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Kettlebell Two months into block training

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I have spent the last year rehabbing from ilopsoal tendinosis which left me with an extremely sore and limited right hip and bad lower back. I'm back to being pain free most of the time, which is fantastic. Over the last 8 weeks I have been doing a block training program which is a hodgepodge of other people's programs, but I thought I might share with you all.

I have also recently moved house and have a really nice setup here with a small garage which is my dedicated courage corner - My girlfriend and I have moved to being as minimalist as possible so our new house has far more storage than we actually need, leaving the garage free for me and my kettlebells.

Aims for the program - enjoy my training. Do lifts I like without attempting to fit too much into each training session/week. Build strength and endurance.
I am not currently training for any kind of competition, just enjoying getting the training in.

Weeks 1 and 2:
A+A snatches 3 times a week. Using a HR monitor most of the time to see where I am. Letting my HR settle to 110 bpm before starting the next set. I'm currently snatching a 28kg, steadily including the 32kg. These feel really good and feel like they pull my whole body into a better aligned position. I do 20 -40 repeats, but mostly hovering around 25.
Once a week I do a single set of continuous getups which progress as follows - 5 reps (without pauses on each arm) to a position, when able to do that advance to the next position, when able to do that well increase in weight and regress the position which I move to. This session takes 15 minutes and is a great refresher session - I don't really expect to be using a beast any time soon.
Once a week I do ring dips - 5 sets of what I can at 80% perceived effort. My goal is to hit 5 sets of 12 with body-weight before increasing weight (The Triple Progression System Explained is what I am using)

Weeks 3 and 4:
Kettlebell strong with double clean and press (using 2 x 24kgs). End the session with 2 sets of 5 hollow position practice (advancing to hanging leg raises when strong enough)
I do 2 sessions of jump rope a week alongside this, where I jump until I hit my MAF HR, then actively rest with OS resets. These sessions take approximately 20 minutes each and are largely for agility training.

I walk daily to and from work with a backpack (6km in total - plus quite a bit of walking at work) occasionally putting weight in the backpack, but at the moment mostly enjoying the time outside. I have only been doing this for 4 weeks as we recently moved for my new job, my body is adapting.

Each day starts with a movement flow/OS reset session. Warmups for my lifting is usually just some goblet squats, maybe a few single leg deadlifts.

I have just started HEMA once a week, and am planning on restarting open hand martial arts once I find a club which suits me.

So far it seems to be working well. I really enjoy progressing on several things - albeit more slowly than I otherwise might be. I would say to anyone who isn't training for a competition at the moment, but just wants to generally progress - block training is enjoyable and keeps me engaged.
Sounds good to me - it will be interested to see how you feel after a few months of your block training. You have a nice mix of things, and it's great you're walking regularly.

I took your advice regarding the rucking on this post Incidental rucking @Steve Freides. Relaxed walking seems enough most days.
So many people lack a soft practice in their lives - relaxed walking can be that. As soon as it becomes rucking, it becomes an athletic activity - fine insofar as athletic activities go, but not good if it removes something restorative from your life.

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