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  1. Hyun jin CHOI

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    Baseline (2017, April) / Goal
    DL : 165kg / 170kg
    PU(5kg) 11 / 12
    SN (20kg) 122 / 125

    Here is 6weeks my plan for 2017. Oct TSC

    DL : WSB sinlges describes Strongfirst Snatch Protocol (once week)
    PU : 3-4times per week based on Fighter pullup (3weeks w/Bw , 3weeks w/5kg)
    SN : Strongfirst Snatch Protocol 523A

    Additional Lift
    BSQ : 5TRM BSQ (205lb- highbar)
    DBMP : Custom PlanStrong (MH I+LV)
    GTG : OAPU , Press to HS practice

    If you have any recommendation or question, Feel free :)
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  2. Anna C

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    It is awesome how the Women's Elite Champion always seeks improvement and learning!

    I hope I get to train with you someday, Jin. :)

    Actually I do have one question --- Do you set the bell down during the 5 minutes of snatching? Is minimizing that part of your strategy for more reps? The reason I ask because I always wonder, particularly with heavier than 16kg (for women, and I suppose same would apply to 24kg and heavier for men), if it's smarter to sprint/rest/sprint/rest, or just snatch continuously at an optimum pace.
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  3. Timothy Friel

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    If I may ask what is snatch protocol 523A or is it classified.
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  4. Hyun jin CHOI

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    I always used EMOM in TSC. (Used 12L+13R around 48"). Even if a short rest time, it avoid me in fatige in my case.

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