turkish getup palm and elbow pain

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I've been doing the Simple & Sinister program and have started having an electric-like pain in my right palm when pressing up the kettlebell to begin the turkish getup. my right elbow also has some pain when this is happening. From my internet research it sounds like golfer's elbow/ tennis elbow. I've laid off the getups for a few days and was able to resume them without pain - then it came back. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I don't know whether its my grip or my shoulder/elbow position


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Seth, I would not try to self-diagnose. See a doc ASAP so you do not have to lose training time.

Francisco M

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I followed the simple and sinister program last year and everything was going great until I progressed to a 40kg kettlebell in the TGU. That's when I got golfers elbow on my right side and I've had it for the last 9 months. It's a shame because I train BJJ and the carryover in terms of strength on the mat was like nothing else. I had it on my left before, from pull-ups and it took over 2 years to go away. So I'm expecting the same with my right. None of my therapies helped. Now I only do movements that don't aggravate it. That means no more TGU's, Pull-ups. Horizontal pressing, swings, rows, and surprisingly high rep curls(if I'm careful) are ok for me.

Good Luck

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Seth, after you are cleared by your doctor, please see an SFG instructor in person, or post a video of your getup here, or both.


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Get checked (medical) and get checked (form by an SFG)

Could be many things - handle position, wrist position, shoulder position, neck etc....

Tennis elbow is typically an overuse situation not a "single event" situation

Have you been checked by a medical professional?

What self therapies?

And again - lots of options as to why and can't say without seeing you

Francisco M

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My therapies, which I continue to do on my own are massage to the forearm extensors, triceps, and pec minor(I use a lacrosse ball). Stretches for the forearm flexors, triceps, and pecs. And eccentrics for the forearm flexors. I also have poor wrist extension mobility and shoulder mobility which they said was the likely cause. My wrist extension hasn't improved much even though I continue to stretch. They also said to continue to workout as long as it doesn't aggravate it. I do feel it occasionally in BJJ, which may be delaying the healing process. Overall, my elbow does feel like it's improving. It's just a very slow process. So I don't know for sure if it's the therapies or just time.
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