TSC Recap!


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Today was my first TSC, and it was AMAZING.

First of all, everyone was wonderful and amazing. The host SFG, Ron, was so so nice and he offered some excellent advice after the deadlifts were over to work on mine, he was awesome.

So, the TSC:

I am 5’7”, female, 37 yrs old and about 200lbs.

Deadlift: 240lbs, 260lbs, failed on 270. I am ok with that because the heaviest I’ve done on my own was five singles at 230, so 260 was huge all by itself (my goal for the day was 250).

Flexed arm hang: Failed. Couldn’t stay up. I knew this would be bad and I am going to work more specifically on it for October.

Snatches: 80 snatches at 16kg. My mental goal was 75, I hit that with just under 30 seconds to go and I forced out 5 more in a “sprint to the finish” type mentality.

So basically, I exceeded my own expectations, and I have a pretty good idea of what I need to work on this summer...I can’t wait for October so I can test any improvement!

I am so glad I did this, I had an absolutely amazing time.

Anna C

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Great job!!! That's a fantastic TSC and yes it's lots of fun and a great learning experience. Sounds like you did it just right. Congratulations on the 260 lb Deadlift PR! 80 snatches with the 16kg is pretty good, too!

Kyle Kowalczuk

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Congratulations on your achievement. It was great to see you pull that big number after only a few session with a barbell. Excited to see how your hard work this off season pays off. See you in the fall!
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