TSC Prep Meal the night before competition.

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I know there is certainly no magic meal that will ensure success for this upcoming Saturday's TSC but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a pre contest meal the night before?

As of right now I am :

  1. Getting extra sleep
  2. Drinking Lots of Water
  3. Taking a good dose of Fish Oil as well as my other multi vitamins
Perhaps a whole wheat spaghetti with meat and potatoes included? I'd love to hear yall's recommendations.


Terry McCarthy

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Don't do or eat anything you wouldn't normally do or eat. IMO, carbo loading is not necessary for the TSC, but *if* you normally eat pasta with meat and potatoes and it agrees with you...go for it. Keep in mind though...more food in the belly the night before = possibility of unwanted bathroom trips on meet day.

On the night before, I like stretching, self message, familiar food and a good nights sleep. I also have my Deadlift warm ups and attempts locked in mentally...as well as my snatch strategy.


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I know little about prepping for any sort of weight contests so take my advice with a grain of salt. I do, however, have quite a bit of experience prepping for long distance running events.

Over the years, this question has come up time and time again on running forums with many people hearing about "carb loading" the night before. It can be overdone. I've found through advice of more experienced marathoners and ultra-marathoners - as well as my own experience - that maintaining good hydration and getting good sleep the TWO days before the event are the number one priorities. Especially the night before the night before, because many times, pre-event nervousness can prevent us from a getting great night's sleep. Regarding the dinner the night before, I would suggest just adding a little extra carbs than normal - but not a ton. Regarding the morning of - use your experience of what makes sense for you for breakfast.

Good luck to you, Andy.
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