Two Hand Swing Formcheck Please

Midlife Beast

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I'd like to have some of you knowledgeable folks take a look at my two hand swing. I'm not currently in a position where I can get to an SFG for coaching, so I'll need to self coach.

I am about 295lbs, and I'm going to be working on Tracy Reifkind's The Swing! workouts as part of my fat reduction plan (along with diet).

My self coaching analysis on this is:

1) There may be some rounding of the lower back - however it's also possible this is just the fat I'm holding there making this look worse. In any event I'll make sure to focus on keeping the low back tight.

2) It looks like I'm starting my hinge too early. If I understand correctly, the hinging is supposed to come when the arms are closer to the hips.

I appreciate any other feedback you all might have!


Anna C

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Looking good so far, @Midlife Beast ! Love your username :)

See if you can go barefoot or find some minimal shoes. Your feet rock around a bit and you want to be as rooted to the ground as possible for good power production.

Keep the shoulders packed -- they look OK, but could be tighter and you want to get in that habit now while the weight is light...

And swing a heavier kettlebell! You're doing great.

Midlife Beast

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@Anna C

Thank you so muc for the feedback! Those are Nike Metcons, which aren't quite minimalist but they are close. Designed for crossfit. I'll try to pick up some Vibrams or similar as soon as I'm able, and I'll pay more attention to the feet rocking - I hadn't noticed that! I'll also work on the shoulder packing.

The KB is a 16kg. I also own a 24 but I have to admit it's intimidating! I'd like to buy a 20 but bells are hard to come by in this country (I'm from the US but living abroad at the moment).

Midlife Beast

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I've just contacted the foundry where I bought my 16 and my 24. I'm going to check if they have a 20, a 28, and a 32 so I can continue progressing in 4kg increments. My Spanish is pretty weak but hopefully they understand me!

Midlife Beast

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@Bauer Thanks, great video! I think my sets today were a big better on that element, I made sure to hinge later in the swing. I also went barefoot today and I think the rooting was a bit better.

The foundry does not offer 20s so I'll be working with 16, 24, and 32 only as available to me unless I want to spend $300 on a competition style 20. I think in the past 16, 24, and 32 were what was available (I read so in a Dan John article, I think) so if they could make due with those then I can make do with just those weights available.

The volume on this program is pretty high, so I'm planning to stick with the 16 for a while as I get used to it. I know for power I really should jump up but I was pretty smoked from 115 total swings with the 16 today.

I'll post further thoughts and another form check in about a month. I have this belief (no idea if it's correct) that the bell itself can be a teacher and form will improve as I practice. So we'll see.


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@Steve Freides @Anna C

Here's my attempt with a 24kg. It looks "better" to me but I'm not sure that I can articulate why.

I've personally had Anna tell me on the side to just use a heavier bell already, and I think I know why....the heavier bell in a way is a "teacher" forces you to use more hinge and power from the lower body and it is harder to muscle it up with the arms. That could be what you are sensing here and it feels really are doing great and that timing of that split second of the bell floating at the top and letting it fall as long as possible before hinging will come! Keep it up!
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