighter’s Pull-Up program to my daily S&S. I’ll probably only do one day of deadlift.

    @jef - True but my pull-ups are pretty embarrassing. I just tried doing strict pull-ups and maxed at 3 :confused:

    I might sign up just for fun (y)
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  9. Sean M

    Sean M Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I’ve had great success with this deadlift program:
    Daily Dose Deadlift Plan | StrongFirst

    Takes ~10 minutes a day, no sweat. Seems too easy to be true, but it works. You may be pulling heavier than it’s aimed for (1.5-2x bodyweight) though.
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  10. fractal

    fractal More than 500 posts

    Sounds like a great plan that aligns well with your priorities!
  11. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    Thanks! I just can’t pry myself off daily S&S. As for deadlifts, I won’t be able to deadlift more than once per week, which might lead to slow progress. But even though I haven’t performed deadlifts in over 2 years and I maxed out today at 340lbs. So that made me feel pretty good.

    Besides, I’m not going into the TSC looking to be the best, I just want to be better than my present self (y)
  12. fractal

    fractal More than 500 posts

    Nice work! My initial suggestion would have been more aligned with the singular focus of doing your best at the TSC. I remember when I decided to put S&S aside. I was pretty much pulled away kicking and screaming.
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  13. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik More than 300 posts

    I really enjoy simple daily training but with the deadlift, unfortunately I only have access to a barbell once or twice a week.
  14. Kyle Kowalczuk

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    I just saw this post so sorry for being late. I love the TSC and am a very goal oriented person. I value strength as most of the people on this site do. My training year kind of revolves around the Spring and Fall TSC with other little goals throughout the year but pretty much everything I do feeds into my deadlift, pull up, and snatch performance. I choose to be competitive in the TSC and push up the leaderboard but even if you don't plan on doing that the training involved to prepare for the TSC I believes makes you bulletproof.

    My weeks pretty much go something like this as far as movements go but I wave the volume and intensity as per much of the StrongFirst principles.

    7 days a week
    3 days heavy swings waving volume and intensity
    3 day pressing waving volume and intensity
    6 days of pull ups waving volume and intensity
    2 days deadlift

    I would say S&S would be best for snatches combined with pressing. Ramping up 3s and 5s for deadlift and the fighter pull up program religiously. since the pull up event would most likely be your weakest.

    Best of luck
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  15. Leroy Forbes

    Leroy Forbes Still New to StrongFirst Forum Certified Instructor

    I wouldn't stress about your pull-ups. I'm currently using the Fighter's Pull-Up Program, "IT WORKS."

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