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29 OCT TO 4 NOV 2018

Continuation/Goldilocks block Wk 7/8

MON: BJJ Lite + TGU + PP
WED: PP + S&S + Lite E
FRI: BS + S&S + Lite E
SUN: PP + Endurance

No BJJ I reckon until Thurs, lest I become the bringer of pestilence to the gym. So it's working at home, and working out at home for the next 2-3 days.
1) STR: Push Press 65kg x3. This felt real easy today.
2) S&S: 10x10 2h Swings 32kg. Not EMOM style today, just taking my time today.

Still coughing like a dog, fwah. It could be psychological, but I think I feel a bit better.
1) STR: Squat 97.5kg 2x5. Again, this felt good.
2) S&S: 8x5 1h Swings 32kg.

WED: PP + S&S + 1LDL
<HRV 8.1, RHR 51.6>
I am feeling MUCH better in line with the HRV/RHR stats, with no more sore throat or malaise. However, there is a lingering cough and some blocked sinuses, so BJJ is not on the cards for a couple more days.
1) STR: Push Press 66.4kg x3. I was lifting well within myself on this, so am quite pleased.
2) S&S: 8x6 1h Swings 32kg. Left grip was a bit dicey today as I tried it without liquid chalk (which sadly still leaves a bit of a mess). I just need to get used to the fact that I need to clean up the place after swings.
On another note, I tried a scoop of C4 Original Pre-workout that I bought a couple months back but haven't cracked open. Boy, it's like having a triple espresso shot because I was definitely buzzing a little. Do I like the feeling? I am not sure, will give it a few more attempts.
3) STR: 1 Leg Deadlift (1LDL). Kinda Max at 66.4kg each side. I have been missing deadlifts for a while and somehow remembered somewhere in Beyond Bodybuilding that they recommended it as an alternative to the apartment dweller who doesn't want to be evicted. I tried it today and was absolutely humbled - you need full tension to get set-up and to break the bar off the floor, and I worked up to a 66.4kg max. I will put both feet back on the ground and return it slowly on the eccentric (ie. no sound!).

<HRV 7.4, RHR 50.9>
1) BJJ. Loads of specific training. These are the best sessions to figure out my strengths and weaknesses.
2) S&S: 8x7 1h Swing 32kg EMOM.
3) STR: Kettlebell Push Press 32kg. Right: 1-2-3 Ladder. Left: 1-2-1-2 Ladder.

I slept horribly last night as I made the mistake of an espresso at a late dinner. I seem to be getting more sensitive to caffeine as I get older, just part of life I guess.
1) STR: Squat. 102.5kg x 3, 105kg x 3.

<HRV 9.3, RHR 48.9>
Readings are odd but I felt ok.
1) STR: Push Press 67.5kg x3. This was my rep max at this weight previously, so happy that it was only slightly tough.

SUN: BS + Lite E
<HRV 7.9, RHR 51.6>
1) STR: Squat 87.5kg 2x5.
2) E: no formal session but clocked 18+k steps.

SUMMARY: Planned the work, worked the plan. Navigated a cold bug at the start of the week as well, as it is part of life.


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5 TO 11 NOV 2018

Continuation/Goldilocks block Wk 8/8. Will probably stay on continuation until I hit PRs in both Squat + PP.

MON: BJJ Lite + TGU + PP
WED: PP + S&S + Lite E
FRI: BS + S&S + Lite E
SUN: PP + Endurance

MON: BJJ Lite + TGU + PP
1) BJJ Fundamentals. A couple of basic half guard passes (far side underhook to kneeslide, and crossface/base change). Then did a bunch of specific training with big white belts where I worked on my weak side HG. I worked mainly sweeps but put on a couple of omoplatas and triangles as well.
2) S&S: 3xLR TGU 32kg. It is silly but I keep count by removing 1 piece of finger tape after each rep, going to the trash can and then continuing with the next set.
3) STR: Push Press 5/4/3/2/1 up to 68.9kg. Felt a bit beat today after a somewhat tough day at the office.

<HRV 7.4, RHR 53.9>
1) BJJ. Knee wheel takedown with a sambo-ish grip. A backtake from half guard bottom vs a reverse top. Then a “quarter stomp” to recover a HG with underhooks when u have been flattened. 4 spirited rolls after.
2) STR: Squat 92.5kg 2x5.

<HRV 7.6, RHR 53.9>
1) STR: Push Press 68.9kg x 3 for a new PR E1RM of 73kg. I reckon I can continue to make PRs on this lift so will just keep going for now.
2) STR: Squat 100 2x5.

<HRV 7.5, RHR 50.0>
1) BJJ fundamentals. Osoto Gari. Then scissor sweep - it actually made me remember an important detail that I seem to have forgotten. Am happy with that.
2) BJJ. Berimbolo to back, to leg drag, to mount. I did really well during specific training, but I struggled in the free rolls. This fellow purple belt that I have dominated since we were white belts put up a real tough fight today. And I struggled against an athletic white belt, just could not finish him and in fact he somehow scrambled into NS vs me at some point. But hey that’s bjj, somedays it just isn’t your day.

FRI: BS + Lite E + Random Stuff
<HRV 8.0, RHR 52.6>
I have a cut on the right hand between the 3rd/4th fingers and it hurts like crazy. S&S is off the menu for couple days, probably push press as well. Someone didn't clip their nails last night at BJJ I guess... and this is a pet peeve of mine.
1) STR: Squat 110kg 2x3. It was meant to be 107.5kg but I went to the University gym today and there were no 1.25kg plates to be found.
2) STR: Bench Press. Singles at 90kg, 95kg, 100kg. The last was kinda hard but nowhere near the worst grind I have been thru. This is out of block training, just for giggles.
3) STR: Seated Cable Row: worked up to a triple at 170lbs... the cut on my hand did not like this despite me taping the area up.
4) E: 2km Time Trial on C2 Rower. 8:07 for a personal best on damper setting 4. I was on track to go under 8mins until the last 500m when I tanked. It's been a couple months since I last rowed so I am pretty happy with this.
5) E: 15 x 150m/150m run/walk. 40:33. Avg HR 126. I did this session quite simply because I wanted to check out my new Adidas Pureboost running shoes (my old OR gave up the ghost).

Decided to really hammer the mobility this weekend as I can feel my piriformis (I think) and hip flexors really tighten up. Did a caffeine detox as well, which meant I napped on both days! Did clock 30+k steps over the weekend as well so it wasn't all laying around.

