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Timothy Friel

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@Ryan Toshner I'm considering running that pttp2.0 template you suggested for deadlifts. How much rest do you recommend in between sets? Also you suggested a light and heavy day in the template you posted. Would pttp2.0 still fit? Don't see a actually light day but do see that first session of the week would be the lighter session.
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Ryan Toshner

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For rest, as much as you need to make strong lifts. I'd suggest a minimum of 3 minutes. 3-5 min will be typically, but more might be necessary (and completely fine) as the weight gets heavier.

Yes, PTP 2.0 would still fit in the template I suggested.

Let me know how you progress!

Steve Freides

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@Ryan Toshner, is PTTP 2.0 an idea of yours, a blog here, or something else? This is the first I can recall hearing about this.

You mention that you could fit PTTP 2.0 into your template with 1 light and 1 heavy DL day per week - how would that work? The PTTP 2.0 program sounds like it moves forward every session.

Thank you!


Ryan Toshner

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@Steve Freides , it's in the SFL manual.

And, yes, it does move forward every week. So it doesn't fit into the light/heavy format exactly. I mostly meant that, even so, it could be done twice/week to fit into the overall template of the program (it's actually what I've personally done and what I've used in classes for my students participating in the TSC).
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