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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Harald Motz, Apr 14, 2018.

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    I used to do this when I was powerlifting. I'd treat the local meets like a workout, only taking a few days off before hand to "prepare". It was only national and world meets where I'd peak into it.

    Maybe you could do that with the TSC. Go "casual" for April, then "prepare" for October.
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  2. Harald Motz

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    Yesterday at my second TSC:

    bodyweight: 83,6kg (-1,8kg)
    deadlift: 200kg - 220kg fail (-10kg)
    pull up: 16reps (+1 rep)
    snatch 24kg: did not take part

    the 200kg pull felt relatively good. So I opted for 220kg would have been 10kg more than previous TSC. I pulled it around knee height.The weight was to heavy, as I was to weak and I dropped the bar. Shortly after I felt some soreness in my lower back, and it was quite strong, when I had to bend my upper body forward or reaching the floor. A third attempt was out of question. Pullups went good.

    A handful of snatches with 20kg just convinced me, that my back had enough for the day. Nevertheless, I am as content with me like the first TSC experience in spring this year. For the last three months I did no DL, and no pull ups since the spring TSC. In retrospect I think I made the mistake to just drop the bar. As the weight was to heavy my back was surely in slightly rounded posture and the sudden release of all the tension was not ideal. Going down with the bare would have been better I suppose. I had a three hours+ driving home which was o.k for my back, and at home I did some back extension on the floor which felt really good. I slept without pain and this morning I did some back extensions and was able to go for an aerobic run without any pain. Upright posture no problem "just" picking something up of the floor I have to be cautious.

    Great job of @SvenRieger for hosting and conducting the event. TSC is cool stuff with really nice people.
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    Reading that @Harald Motz is hurt is like reading a comic where Superman loses a fight - that's not ever supposed to happen! Heal up quickly, sir.

    The interesting part of my TSC experience this time was how ridiculously nervous I got beforehand. Really, we're only ever competing against ourselves. Which means the first time you do it, you aren't competing against anyone, you just show up and establish a baseline. This was my second TSC, and my stomach was in knots about not doing as well as my first! Fortunately it went away as I warmed up the DL. That's part of the value of competitions, to me - learning to control nerves. Fun stuff.
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    Wishing you a quick recovery Harald!
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  5. Bret S.

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    Very good signs my friend! Heal well

    I bet your back is healed before my bicep :cool:
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  6. Steve Freides

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    Performing under pressure can be tough at first, but if you stick with it long enough, the roar of the crowd can change from a hindrance to a help. You learn how to put your nerves to work for you.

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    That's to bad on the deadlift. Sets the tone for the entire event. If anything pull conservative to energize the next two.

    I was interested to see how many KB Snatches you would get as I assumed you would have a great performance in that event.

    Do you believe that it is fair to say you should of prepared more and or been more conservative in your selection? Why believe you would beat your old records when you hadn't prepared?

    It is smart you listened to your body. And being as you did so hopefully you heal with a quickness. Your bent press and two hand anyhow videos always impress me with your feats of strength.
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  8. Harald Motz

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    Harald Motz (@haraldmotz) • Instagram photos and videos
    got the video from behind yesterday. Very insightful for myself. Additionally it is interesting how it felt in contrast to how it looks. I thought I pulled longer in time and higher in distance. And that the weight already went down as I released it on the last instant.

    oh yes, I lost the 220 and it afflicted my back. I can locomote and I can say 48+ hours after, that it was some strain on the muscles. It was like I did high volume of heavy deadlifts. It is definitely a lesson, of what poison a very hard strain can be.

    probably yes
    That was the main fault to failure…

    I am in no hurry with the iron. and I am optimistic, that how it feels at the moment, that I got a precious lesson from the bar. No regret.
  9. Boicis

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    Keep healing Harald!

    Which brand of kettlebells are used for the TSC snatch in Deutchland? I use classic competition bells for my training.

    Maybe once upon a time I'll join a TSC meet somewhere... Germany seems to among the closest to me countries where such are being organised.
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  10. Harald Motz

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    thanks, I am over it and am back to kettlebell work the whole week. It seemed to be severe muscle strain in my erectors.

    with 20kg (novice) and 24kg (open) I am pretty sure that there are available for the snatch test with 32kg (elite) I don't know, but I have actually 2 32kg comp bells.
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  11. SvenRieger

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    @Boicis I just saw this, sorry for the late reply. At the gym I work at we have competition bells up to 28kg, sadly no 32kg competition bell at the moment.

    It would be great to have you with us at a future TSC!
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    Sven, the same late reply excuses from my side! Thanks for inviting me, I'll keep in mind! When are the next ones planned?

    You do not have 32 kg competition bells, bet you organise "elite" TSC with another brand KB, right? Actually, can you choose the brand of the bell for competition?
  13. Steve Freides

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    @SvenRieger, for your TSC, do you use competition bells or the Rep/Rogue/DD type? I think we generally encourage the cast iron type of bell because that's what we use for other things.

    Thanks very much.
  14. SvenRieger

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    @Boicis the next TSC will be on April 20th. We will host it again in Stuttgart and there maybe even a second gym in the north of Germany close to Hamburg hosting.
    Yes, we have „normal“ powder coated 32kg.

    @Steve Freides we have both kinds of kettlebells available and let the participants choose which one they want to use for the snatch test. I asked Craig Marker because I was not sure as well and because many people at our gym where used to the competition style kettlebell.
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