SUMMARY: Punch the clock week. I will keep going with Continuation until I hit my Squat PR (or not).


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12 TO 18 NOV 2018

Continuation/Goldilocks block. Stay on continuation until I hit PRs in Squats. Slight reconfig on S&S days to be post BJJ instead, as I have easy access to kettlebells.

MON: BJJ Lite + S&S (TGU) + PP
WED: BS + PP + Lite E
FRI: BS + PP + Lite E
SUN: BS + Endurance

MON: BJJ Lite + S&S: Swings/TGU + Sprints + PP + Pullups
I felt really good today so...
1) BJJ Fundamentals: Double leg shots and the concept of running around the "plate". Tomonagae from Open Guard. For specific training I concentrated on the following: (Passing) Torreando and Leg drags. (Guard sweeps) Arm drags/Short drags. (Guard subs) Omoplata, Triangle.
2) S&S: 10x10 2h Swings 32kg EMOM. Then just 1xTGU at 32kg to practice.
3) STR: Kettlebell Push Press ladders: 1x(1, 2, 3) and 1x (1,2) at 32kg. Left side still limiting factor.
4) PWR: Sprint starts x 10.
5) SE: Ring pullups Ladder 1x(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

<HRV 8.0, RHR 54.5>
1) BJJ: Some strategies from the dogfight position - walk around sweep, gullotine, etc. Then LOADS of specific training where I generally gave a good account of myself except I got tapped out by a lady purple belt. Also learnt a few turtle guard tricks after class.
2) S&S: 8x8 1h Swings 32kg EMOM.

<HRV 8.3, RHR 52.6>
I slept pretty fitfully after staying up late watching the World Chess Championship commentary... you would have thought I slept better considering how Game 4 went. But the HRV stats still seem fine.
1) STR: Push Press 5/4/3/2/1 with a 70kg single at the end. The lockout still isn't easy.
2) STR: Squat 90kg 2x5.
3) Accessories: Bicep Curls 5s at 20, 25, 30kg. Face Pulls (Green band) 5x10. Pallof Press (Green band) 4x10. Clam Walk (Green band) 4 x10m.

<HRV 7.9, RHR 54.6>
Looking forward to WCC Game 5 tonight, but first gotta get in the BJJ!
1) BJJ. Face Crank vs Turtle to backtake. Not a nice technique but definitely useful! Also, a Bow&Arrow choke to armbar transition. Had 2 chill rolls, then 1 monster 7min battle with a 100kg brown belt. I got splattered at the end but did well for most of it.
2) S&S: 8x9 1h Swing 32kg.
3) STR Practice: A few kettlebell Clean+Push Press+Overhead walks with 32kg, followed by a few pistols.

FRI: BS + PP + E
This will be my last PP session today, and I will only keep BS as max strength training for the next 10 weeks... because I have signed up for a Spartan Race with some friends so going to do some OCR specific training for a while. It will be aerobic base training, some lactic training with burpees, and obstacle skills.
1) STR: Push Press PR attempt for 70kg x 3, just couldn't lock out the 3rd rep. It is a lil' disappointing but I did manage to make progress this year from 70kg x1 to 67.5kg x3/70kg x2. Not very much improvement considering that I did work on this lift quite a bit. Still, my motto is kinda "2.5kg or 1 rep more per year and I am happy".
2) STR: Squat 97.5kg 2x5.
5 x 10 burpees, 5 x 3 pull-ups, 5 x 30m 10kg Bearhug Carry. 2m brisk walk in between each set. To be honest I barely broke a sweat but this was just to get me into the mood.

<HRV 8.3, RHR 51.4>
Clocked 23k+ steps.

SUN: BS + OCR 2 + OCR 3
<HRV 8.0, RHR 56.0>
1) STR: Squat 102.5kg 2x5. Felt sluggish this morning and took a while to warm up. It appears I tend to do well with E work in the mornings and STR work in the evenings, maybe I might listen to my body for once.
2) OCR 3: Mini Course A. Found a stretch in my apartment complex to do this. 10x100m run, 3 pullups OR 3 box jumps in between runs (alternating).
1) OCR 2: BURPEE PROOF. Aiming to do 10 sets of 15 burpees thru the day. Edit: completed by 3pm with a final 45 burpee set. That last one hurt.

SUMMARY: Quite excited to be training for a goal - the Stadion Spartan Race in Jan 2019. I reckon I can do it without too much trouble now but would like to have a decent performance so it's going to be SE/E/Skill based training until the race.


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19 TO 25 NOV 2018

Will be travelling the backend of the week, but here's the start of my OCR training block which will have SE/E/Skill emphasis.

OCR Training
MON: BJJ Lite + S&S: TGU + OCR
TUE: BJJ + S&S: Swings
THU-SUN: Program Min Min

MON: BJJ Lite + S&S: TGU + OCR
1) BJJ Lite: Some closed guard drills then whole bunch of specific training. Working my B game.
2) S&S TGU: 3x TGU 32kg. Did them continuously today.
3) OCR 4 (Program Min Min SE). 3 sets of 5 pushups, 10 Side plank transition, 10 Squats, 5 LR Lunges, 3 LR Lateral Lunges, 20m Bear Crawl, 3 Pullups, 3 Hanging Tucks. No RI.

<HRV 7.5, RHR 53.4>
1) BJJ. A leg drag pass vs DLR w/o removing the DLR hook + a way to break the ankle grip in the DLR setup... both are variations that I have not seen before and I managed to pull off 1 of them in the rolls after so quite pleased.
Life got in the way and I needed to rush off after BJJ so no time for S&S today.

<HRV 8.0, RHR 55.6>
Feeling a lil' worn - I had a couple glasses of wine last night and somehow it really ruined my sleep. Is this part of getting old???
1) STR: Squat 110kg x3, 115kg x2, 120x1.
Am aiming to fit some sort of recovery E work in the evening before probably taking 4 days off training due to what looks like a packed work trip.

Didn't get much in the way of training done. Did 1 x Program Min Min that's it. Watched my diet to keep things in check.

SUMMARY: Was not a big week for training, but am sure my body appreciates the break.


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26 NOV TO 2 DEC 2018

While OCR training is the focus for the next 12 weeks, ideally I would like to achieve the Simple standard (frankly I think I can already do it but shall give it a week or 2 more before I test) and also make a new PR for Squat as well.

