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PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Understanding Percentages

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Just to make sure, how do we deal with intensity correctly, when dividing 81-90% lifts between sessions in a week? There is this quote on the top of pg. 63

“The intensity optimum is far from stable. Based on studying this factor on members of the USSR national team, we can presume that intensity fluctuations in training sessions with 20-25% limits are warranted.” (Vorobyev, 1970)

Percentages are weird. Using a 3 day a week split to percents of 25-33-42 as an example, the fact that 33/42=78.57% (a 21.42% difference) but 42/33=127.27% (a 27.27% difference) makes it hard to know how to calculate intended variability. Also intensity fluctuations can’t always be a 20-25% difference because the difference in between 25 and 42 is 40.47% or 68% depending on how you look at it.

I understand about about how much the HARI should fluctuate, but without waiting to see what that outcome is, what are good percentages to play with for distributing 81-90% lifts?
If I understand your question correctly, then I think you are going down the rabbit hole of tangential concerns. The monthly volume distribution in the 81-90% for the NL is found in the table on p.3. Then it's a question of distributing that number (along with the NL for the other ranges) throughout your week, and then days. My understanding is that this creates the necessary load and intensity variations, and then it is just the + or - 20% volume difference between adjacent weeks that you have to double-check. (If anyone with more experience (Jason, Hector, etc) wants to correct this, please do!).
I understand that for aiming for over all volume totals within the month, but I want here within the manual he suggests varying the volume of 81-90% lifts in order to vary the HARI, below the second gray box on pg. 98

"Unless the ratio of 90% and heavier lifts is unusually high, the distribution of the 81-90% lift is likely to determine the intensity variant for the month. Although, these lifts are lighter, they strongly influence the average because they are many."

He speaks of the intensity wavering session by session within the week. Under the first box on pg. 108

"....refer to the 70-80, 81-90, 91-100% zones respectively. That means you will be emphasizing one zone for each session."

However I would like something with easier to execute calculations if available.
So after volume and intensity have been divided into the weeks, I am interested in dividing what is allotted for those weeks into the days. I have a spreadsheet that does pretty much all the work for me, so I would like to know how to vary the 81-90% lifts an appropriate amount, especially if there is already some set range of percentages. He gives the tried and true 15, 22, 28, 35% for both volume and intensity along with a number variations for the weeks in the month. He even gives variations on this for people only doing a 3-week period.
I'm curious to know if there are intensity splits within the week for 3 and 4 days or should I just recycle the earlier monthly numbers. I understand if it is a something you can come up with yourself, however, the quote in my post up top and basic percentage calculations is throwing me off from understanding what is acceptable.
On the bottom on pg. 98 he says 20% is rock bottom minimum change between weeks in a month, which is easy to understand, but "within 20-25% limits" isn't.
Ah, I think I see your further question. That change is achieved through the use of different variants in different weeks (table on page 2), and through the distribution of lifts in a 2, 3 or 4 day training week (determined by the weekly NL, table on p.6) and attention to intensity dynamics in the week. I think this might be where the "trainer factor" comes into play, rather than just being able to plug into a spreadsheet. Hope that helps.
Yea, most of PS requires a trainer element to a degree. My spreadsheet is more of a baseline to keep track of things. I modify the plan when necessary.
In the second gray text box on page 109, PS 70 Section VI: Intensity Dynamics Within a Week, I think he answers my question, he refers to a table. On pg. 4 there is a table at the bottom that is in a intensity section for Distribution of volume between 2 or 3 training units all though he doesn't state days in that section I think it is safe to assume units could mean weeks or days. The table on pg. 6 is similar and could be used for 4 and 5 day splits if wanted, but puts you low on the variability scale

Thanks for your input!
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