TSC Oct 2017


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First time and loved it. Hosted by @PeterLuffman at Bristol kettlebell club.

Didn't quite hit desired numbers - definitely underestimated the task of snatches when reps are strict - definite better focus on quality in training needed.

Deadlift - 235kg
Pull ups -19
Snatches - 112

Anna C

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Great job! 112 snatches is impressive. (Yes, having a judge count can change things in a hurry.) 19 pullups is really impressive. 235kg DL - awesome!


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@Anna C whilst judging was correct and strict I found the worse thing that threw me off was the judge counting the reps - sounds daft but in training I had broken it down into minutes and was aiming for 26 per minute but once it got to three minutes the total count was stopping me from judging where I was for number of reps per arm and number of reps per minute.

Daft but shows how you need to train like the competition.
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Another fantastic TSC! This time, my wife did it with me too and had a great experience :)

My numbers
Deadlift- 385lbs
Pull up- 20
Instagram post by Noah Marek (training account) • Oct 28, 2017 at 10:35pm UTC
Here is the video of my last 5 reps. Just one of the many awesome moments today.
Snatch- 24kg 107 reps

Almost didn’t participate for this one, but glad I did. My wife and I plan to do it again in the spring! What a great time lifting with some great people!

Sean M

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My first time:

DL: 285 (previous PR: 270). Got 300 to just below knees. Didn’t rest long enough because of the format.

PU: 4, almost 5. Disappointed with that, as I got 5 in training.

Snatch: 101 with 20kg. This I’m proud of. Hadn’t snatched for reps over 16kg before, and hadn’t done much snatching with 24kg going into training. I did 10/10 on the minute, so I had 7-8 seconds to shake out each minute. The atmosphere and my ref/counter was really encouraging.

Loved the event! The prep worked for the most part (though I think I do better with high frequency training on both deadlift and pull-up), and I plan to do it again someday.

Next up - Rite of Passage.

Anna C

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Awesome, @Sean M ! New PR in all for competition. Snatches, yes, most people can do more than they think when they have that rush of adrenaline and cheers from others. Remember that feeling and bring it into your training, when working on snatches for reps!

The TSC is such an awesome learning experience. It opens the doors to see what is possible.


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@Glen Great job on your performance! And about the counting, you can ask your judge beforehand to either count or not count out loud. It is a not mandatory for them to count out loud.


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@NoahMarek yeah I should have done - not something I even considered. Dont think it would impact me next time - just a silly thing which only happened as was to deep in focus doing the reps to work out:D

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Excellent work everyone, great numbers here!

We hosted the First TSC here in Victoria BC at a friend of mines gym. It was awesome. we had 15 lifters from every ability/experience level. most people hit at least one PR!
Men's open
Deadlift 345 (had 365 "easy" but didn't take my time setting my grip and it rolled out of my fingers....frustrated but 345 was still a PR)
Pull-ups - 9
Snatch - 103 (PR but this sucked very very much. The groupings worked out that I did this set in the last flight and went alone.....so I had all other lifters both other judges and all spectators watching hahaha no pressure)

We had three judges and we were able to get through all events smoothly without rushing anyone in about 3 1/2 hours.

By the sounds of it we are going to have more lifters for the spring!

I can't wait to see the results.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to all those who hosted and judged.

Such a cool event with so much camaraderie.

Sean M

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  • 1st attempt @ 275 (+5 old PR) - no footage
  • 2nd attempt @ 285 lb (+15 old PR)
  • 3rd attempt @ 300lb (no rep) - agonizingly close! I keep going back in my mind, "More rest!" or "Should've gone split-sumo!" or "Should've pulled 295 when it was available instead of waiting for the even 300!"
Pull-ups: No good footage

Snatch - not fancy enough for the "speed switch" yet. Next time I need to practice double-breathing every training session; it's the only way to go fast.
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