OCR Training Wk 1/12
MON: BJJ Lite + S&S + OCR

MON: BJJ Lite + S&S
1) BJJ Fundamentals. Hip throws and (argh) Headlock Escapes. Loads of specific training as well.
2) S&S: 5 TGU with 28kg (the 32kg was spoken for!), superset with 5 x 10 2hs 36kg.
3) SE: 2 x (1-2-3-4-5) Pullup Ladders.

Going to struggle to get to BJJ until Friday so decided to load up.
1) BJJ Fundamentals. Pendulum Sweep, armbar variation. Some specific training with a couple of white belts where I experimented a lil'.
2) BJJ. Lapel chokes from side control: the Emily Kwok choke (I don't know what else to call it but I saw her do it once), an Ezekiel choke and also my old flame the Baseball choke. 2 chill rolls, a brown, a fellow purple and then a 16 year old blue belt who was really good so I had to put in quite a bit of effort!

WED: BS + SE + E
1) Squat 92.5kg 2 x 5. Quick and easy today!
2) E: 5k MAF Run at the track. 35:55, 143bpm avg HR. Have lost quite a bit of aerobic fitness, to put this in perspective I did a 6km MAF run in about the same time, with a 141bpm avg HR back in Apr18.
3) SE: Pushups 30/30/20/20. Sets were separated by a 100m walk/jog.

My pecs were sore from pushups yesterday. Bah.
1) E: 5k MAF run at the track. 33:48, 144bpm avg HR. Improving immediately. Flipping thru the records I need to be doing sub 28:30 on a 5k MAF (HR +/- 2 around 140) to be near my peak so loads of room for improvement. This was just in March 2018!
2) SE: Pullups 2/3/4/5/6, 1/2/3/4/5. Sets separated by 100m walk/jog.

1) BJJ Fundamentals. Squeezed in a class before a big dinner. A modified peruvian necktie vs turtle that I got to add to my game! Some light specific training with a few lower belts.


1) BJJ Randori. I don't know why I agreed to go to this (agreement made while somewhat inebriated on Fri night) but it was good fun! In 2 notable rolls: Did really well against a brown belt but got wristlocked multiple times by a black belt instructor bah.
EDIT: Somehow I busted my neck - I have no recollection on how it might have happened.

SUMMARY: Not quite full on OCR mode yet but ramping it up. I need to finish my strength blocks and the Simple test asap and focus.


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3 TO 9 DEC 2018

OCR training as focus, also trying to hit Squat PR and Simple goal by end of the year. Neck is a little off after BJJ last week, take a week off from BJJ until Sunday.

OCR Training Wk 2/12

MON: STR (Squat 100kg x5, 102.5kg x3, 105kg x2). S&S TEST*: SIMPLE standard achieved!

TUE: BJJ**. SE: Pushups 30/30/25/25. Pullups 1x(2-6), 1x(2,2-5).

WED: E: 4.3k circuit thru the local Botanic Gardens. 29:50, 132bpm avg HR. E: Evening session - did a 8km ruck with 12k pack in 1:32. Been a while since I tried this.

THU: REST. Did a ECG stress test for my annual health check which qualifies as some sort of E.

FRI: STR: Squat 107.5kg x 5, 110kg x 3, 112.5kg x2. ^Neck is still wonky bah.


SUN: STR: Squat 112.5kg x 3, 115kg x 2, 120kg x 1. Mobility: OS Resets thru the day, trying to fix this bad neck. E: No formal session, 17k+ steps.

SUMMARY: Not a great week of training with the neck all busted. Am going to get it checked out.

*Simple & Sinister test on Monday was impromptu, I was planning to do an E session but it was raining cats+dogs so... Anyway long story short I did it. The swings were tougher than the getups for me, grips were really struggling towards the end. Next year I will try another S&S block to really own it! For a spreadsheet summary of the training I did to get here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Aotkt8 ... h2Kyj/view
**I was really garbage at this BJJ session. Guard was thin as paper vs the instructor, and not much better vs one of the tougher blue belts. As a bonus my neck seems all beat up again. O well.


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10 TO 16 DEC 2018

OCR Focus. No BJJ this week to allow the neck to recover, also means OS resets daily.

OCR Training Wk 3/12

MON: STR: PM. Squat 95kg 2x5. SE: PM. 20 x 3 Hanging Leg Tucks. 30/30/30/25 Pushups^. OS Resets.

TUE: REST. Looks like I will get plenty of this as I need to let my newly diagnosed muscle tear heal.

WED: STR: AM. Squat 102.5kg x 5, 105kg x3, 110kg x2. Neck and shoulder still hurts quite a bit. E: No formal session but clocked 18+k steps. Diet: Big drinking night!!!


FRI: E: EV. 6k MAF run 40:28. 148bpm, so it needs to get slower. SE Rehab: A few sets of 1h Pushups. Right side against a wall, left side was the standard.

SAT: STR: Squat. 110kg x5, 112.5kg x3, 115kg x2.

SUN: SE Rehab: 1h KB row. 5x10 12kg, 3x10 16kg, 2x10 20kg. Shoulder gives no problem with horizontal pull it seems. E: 5k Treadmill at 9.7kph. 153 avg HR. Horrible. I might not have slept well but it does seem that I am going backwards. Retry at a lower speed to rebuild.

SUMMARY: Rehab on the right shoulder/neck ongoing. Ended the week with very little pain which is positive as I started the week with it giving me huge issues. Strength work seems fine, I feel that I have a shot at a new squat PR before year end. Endurance work needs some rejigging, I am running with a bit too much effort - should trust the MAF program that has delivered over the last few years.

^Something is not right as I could BARELY do the pushups! Sure enough after the session I tried a KB press and struggled to press the 16kg (normally on the right I strict press a 32kg for a double on the worst of days) - i think I need to get this neck/right shoulder issue looked at


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17 TO 23 DEC 2018

OCR Focus. Continue to rehab neck/shoulder, no BJJ this week.

OCR Training Wk 4/12

SE: Rehab. 2 sessions, 1 AM, 1 PM. Each session was 5x10 1h Pushups against Wall. Feeling much better but still a little residual pain.
STR: PM. Squat 115kg x3, 120kg x2, 127.5kg x1. This is the best I have felt on squats ever. All reps were moving quick.

E: PM. 7k MAF Run, 48:53, 145bpm avg HR. It is quite obvious that my running is rubbish at the moment. I looked through the data when I was running 6k at sub 35min/140bpm just a few months ago and couldn't find any meaningful difference in cadence, etc so it is not running mechanics. Even my resting HR is similar (Garmin app has my MTD average at 51bpm) so what the heck is going on? I have a different pair of running shoes, a painful corn on my foot, maybe 1-2kg heavier, but even then I am at a loss to explain the whole thing.

