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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Harald Motz, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Had my first TSC for the first time held in Germany hosted by Sven Rieger in Stuttgart. Nice likeminded people in a well conducted competition.

    My preparation as I registered a week ago was "to not prepare", or my physical preparation was quite general. As I and you can see from my log, I am for the last 9 months or so dedicated to A+A snatches, S&S and easy endurance work. I think I did about 80% in my weight training single bell work.

    for the numbers, it went as follows, for open division:
    bodyweight: 85,4kg
    Deadlift: 170kg - 190kg - 210kg, no fail
    Pull Up: 15 reps
    Snatch, 24kg: 108reps

    to the deadlift: the last time I exposed myself in my training to the bar was summer 2017. Last week I pulled a few singles up to 180kg it felt quite heavy, so I did 170kg as opener, and was in the end very pleased to pull 210kg. It was a grind but I felt I did not totally max out. The weight choices were perfect for the day. So my pull was 2,46 times my bodyweight and I lifted not significantly more per pound in the past.

    Pull Up: Although I have rings in my appartement does not mean I use them. The last time I used them more frequently was also summer 2017. As the reps are judged keenly I got 15 strict bodyweight reps.

    5min snatch test with 24kg: this is the discipline I train generally and frequently, but the test not specifically. I did lots of A+A snatches with 40kg for repeats of five. In the last few weeks I went for 3-4 reps per repeat with 44kg or 45kg. The last 5 min snatch test was at my SFG2 in November 2015.
    I found a nice not to fast cadence. I needn't park the bell, switching hands every ten reps. Yesterday I practiced the speed switch for the first time, eventually I got it. But I thought it could be a bad idea to actually incorporate it today as I don't want to wear a crash helmet. So I swung for one rep to switch hands.
    I was very pleased with my breathing, as I managed to nose breathe for two breaths for each rep. My always shredded hands came away with no additional abuse. When watching my hr I came not into the red zone.

    It was well worth to sit seven hours in my car today to be getting to the TSC to meet nice men and women to see were I am at with my training and having my personal n=1 evidence of @aciampa A+A philosophy. plus having a baseline for the autumn TSC. My Results are far from epic, but I am very pleased with it and had a great experience.

    5min snatch test 24kg.PNG
    5min snatch test 24kg
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  2. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    WELL DONE!!!
  3. ali

    ali Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @Harald Motz , some good results from A&A snatches then? Dunno how you managed to nose breathe with such a hr output in a snatch test. That's something else entirely. Thumbs up for your consistent practice paying off, good work.
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  4. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Harald, it looks like you did great, congrats. Your consistency and results are an inspiration.

    Out of curiosity: for the next TSC are you planning on doing some specific training and peaking, or just show up like this time?
  5. WhatWouldHulkDo

    WhatWouldHulkDo Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Wanted to throw out my experience too, this seems like the place to do it.

    I'm one who believes very much in training alone. It doesn't put you at the mercy of anyone else's schedule or motivation. You don't have someone else to be accountable to, but if you have the mental fortitude to be accountable to yourself, then it can really work.

    But, I believe training alone has to be coupled with occasional public competition/challenges. Every so often, you have to put yourself to the hazard in front of other people - remember what it feels like to fail (or at least deal with the threat of failure), and to be OK with that being public. That's how I maintain motivation and discipline.

    This was my first TSC experience, and it was awesome. Nobody gym monkeys strutting around or trying to do intimidation junk; just a bunch of people who want to get stronger gathered in the same place. Everyone was there to challenge themselves, but to also to enjoy the experience. And, just that tiny shot of adrenaline from putting yourself out there in front of everybody makes all the various aches and pains you deal with go away, at least for a day. I'm hooked, already planning for October.
  6. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    A+A snatches put me in a good condition for all events, for sure. Not the least the calm attitude I am developing with it. Some people noticed my almost calm breathing while snatching. When I remember my snatch test at SFG1 the noise I made was kind of annoying...I am content with every event. For the snatches I could get 10 more reps by speed switching.
    I am getting further convinced that GPP is something real, as for my certs back then my preparation was maybe 80% S&S then.

    Specific plans are out there.
    I could get some "better" preparation by just practicing for the events a few weeks before.
    In the end my plan for October will eventually be to:
  7. Shahaf Levin

    Shahaf Levin Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @Harald Motz, as usuall, your attitude and spirit are even more inspiring than your strength.
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  8. Al Ciampa

    Al Ciampa Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    I was about to ask, "only" 108 reps? But then I saw your HR track... dang dude, that was paced like a walk in the park.

    Great work, Harald!
  9. Al Ciampa

    Al Ciampa Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Ali, this is a goal that I now ask of my more serious students, myself included.
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  10. ali

    ali Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Al.....the goal being nose breathing at high output?
  11. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    I just started with a pace and went through with it the whole 5min. It would have been really helpful, if I had done one or two test session two weeks before, to get the feeling for it. My max hr on the 5min test was around 90% according to my absolute max, and my hr was quite stable for the last 2:30 min. It was fine how the snatch test actually went. Every rep was o.k., breathing was on point.The next time I will speed switch, and maybe doing some preparation...
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  12. Al Ciampa

    Al Ciampa Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Yes Sir!

    Reach out to me next time... I've a pretty bullet proof but short peak from A+A.
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  13. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    will do. Nevertheless it was kind of an interesting experiment for me how A+A snatches prepare for a special event in a general way. My answer is, that it does quite well.
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  14. Maine-ah KB

    Maine-ah KB Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Nose breathing is about 90% for me of surviving the snatch portions! I lost my breathing rhythm on about minute 3-3.30 and my pace and power dropped greatly. Its something for us me to work on for next time around!
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  15. ali

    ali Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Really interesting focusing on breathing as a goal in itself with such high performance levels. Good to see it all come together as a package.
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  16. Anna C

    Anna C More than 5000 posts Elite Certified Instructor

    I can attest to that! The peaking plan works great.

    I don't get the nose-breathing thing at all, though. I like nose-breathing while aerobic (up to HR of 140 or so), but I would never try to do it during any sort of performance test like a snatch test that gets my HR up to 170. It would be extremely constraining, to me. But, to each his own...
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  17. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    My theory is that this must depend, at least a little, on mundane things like how big your nasal passages are. Because I've got a "rather severely deviated" septum, I've had a few exams, and have been told my nasal passages are narrow and that, if I ever go in to get my septum fixed, they could open them up somewhat. I'm pretty sure this is why I prefer walking to running - I simply can't move enough air through my nose at a pace which I can sustain running. But that hasn't stopped me from working on it - as my running gets easier, what I can do with nasal-only breathing increases.

    It's my theory, at any rate ....

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  18. Steve W.

    Steve W. Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    My two favorite and very random breathing quotes:

    Former NBA player Charles Barkley, IIRC, after returning from an injury and not being in game shape: "I was sucking wind through every hole I could get it in."

    Question at a marathon training workshop for newbie runners: "Is it okay to breathe through my mouth?"
    Coach's reply: "Madam, you may find it disgustingly necessary."
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  19. Andrew Soderstrom

    Andrew Soderstrom Still New to StrongFirst Forum

    I had a great time this past weekend. This was my fourth TSC. Turnout was low, it was literally myself and the SFGII there to judge. I have worked with him over the past few years and enjoyed the calm atmosphere. All things considered I am happy with how I did and have reset the training bus for October.

    I am hoping the local facility will have a better turn out next time, but if it seems like attendance will be low again, and since I am new to this community, does anyone know of any facilities in the south central US region that routinely have big turnouts?

    Unofficially Pulled 435, completed 21 pull ups and snatched 140 reps.
  20. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

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