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    Well i finally come to that point that i understand i have to work on my weak points on my body but then the questions come is how do i do that?For example when i back squat i seem to bend forward a bit and i spoke with one person that told me my core is weak but then how do you train your core? The same thing with my grip .If i work on my grip strenght then most lifts will be easier. so my question is do you have a period with working on your weaknesses and if so what do you do?
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    It could also be that your thoracic mobility is off, or you don't have good enough form, or some other nuance a pro coach could see.
    If you were to upload a video and post in a powerlifting forum you might get 10 different reasons.
    I do not know about the above, just food for thought.

    It depends on what program you are on, and what you can compromise to give priority to your weakness.
    Since you're doing back squats, let's say you're doing 5/3/1 and you have:

    1 Main lift
    3 Assistance Exercises

    Here changing your assistance exercises to prioritize grip and core would not compromise your main lift, and thus the program would be fairly unchanged.


    If you're doing let's say a program where each workout already has 3 main lifts, then:
    3 Main lifts
    1 Assistance Exercise

    Is already unoptimal, since after 3 Main lifts, you'll be too gassed to reap the benefits of the Assistance Exercise. And on top of that, you won't be able to add that many assistance exercises either.

    Approach A:
    Grease The Groove, High Frequency Training (Chad Waterbury's for example), etc. could be added during the day without interfering too much with the Main workout.

    Approach B:
    Scheduling a new and totally different workout, for example, 2 workouts per day.
    AM: Assistance
    PM: Main Workout

    Approach C:
    Since most programs have a deload on Week 4, or cycle every 4 weeks.
    You could add a totally focused specialization program of short duration (4-8 weeks)
    focusing on your weaknesses whilst keeping your main lifts on maintenance via
    Easy Strength or Daily Dose Deadlift for example.

    AM: Maintenance Easy Strength
    PM: Weakness-Targeting workout


    I do not have one, but then again I am not strong enough to have some specific bottle-neck that limits my lifting numbers.
    But when there was, it was often times grip strength.

    What I do when I struggle with grip strength is add a big bang for your buck assistance exercise like Kroc Rows (Lats, Upper Back and Grip) or Farmer Walks at the end of a session.

    I don't compromise anything for it, I just get 1 or 2 solid sets and that's it.
    Once I notice that the improvement has stuck for a while, I drop them.

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  3. CraigAlexanderWigham

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    I would just keep it simple by alternating between the Zercher Squat & Back Squat. I'd also add heavy Farmer Carries and slowly work up to carrying my bodyweight in each hand.
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  4. Oscar

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    There is probably a load light enough that lets you do the movement with good form. I would start at that load and build from there, making sure form remains good when you increase load
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  5. Steve Freides

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    You might also consider reading Hard Style Abs by Pavel.

  6. Reubenz

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    Ahh Pavel. I will search for that book
  7. Reubenz

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    I am on the right path. Ive noticed that my hips rise before my chest and that is also why i lean forward.
  8. Pavel Macek

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    As for training the weak spots, two things come to my mind:
    - advice and guidance of an experienced coach
    - focus
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