STR: PM. Squat Max test. Worked up to 127.5kg x 3, it felt great frankly and I probably had a good chance at a 4th rep but decided to take the money off the table at 3 reps. New PR E1RM of 135kg.
SE: Rehab. 1h KB Rows. Sets of 10. 2@12kg, 4@16kg, 3@20kg, 1@24kg. I can probably afford to be more aggressive with horizontal pulls, affects my shoulder a lot less than pushes at this point.

E: 5k Treadmill at 8.8kph. Avg HR 135bpm. That's much more like it! I cannot explain why the avg HR is 10bpm lower than the last run that I did at the same speed... I did tighten my shoelaces this time, surely it cannot be such a huge difference?
SE 1: Rehab Pullups. 3x (1-3) ladders, 1 negative pullup at the end. Can't pull towards my right side comfortably, feels like I am forced into an archer pullup. Just have to keep working.
SE 2: Rehab 1h Cable Press. Sets of 5 on some machine. Worked up to lvl9 on right side (max effort), lvl13 on left (easy).
SE 3: 10x10 Burpees every 90 secs.


GTG: Pistol Squat Practice. 11x each side in total. No problem.
E: PM session. 6k Treadmill 8.9kph. Was not good, 146bpm avg, dial back speed and retry.

SE: Rehab. Blue Stretch Band Various Pull/Pushes.
E: Light session. 10 x 3/1 Skipping.

Neck/Shoulder still a little off, got to stick with the rehab work and it looks like no BJJ at least until the new year comes around. E work is frustrating as I have a painful corn(?) on my foot and the beginnings of plantar fasciitis yet have barely made any inroads into improving run times. I need to think my way around this as bashing head-on into a wall isn't going to work.


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24 TO 30 DEC 2018

More aggressive shoulder/neck rehab this week. Go see someone to fix the left foot. Last week of BJJ break.

OCR Training Wk 5/12

SE: Rehab. Push/Pulls/Holds, different angles with blue band.
S&S: Actually I kinda did it in a more GTG style instead. 15 x 10 2h Swings with 16kg in the evening while having dinner with the family, lounging around after, etc. No issues with KB Swings it appears.

E: 6 x 4m/1m Skipping. 122 avg HR, 140 max HR, felt awesome. I am actually thinking my HR on my runs are going up because of the pain in my feet, so a priority is to fix that pronto.
STR: Rehab. Bench Press 5s @ 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 4@40kg. No typo on those numbers... I have lost a lot of strength notably on my right side where I sense not everything is firing correctly. At least we know the starting point, and I am confident I can work my way back from here.

S&S: 10x10 2h Swing 20kg EMOM. This was easy peasy today.
STR: Rehab. 1h KB Press. 2x(1-5) ladders 12kg, 5x1 16kg. Yeah, look at these barbie weights! Right side sets the limits for now.
SE: 10x12 burpees every 2mins. Not as easy as I was hoping but wasn't that bad (especially after I was done with them)
MOB: Shoulder focus. 3x10 of prone swimmer, opposite downward dog toe touch, bear sit outs.

E: 40m Indoor Bike, very light session. 109bpm HR. It is going to be skipping & biking for E work until I can get an appointment to look at the left foot.
STR: Bench Press 5x5 30kg. Ok this is the official start of the rebuild.

STR: Rehab. 1h KB Press. 1x(1-5) ladder 12kg, 1x(1-5) ladder 16kg, 5x1 20kg.
S&S: 10x10 2h Swing 24kg EMOM. Again, this did not feel hard.


STR: Bench Press 7x5 32.5kg. Sigh, this was unfortunately harder than I hoped. Got to just trust that I will get better.
SE: A GTG approach. Sets of 10 situps, 10 lunges and 10 incline rows all through the day. Total Tally: 15 sets.
E: 7x4m/1m skipping. 129 avg HR.
GTG: Some pistol squat and 1h pushup practice. For the right arm I had to do it assisted of course.

SUMMARY: Great way to end my week. Missing some muscle activation on my right neck/shoulder/arm region but I think it will come back with time/rehab work. E work has to be skipping and bike (I actually had some DOMS after the biking because I was so unused to it) until I see the podiatrist on Wed.


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1) BIG ONE - work up to challenge for World Masters BJJ in Vegas Sep19 in Purple M3 u70kg division. So I need to get to 68kg, maintain strength, add some aerobic fitness and improve my technique/competition repertoire & strategy, not necessarily in that order.
2) STR: Not chasing any big increments in my lifts, 2.5kg or 1 rep more in BP, PP, FSQ, SQ will be good. 10x10 36kg 2h Swings, 32kgx3 strict press each side will be nice too.
3) E: Skipping & Cycling takes a lot less out of my joints at the moment vs running, could be the few extra kgs I am packing. But any modality will do... any RHR under 50 is the target.
4) SE: Pullups 15, Chinups 15. Otherwise no specific SE work outside of BJJ.
5) Skill/Technique: Sharpen my guard to sweep/drag game, and revisit taking the back! Mount needs some work. Submissions: no need to get fancy, loopchoke/triangle+omoplata from guard, then b&a+armbar from back, and low risk finishes from side control. It is competition strategy so discard all low risk/reward moves.
6) Stay healthy and injury free, so mobility and recovery work is always worked in. Volume will need to be managed.


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31 DEC 2018 TO 6 JAN 2019

Getting the left foot looked at on Wed, so E work will be skipping/indoor bike. Restart BJJ. Continue neck/shoulder rehab.

OCR Training Wk 6/12

BJJ: Techniques - Switch armbar from closed guard, also a sneaky wristlock from a fig4 grip break. Light session - I had 5 x 6min rolls, all chill ones as I told my partners I was just getting back into things.
S&S: 10x5 2h Swing 32kg in 5min.
Others: Farmer's walk 8x10m with 2x36kg KB.

STR: 1h KB Press. 3x(1-5) ladders at 16kg.
SE: Pullups. 3x(1-5) ladders with assistance Green+Blue band. Pullups felt easy today, but I am just going to work through the progressions to make sure there is no odd weaknesses caused by the shoulder injury.
SE: Core work. 6x1min planks.
E: 34 easy laps in a 30m pool.

STR: Bench Press 6x5 35kg.
SE: 5x10 Inclined Rows.
E: 4x20 floor stair climbs. 30min just about. Avg HR 127, max 143.

