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I am trying to put together a sustainable program that allows me to make steady progress in each of the TSC events and the One Arm KB Press. I'm already comfortable performing S&S Simple goals, a 36 kg One Arm Press, and the SFG Snatch Test, and I have recently had my form reviewed for Deadlifts and Pullups. I have also started practicing the Bent Press, but I am not yet ready to really load the movement. Additionally, I have no serious training injuries.

I have reviewed several medium intensity programs for each of the events, but I'm not sure any of my ideas for programming give enough balance between the four lifts. Any ideas on on how to program this would be greatly appreciated.


James Sjostrom

TSC Coordinator
Team Leader Certified Instructor
You could alternate 2 weeks of pressing, 2 weeks of snatching. Deadlift and pull up throughout.
we are twelve weeks off of the TSC
2 weeks Press
2 Weeks snatch
2 weeks Press
2 weeks Snatch
1 week press
3 weeks snatch

Ive done this a couple times. i really enjoy it.
Bent press to warm up.

Ian V

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The press not being part of TSC is really a "nice to do" so could be added in any fashion - if I may offer a couple of suggestions pick one day a week as your press day - have you read Taming the Bent Press ? It has a workout called Bent and Sinister which is 10 singles per side + 100 or more swings / snatches and would be a good one for you to add in once a week - it is designed to be used daily. My second offering would be to add a simple 1-2-3 (4-5) ladder of presses to each and every workout that you do.
Hope whatever you choose works for you.
Best regards


Andrew Palmer

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If you can train 3-4 x per week then ROP might be a good fit. It gives you three press, pull-up and snatch sessions per week if you swap the swings for snatches. Bent press can be either warmup on press days or if you want to go hard on it then move it to a variety day. Plug the deadlift into a variety day also. ROP is also easily adaptable to schedules and focus.
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