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    I have tried it. In my experience and research it is beneficial for getting comfortable with being short of breathe during activity. So its good for breathing practice and strategy during times of metabolic stress. However, it is called an "altitude" mask commonly but this is a mis representation of what it does. It does not simulate the lack of oxygen at altitude compared to sea level. Therefore it will not promote the accumulation of red blood cells to deliver oxygen. My VO2 max did not increase but I did get better at controlling my breathe that made it "feel" affective.
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    Increase density instead
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    Way back in the day when getting ready for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan I would run with a gas mask on. It helped me to develop my lungs, I think. Personally I don’t see a lot of benefits. I think the masks try and simulate training at altitude, I just think there’s better ways to get results.
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    I used the TEC Training Mask for Rowing

    The main benefit was that I would naturally breath deeper and much slower when the mask was off.
    But I ended up throwing it out because it shifted the focus of my workout to my breathing, and I prefer to pay attention to movement.
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    They try and tell you they do that...
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    First of all, I thank you all guys for your time and answers !

    I do not necessarily have a lot of time to improve my aerobic capacity, due to hectic schedule. This is why I firstly thought about the training mask to make my practice time more "efficient". Plus, I recently started OA protocols (instead of WH breathing, even if I keep doing cold exposure). Maybe (or probably) I naively thought this product was worth trying because OA is a serious protocol, so I thought their products were too.

    Kind regards,

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    Yes. All good - but I still prefer "low tech (no tech) - high concept", i.e. no equipment, anytime, anywhere. Please check out Oxygen Advantage exercises per se and of course our Second Wind. Great, great stuff.
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    If you want to develop aerobic capacity, there is no shortcut I am afraid... aerobic capacity is trained through lots of long duration low intensity exercise, no pill or gadget will bring a truly sustainable development...
    On the plus side, “long” is very relative, and multiple bits through the day all count (although not as efficient as long concentrated bouts)

    Building aerobic capacity through oxygen restriction is like trying to make a car engine more efficient by giving it less fuel... doesn’t make any sense really
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    Once again, I really appreciate your help and answers :)

    @Pavel Macek
    Yes I practice the OA exercises from the book, per se. Nonetheless, when I stumbled accross the training mask, I wanted to try it to dig deeper in the OA practice. I really appreciate the fact that I can use it during my regular practice, during running or anywhere anytime during the day.

    Do you notice some improvements after some times of OA practice ?

    Unfortunately, I can only run or ruck for hours during the WE. Basically, this is what I do. I ruck for at least 2h with 30kg backpack and also run at least 1h15. Otherwise, my other cardio activity consist in a lot of walking during the week (we chose not having a car) and plenty of carries (groceries, etc...)

    Otherwise, I play boxing.

    @North Coast Miller
    Yes, I practice HIIT, mainly during the boxing sessions. Indeed, sparring remain - IMO - some kind of HIIT. Plus, we often do some HIIT at the end with the heavy bags.

    Kind regards,

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    Salut @pet'

    Honestly with what you do already I think you’re past any advantage a training mask could possibly give you...
    Add in some hillsprints once in a while and I think you have “conditioning” more than covered!
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    @pet' Yes, I practice OA and Second Wind exercises daily. And I can sing in between the sets of my swings.
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    @pet' , have you done the buteyko exercises in the book? Have you improved you CP (BOLT)?

    Buteyko is not that hard. You just have to devote 1 month to it, and afterwards is maintenance.

    I dont know if the mask is any good, unless you are doing very high intensity, like a snatch test. If you are doing medium or low intensity, like MAF, the mask probably provides just the same amount of oxygen, but using more force to breathe. During the snatch test, any restriction would reduce oxygen because you are at your limit. But I wouldn't like doing snatch tests on frequent basis.
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    Yes I practice daily when I walk during the week, and when I ruck / run during the weekend. Otherwise, I am already a very "nasal breathing" guy. I simply wanted to make my OA experience deeper.

    When I do my daily morning routine, I also practice. It obliges to pace down a little so recovery is better.

    Kind regards,


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