BJJ: Beast session, I don't know why it turned out to be a randori session. Had ONE flow roll and then 5 round of mayhem.

STR: Bench Press 6x5 37.5kg.
S&S: 10x7 2h Swing 32kg, 1min // sets.
SE: Pullups. 2x(1-5) ladders with assistance Green band. 5x1 normal. Feels a little off pulling towards the right which was not obvious with the assisted pull-ups.

E: 5x20 floor stair climbs. 34:27. Avg HR 122. Repeat with increased speed.
STR: Rack Pull Singles. Set the safeties at the lowest setting and rack pull off it. Idea is NOT TO GET MY NEIGHBORS riled up. Worked up in 10kg increments, started with Conventional and made 140kg but the 150kg didn't budge. Also worked up to 140kg on Sumo and failed 150kg. I've lost some strength for sure considering that my maxes were 135kg x 2 on Conv and 150kg x 1 on Sumo... but also I haven't deadlifted since end august 18 so actually it is not a bad result. So kettlebell swing strength does not really translate to max DL, but the other way seems to work better, oh well. I might do a block of work on Conv Rack Pulls before moving back to Front Squats.


Found a cool way of working E pretty hard with the foot issues - stair climbs! Restarted BJJ this week and surprisingly my right shoulder issues don't seem to factor at all. Also, had a bit of fun with Rack Pull Deadlifts to test my "kinda max" to determine a starting TM.


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7 TO 13 JAN 2019. W2/2019

Just keep putting in the work.

OCR Training Wk 7/12

MON: Strength Day
STR: Front Squat Maintenance. Singles at 90kg, 95kg, 100kg, 102.5kg (this was my 3RM achieved on 14 Oct 18). RPE 9 as the core was struggling, legs had plenty to go.
STR: Bench Press 5x5 40kg.
STR: Incline Bench Press 5/3/2 50kg. I might slip this in as an accessory to flat bench for a while.
SE: Incline Rows 5x12.

TUE: Strength + BJJ
STR: Snatch Grip Rack Pulls. First time I am doing them so worked up to a max Single to find a TM. Singles @ 90kg, 100kg, 105kg, 110kg, 115kg, 120kg. It was hard at the end but i reckon RPE 8+ but the 125kg did not budge. I am doing these as an alternative to Deadlifts at home as I can't drop the weights and the Snatch Grip makes for a bigger ROM.
STR: 1h KB Press. 3x(1-3) ladders with 20kg. Right side is still struggling out of the rack, left was easy-peasy. Just got to keep going.
BJJ: Crucifix take vs Turtle and Reverse Omoplata (happens in competition judo all the time). Then 1 pretty hard roll followed by 2 chill ones. Overall not a tough day on the mats.

WED: Strength Day
STR: Bench Press 5x5 42.5kg. Followed by 3x10 Incline Bench at 30kg as accessory work. What rookie numbers these are!
SE: 2x(1-5) ladders Pullups with Blue Band. Still feels very odd. I am going to move to unassisted work next as I feel the assistance bands make the pullups feel quite unnatural.

THU: E day
E: 3.2km relaxed run barefoot. IT WAS NOT PLANNED - I just forgot my shoes. Still got a blister for my troubles though bah.
SE: Partner workout - "I go, you go", 1 or 2 or 3 burpees. Total 15mins. I think I am reasonably burpee proof for the Spartan Race now.

E: Indoor Bike. 15k, avg 93 watts, avg HR 126. Not specific work for the OCR but because I got a huge blister on my left foot from yesterday's idiotic barefoot run, this is the only thing I could do.
STR: Squat Singles @ 100kg, 110kg, 120kg, 125kg, 130kg. The last is the heaviest weight I have ever squat, though it's not a PR for E1RM. It was quite ok though, pretty sure I could manage a double at least.
STR: Bench Press 45kg 5x5 with accessory Inc Bench Press 3 x 10 @ 30kg.
Comment: Right scapular area is a little twingy today so I skipped the rows.

STR: Overhead Press Barbell. Just to test a suspicion that my scapular injury has greatest effect on bench press, pullups and the starting position out of the kettlebell press. So I did 3s at 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg. The last set was getting tough. Then single at 52.5kg and failed a single at 55kg. I am somewhat pleasantly surprised that I lost a lot less strength in the BB OHP compared to say, KB OHP and BB BP. Still definitely a step backwards as looking thru the logs I pressed 62.5kg x 2 in Jan18 and a casual 60kg single in Sep18... but not terrible. I take this as a positive.

BJJ: Sunday morning randori. 2 browns, 1 purple, 1 blue, 2 whites. I deserve breakfast.
E: 3.6k run at the track. Just over 20mins.
SE: Partner workout “I go, You go” 2 burpees each for 8 mins.

SUMMARY: Solid week of training!


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14 TO 20 JAN 2019. W3/2019

OCR Training Wk 8/9

STR: <AM> Bench Press 5x5 47.5kg. Inc Bench Press 3x10 30kg.
STR: <AM> Front Squat 3@87.5kg. Relative Intensity (RI) 85%.
SE: <PM> 12 x 1 Pullups. Slow Negatives. Feels ok today (no complaints from the right scapula area!).

BJJ: <PM> Shinya Aoki was the guest instructor today and he taught a couple of neat finishes from crucifix with a critical hand control detail that I've not seen before. Rolls-wise, I got in 4x6min rolls. Was unfortunately very average today, I got tapped by 3 blue belts once each (albeit very good ones but still) and got a white belt for the last one... he was unlucky.

STR: <PM> Squat 3@110kg. RI 85%
STR: <PM> OHP 3@42.5kg. RI 85%.
STR: <PM> Snatch Grip Rack Pull Singles @ 97.5kg, 100kg, 102.5kg. RI 85%.

SE: <PM> Partner SE "You go, I go". In 30mins, I did the following: 20 pullups with slow negs, 95 60cm Box Jumps, 26 56kg KB deadlifts, 104 50cm Stepups, 104 Situps, 78 20kg OHP, 200 Jumping Jacks. Nothing too tough but got in some reps and it was good fun work with my cousin.

STR: <PM> OHP Singles up to 45kg. RI 85%.
STR: <PM> Bench Press 5x5 50kg. It is a little discouraging to say that this felt pretty hard. But rehab is like that.

STR<PM> Front Squat 2@90kg.
Mobility work throughout the day..

