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Other/Mixed UK Sea to Summit

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)


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Hi all, I’ve signed myself up to an ultra marathon of sorts travelling from the sea in North Wales to the summit of Snowdon.

Details here

I’m looking for opinions on how to structure my training. Clearly a lot of time on my feet but I’m wondering how to direct the strength side of it.

I’m thinking A+A snatches, snatch walking, HR Step up Training, even KBSF but as always I’d love your opinion.

There’s a decent timeframe for this, October 2024 but my starting point is a couple of leisurely half marathons (road) so a long way to go.

To answer my own question, this piece from the newsletter on 22nd August seems like a good fit.

Easy Carry and Timed Step-Ups:
A Simple Recipe for Strength and Performance”
That should be a good event. It’s not too long, and the elevation is quite manageable. Snatch Walking, Iron Cardio, and Box Steps will all serve you well. As you noted however… there is nothing like time on your feet for preparation. Especially over terrain similar to your event.
We have a thread on this site called Mountain Strong, which might be valuable for you to peruse, as several of us here do this sort of thing. It might give you some insight, and give you some folks to reach out to.

Another valuable resource for this type of thing is the book TFTUA (Training for the Uphill Athlete)
There is an option to do the trilogy, but I have chosen the Welsh event only. There’s a drop down box for each event - 33 miles and 6300 ft elevation for my choice.
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