TSC April 2015 | Final Results

Andrea U-Shi Chang

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The Tactical Strength Challenge final results are in.  You can go here to view the leader board: TSC Results Page

Congratulations to all the participants, not only you were all excellent examples of StrongFirst principals and our hard style training, but this TSC was the BIGGEST in history with 787 participants!  A huge thank you to all the StrongFirst Host Ambassadors for running such safe events in their facilities, we could not do this with out your hard work and attention to details.

You can go here to view all the incredible photos: Facebook TSC Album - please feel free to add more if you have them.

The Fall TSC will be on October 31st this year...so get READY for TSC HALLOWEEN 2015!

If you are interested in joining in us in the Fall as a participant OR as a StrongFirst Host Ambassador at your facility, please contact me directly at tsc@strongfirst.com.

Andrea U-Shi Chang, Senior SFG
TSC Coordinator
Ground Force Method Global Instructor
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