BJJ: <AM> Randori! Did pretty well in the hard rolls, had a couple of chill ones. Had 1 where I had my butt kicked by this brown belt that I was doing well against recently but he told me he "youtubed" how to get around my game. Sigh.
STR: <PM> OHP 2@45kg. 85% RI. Moving up to 87.5% RI.
GYM: <PM> Did some pistol squats and 1 arm pushup practice while watching my son swim. The right arm isn’t back to 1arm pushup status yet but it doesn’t feel completely useless anymore.
E: 10k outdoors run. 143bpm (easy effort), 1:13 (extremely slow).

Good week of training. One more week of training before next sat’s OCR.


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21 TO 27 JAN 2019. W4/2019

Will skip BJJ during the week to be "injury safe" for the OCR. Might do Sunday though if the OCR isn't too taxing.

OCR Training Wk 9/9

STR: <PM> Bench Press 5x5 52.5kg.
STR: <PM> Squat 2x110kg. 85% RI.
STR: <PM> Pullups 4x(1,2) ladders.
STR: <PM> Snatch Grip Rack Pull 2x100kg. 85% RI.
STR: <PM> Accessory. Inc Bench Press 3x10 32.5kg.

E: <PM> 10k run. Easy effort = 144bpm avg HR. Time = 1:11:27. That's a slight improvement over the last one but still not good at all. This route has quite a bit of elevation change but my target is 1hr for this (which hopefully translates to a sub 50min 10k on a flat course).

STR: <AM> OHP 5x42.5kg. 85% RI. This felt very easy.
STR: <PM> Front Squat 1x92.5kg. 85% RI. Move up to 87.5% RI next.
STR: <PM> Push Press 5x52.5kg. 80% RI. This felt easy... easier than benching the same weight unfortunately so there is some residual injury/lack of activation that needs to be worked around.
SE: <PM> Barbell Row 12x20kg. Baby weights but let's start slow. This was obviously very easy as my 10yo daughter could probably pull the same!

HIC: <PM> 10x400m/10 burpees. Approx 31min (I failed to start my timer until the end of the first round). 162 avg HR. This was pretty painful. I’m ready for the Spartan OCR once I rest up.


OCR <AM> Spartan Stadion Race. 5k in a stadium setting, 22 obstacles. Super fun, was hard but definitely doable. Enjoyed myself.

SUN: S&S recovery + STR
STR: <PM> Bench Press 5x4 55kg. Accessory 11x32.5kg Incline Bench Press.
S&S: <PM> 10x10 1h Swings + 10xTGU with 12KG bell as a recovery session. Also threw in a few sets of 10s with 2x12kg on front squats and bent rows.
Serious case of DOMS in legs/glutes/traps...guess these are the muscles that the Spartan Race works!

Good week of training. Some strength focus for a 8 week block as a base build for Aug18 World Masters next up.

EDIT: Spartan Race results. Official timing 55:27. I finished 97/1988 people in the OPEN cat (ie non elite racers), and 11/184 in the 40-44 age group. That’s pretty good I think!!!
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28 JAN TO 3 FEB 2019. W5/2019

Strength + BJJ focus, with just 1xE per week maintenance for the next 8 weeks.

STR+BJJ Training Wk 1/8

PWR: <AM> Clean and Jerk. Singles up to 60kg. First time I'm doing this since Dec 2017 according to my records?! I am not sure why because I really enjoy doing this.
STR: <AM> Front Squat 5@85kg (87.5% RI), backoff 5@77.5kg.
STR: <PM> OHP 3@45kg, 1@47.5kg (87.5% RI)
PWR: <PM> Push Press 3@55kg, 2@57.5kg (80% RI).
STR: <PM> Snatch Grip Rack Pull 3@97.5kg (85% RI).
Comment: I think I'm going to go with Squat + BP + Clean & Jerk + Pullups as the starting cluster. Today was still messing around with all the lifts.

STR <AM> Bench Press 3x5 55kg. Did some accessory work Inc Bench Press 12x35kg, Barbell Row 12x35kg.
BJJ <PM> Did the fundamentals class and revisited Spider guard. It's never going to be a big part of my game but it was fun nonetheless.
BJJ <PM> Advanced class was Worm Guard to tomonagae sweep, to a saddle posn if tomo fails, kneebar and rollover sweep options. Had 3 hard rolls.

PWR <AM> Clean and Jerk singles up to 62.5kg.
STR <PM> Front Squat 4@87.5kg (87.5% RI), 2@92.5kg (87.5% RI). I will stick with back squats for this block as the CnJs are hurting my clavicles already. See you in a while front squats!
STR <PM> Squat 2@115 (87.5% RI).

BJJ <AM> X guard entry, tech stand sweep, sickle/tripod sweep, backtake. These are the standard moves, good revision. Had 3 fairly easy rolls against strong but not technical blue belts, and got a super tough one at the end. Good fun!

BJJ <AM> Woke IMHO way too early to squeeze in some BJJ, had 2 hard & 2 chill rolls for my efforts. Was extremely crowded despite the early hours.
STR/SE <PM> Pullups. Ladders 3x(3,2,1). Was pretty easy actually so a good sign that my injury is healing. No pain that I could discern.

STR <AM> Bench Press 5x3 60kg. This felt good, rehab works! Long way still from the highs but we will get there. Accessories Inc Bench Press 12 x 35kg, Barbell Row 12 x 35kg.
PWR <PM> Clean & Jerk Singles up to 60kg. Good technique work session.
STR <PM> Squat 6x102.5kg (87.5% RI).

BJJ <AM> 4 hard rolls, 1 chill one. Did well overall, played A game guard with long step/over under passes. I am not taking backs enough and not clinical from mount, stuff to work on!
PWR <PM> Clean and Jerk singles to 62.5kg. Loads of singles, honing the technique and focussing on getting low and fast. Note to self: avoid power work on BJJ days - I was noticably slower today.

Was a pretty heavy week of training. Will back off volume of BJJ next week. Otherwise, good week of getting the work in.


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4 TO 10 FEB 2019. W6/2019

Strength + BJJ focus, with just 1xE per week maintenance for the next 8 weeks.

STR+BJJ Training Wk 2/8

PWR <AM> Clean & Jerk singles up to 60kg. Today I tried SPLIT clean instead of my normal power clean (I just don't have the speed to receive in a squat unfortunately) and I found it way easier. I am sure the limit clean with a split clean is lower but it is also much easier to execute.
STR<AM> Squat 4@107.5kg, 3@112.5kg (87.5% RI).
STR/SE<AM> Pullups 2x(4,3,2,1) Ladders. Felt easy.
Comments: I really am NOT a morning person, it took me 15mins to get warmed up.
STR<PM> Bench Press 4x4 60kg. Accessories Inc Bench Press 8x37.5kg, Barbell Row 12x40kg.

