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@Anna C mentioned the True Grit Kettleweights (TGK) some time ago in a thread.
They are made by Fredrik Berglund who's a GS athlete based in Sweden.
A quick google search later and I had ordered 1x 1Kg + 1x 2Kg, which arrived a couple of days ago.
Note that you usually buy them in sets of 2x 1Kg or 2x 2Kg, because they are made to be used for GS. Since I only work with singles I contacted Fredrik via facebook and asked to buy just a single weight of each, which was no problem.

The TGKs are 500g steelplates which are screwed together with 3 bolts and 3 magnets.
The design is minimalistic, but they look like a high quality product.
Even tough there are holes in the plates (for the magnets), they are only a few gramms off. My 1Kg weighs 1015g and my 2Kg weighs 2020g.
The magnets are super strong. To get them off the bottom of the KB you need some kind of lever or push them off to the side until you can grab them and pull them off. The magnets are so strong that if you use the "push to side" technique, you'll scrape off the painting/finish from the bottom of the KB. That's the reason why I use a small piece of cardboard between the KB and the TGK. Despite the cardboard the magnets are still strong enough to hold the TGK in place without moving around at all.
For testing purposes I used both TGKs together and had a plastic bag between the KB and the first TGK and the cardboard piece between the first and second TGK (see picture). Then I swung, cleaned and snatched the KB (~200reps total) and there was no movement at all from the TGKs, despite the plastic, cardboard and using two of them together. That's how strong the magnets are! I trust them 100%!

- fast switch between weights
- if you own KBs in 4Kg steps you now own KBs in 1Kg steps (KB -> KB + 1Kg -> KB + 2KG -> KB + 1 & 2KG -> next KB) which can make progress easier and is especially good on percentage based strength programs (like the strength routine from this: A Science-Based Plan to Prepare You for the SFG Level I and SFG Level II)
- look clean and professionally made, high quality

- expensive -> my weights + shipping cost 130€
- magnets so strong, that they damage painting/finish of KB if not used with some kind of protection
- made for competition KBs -> diameter is 11.5cm/4.5inches, depending on the KB brand they'll most likely only fit on 20+ KG cast iron KBs

Overall I love them.
Yes, they are expensive. In total they cost the same like one middle sized KB, but you'll get so much out of them (imagine buying KBs in 2Kg or even 1Kg steps...).
Still you can get the same thing using duct tape and weight plates, but you can't change the weight quickly after taping the plates to the KB and personally I simply don't like taping things to my KBs.
You have to decide if they're worth it to you. If you decide that they are, you'll get a great product.

I don't know if they ship to North America and how much it would cost.

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