BJJ <AM> Backtake vs Peterson roll, and also backtake vs turtle with shoulder pressure. Had 2 tough rolls, and 2 chill ones. Worked from standing whereever possible.
Comments: BJJ in morning is tough for me, I just take a long time to get warmed up. Something to be conscious of.

Started the day with a sore neck after a late night (lunar new year festivities). But training goes on!
STR <AM> Squat singles up to 120kg. (approx 87.5% RI). Felt good.
STR/SE <AM> Pullup Ladder 5,4,3,2,1 resting 2min//set. Pullups beginning to feel good again.
PWR <PM> Power Cleans. Doubles up to 57.5kg. Really working on the split clean technique today and I can confirm that very strangely, I feel much much better doing this vs the normal power clean. Omitted the jerk portion today as a precaution vs a wonky neck.

Neck is still sore, and I feel pretty hungover. I am going to limit myself to 3 drinks max per session as I really struggle nowadays with alcohol.
STR <PM> Bench Press 3x5 60kg. Move up to 5x3 62.5kg next. Accessories Inc Bench Press 9x37.5kg, Barbell Row 8x42.5kg.
E <Others> No formal session but clocked 16k+ steps.

One of those strange training sessions where you decide that you are going to go pretty hard but yet keep it sane? So I did a mini super total day (the 3 PL + CnJ).
PWR <PM> CnJ. Stopped at 57.5kg as I felt a little twinge in my right patella when i was receiving the clean. I did this in a 2Clean1Jerk fashion.
STR <PM> Squat. 122.5kg. This is about 91pct E1RM so felt pretty ok.
STR <PM> Bench Press. 72.5kg. Unfortunately this sucked badly as I still have issues with my right shoulders. This is a whopping 30+kg under my PR but it will take time (hopefully).
STR <PM> Deadlift Sumo. 140kg. I actually missed a 130kg warmup just off the ground as I wasn’t tight, but dialled in the tension and 140kg was ok. This is approx 93pct E1RM.
Comments: Felt pretty fried after... a powerlifting meet must feel pretty horrible after! The mini PL total of 335kg is 86pct of my theoritical 1RM total of 390kg, with most of the gap coming in the Bench press. Fun session overall, but I won’t be doing this often.


STR/SE <PM> Pullups 5-4-3-2-2. Felt easy.

SUMMARY: Overall pretty good week of training. A lil bit of pain in fingers from BJJ overdose last week but getting better too.


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11 TO 17 FEB 2019. W7/2019

Strength + BJJ focus, with just 1xE per week maintenance for the block.

STR+BJJ Training Wk 3/8

STR<AM> Bench Press 5x3 62.5kg. Accessories Inc Bench Press 10x37.5kg, Barbell row 9x42.5kg
STR<AM> Squat 5@107.5kg, 4@112.5kg (90%RI).
BJJ<PM> Leg weave pass vs Butterfly guard, and Smash Pass vs Z guard (all about the base change). Then 5 balls-to-the-wall rolls... I'm utterly bushed.

E<PM> 3km recovery run. 21mins or so, it was just the best way to work out the kinks in the body.
PWR<PM> Clean & Jerks. Did them in a 2 Clean/2 Jerk fashion today up to 57.5kg.
STR/SE<PM> Pullup Ladder 5,4,3,3,2. Accessories - 1h KB Press 10x16kg each side.
Comments: The front of my shoulders are a little sore today, I think from BJJ yesterday mainly, or possibly the bench press. Tomorrow shall just be squatting.

STR<PM> Squat 3@115kg, 2@117.5kg (90% RI). Felt ok.
STR<PM> Deadlift from 1” deficit. This immediately feels more difficult. 2@100kg, 110kg, 120kg. 1@130kg. The last is 93.5% 1RM of my normal conv DL, I didn’t think I could have gotten a 2nd rep. Went probably too hard on this - will pull 2s or 3s at 85pct from a deficit every 1-2 weeks from here.

STR<AM> Bench Press 4x4 62.5kg. Was pretty tough. Barbell Row 10x42.5kg.

STR<PM> Squat MAX session (1RM). At least it was "the best laid plans of mice and men". I was nursing a minor groin strain, and intelligent me would have postponed the max session. However, dumb me was in charge and I warmed up to 120kg when I felt my groin strain go from minor to not-so-minor. It is uncomfortable and I will give myself a few days of rest to see how it goes. No lower body or bjj for a few days.
STR/SE<PM> Pullups ladder 5,4,4,3,2. Felt easy.
STR<PM> OHP MAX session (2RM). Working up to a current 2RM, a "sorta max" type level, got up to 55kg.

SUMMARY: With the groin injury sustained on Friday, the weekend is gonna be a bust, light recovery and stretching only. I am going to come back next week and work this program:

Day 1 - OHP, DL
Day 2 - OHP or ohp, DL or kbs
Day 3 - PU
*Upper case = heavy program. Lower case = option for light day, 5x5 @ 60%. For kettlebell swings, 5-10 sets of 10 at 20, 24 or 32kg depending on how it feels.


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18 TO 24 FEB 2019. W8/2019

Strength + BJJ focus, with just 1xE per week maintenance for the block. Starting with NO BJJ + DL early in the week as I try to let my groin injury sort itself out.

STR+BJJ Training Wk 4/8

MON: STR + Lite E (1.25hrs)
STR<AM> OHP 5x5 40kg. #1/8 of the Strongfirst Reload V2, just giving the program a spin.
STR/SE<AM> Pullup Ladder #1/12 6,5,4,3,2.
MISC<PM> KB Snatches 5x5@12kg, 1x5@16kg, 1x5@20kg. Just playing around.
E<PM> Skipping. 4x7m on/3m off. Avg HR 128bpm, max 148bpm.

TUE: STR (1hr)
STR<PM> OHP 5x5 42.5kg from floor. #2/8. Nothing to it!
STR<PM> Deadlift 1" deficit 5x5 97.5kg. #1/8. Was at a gym that didn't let you drop the weights, no chalk, etc ie crap gym. So it was harder than it should be as I had to manage the eccentric part of the lift, bah.
MISC <PM> Accessories. Farmer Walk 20-30m with 2x20kg. Bench Press 12x40kg. KB Practice - 1h swing/clean & press/snatch with 12kg/16kg/20kg/24kg.
Comments: Groin injury is not 100% healed for sure. Felt it during the deadlifts.

WED: STR/SE (0.5hrs)
STR/SE<AM> Pullup Ladder #2/12 6,5,4,3,3. Nothing to it today.
STR<PM> Deadlift 3@90kg, 100kg, 110kg. #2/12 of a 5/3/1 cycle. I intend to do just prescribed reps until #12, and if need be break up sessions. I have to be realistic and accept that high volume deadlifts and me don't play well together, at least not if I want to do BJJ, etc at the same time.
Comments: Groin is still off... but better. I am ALMOST contemplating BJJ tomorrow.

THU: Lite E (1hr)
Discretion is the better part of valor. No BJJ as groin injury not healed enough.
E<PM> Leisurely stroll 5km with 11kg pack. Took about an hour.

FRI: STR (1hr)
STR<PM> OHP 5x5 42.5kg. #3/8. Easy effort.
STR/SE<PM> Pullup Ladder #3/12 6,5,4,4,3. Easy effort.
STR<PM> Deadlift #3a/12 5@97.5kg, 3@107.5kg. Quick efforts. A lil' ginger on the groin but the deadlifts don't seem to activate them as much as in squats.
MISC<PM> Accessory work. 10@55kg Front Squat. 10@42.5kg Bench Press. A couple of pistol squats, and inclined 1h pushups.

I actually did a 3k recovery run with the wife in the evening and interestingly my groin injury felt better after.

45min on a elliptical while reading a book, not trying to break any records.

SUMMARY: Put in some min work trying to work around the groin injury. Doesn’t feel like I will be ready to do full throttle BJJ just yet but I will try some solo drills to test fire the body. It’s amazing how critical the groin area is for grappling (amongst other things heh).


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25 FEB 2019 TO 3 MAR 2019. W9/2019

Strength + BJJ focus, with just 1xE per week maintenance for the block. The BJJ might not happen, as I am trying to make sure I heal from a nagging injury in my groin/inner thigh region.

STR+BJJ Training Wk 5/8

MON: STR + Lite BJJ (1.5hr)
STR<AM> OHP #4/8. 5x5 45kg. Easy effort.
STR<AM> Deadlift #3b/12. 1@117.5kg. Easy-ish.
BJJ<PM> Fundamentals class to test-fire the body. Verdict: not ready for hard rolls. I have to tap if anybody stacks my right leg towards my chest, even while drilling. Bah. But I revised some half-guard passes, AND it was time on the mats.

STR/SE<PM> Pullup Ladder #4/12 6,5,5,4,3.

WED: STR + Lite E
STR<AM> OHP #5/8 5x5 47.5kg. Not easy but not hard either. From here it’s a drop in vol, increase in intensity to a new local max.
E<AM> Elliptical. 30min. Lvl 20. Avg power 170 watts, hr 105bpm.
STR<PM> Deadlifts #4/12 5@90kg, 100kg, 107.5kg. Kept a lot of focus on form today.

BJJ<PM> Deep half guard entries and basic single leg and turkish getup sweeps. I suck at DHG o well! Had 1 really tough roll with this MMA fighter blue belt, then had 2 chill ones.
STR/SE<PM> Pullup ladder 6,6,5,4,3. #5/12. Easy does it.

STR<PM> OHP #6/8 3x3 47.5kg.
STR<PM> Deadlift #5/12 3@97.5kg, 107.5kg, 117.5kg. Did 1 rep at 115kg and realised I forgot the 1.25kg plates. Then added it and did the work.
PWR<PM> Power Jerks just for fun. Worked up to a single at 70kg and called it.

I played some table tennis at a gathering. Good fun, a lot of bullshitting and it got maybe a bit competitive.

Went for a walk with the kids, got a nap in the afternoon.

SUMMARY: Managed to get in the sessions and revisited BJJ. I don’t think my groin injury is really ready yet to be honest so for next week I might skip BJJ at least for the first half.


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4 TO 10 MAR 2019. W10/2019

Strength + BJJ focus, with just 1xE per week maintenance for the block. The BJJ might not happen, as I am trying to make sure I heal from a nagging injury in my groin/inner thigh region.

STR+BJJ Training Wk 6/8

MON: STR (1.75hrs)
STR<AM> OHP 2x2 50kg #7/8. Next up is testing for a new max (though unlikely to be a PR).
STR/SE<AM> Pullups 7,5,4,3,2 #6/12.
STR<AM> Deadlift 5@105kg, 3@115kg. #6a/12.
STR<PM> Rack Pull 15cm 1RM test. Its set at 15cm off the ground, lowest setting possible and I don’t want to go get blocks and stuff. Anyway, i rested plenty between sets. I did 1@145kg, 152.5kg, failed 160kg. Rested and pulled 1@155, 1@157.5kg (1RM).
Comments: My other half has told me no more deadlifts in the apartment, oh well. I will move to some sort rack pulls from henceforth - if doing deadlifts means I got to chance it at the community gyms with their no-chalk nazis. Update: did the 1RM testing for the rack pulls in the evening.

TUE: BJJ (1hr)
BJJ<PM> Techniques were 1) a gi version of the bulldog choke vs turtle position; 2)"judo" bow and arrow + clock choke hybrid. Very nice move this one. Rolls: 4 pretty hard rolls. I got choked by this lady blue belt, while she's a worlds silver medalist in her category and so I didn't expect much from the roll but it was frustrating - it was like I was playing checkers and she was playing chess.
Comments: The groin injury is still here, super annoyed with myself. I probably set back the recovery somewhat - you would think I'm old enough to have some patience.

WED: STR (1.5hrs)
STR<PM> OHP #8/8 Max session. Worked singles 1@50, 55, 57.5, 60 and 62.5kg. Very happy with the new 1RM at 62.5kg, while not a PR (that's a 65x2 back in Dec 2017) this is a good level to be at, especially post the shoulder injury I had in Dec18 after which I could barely do a pushup. I have shown the work done during the block at the bottom of the post.
STR<PM> BP 1RM/E1RM test for next block. My last test was 8th Feb 19, topping out at 1x72.5kg. With the shoulder pretty much healed, I was hopeful for this despite entering it a bit fatigued from the OHP max. Unfortunately I topped out at 1x82.5kg (RPE 9.5) - plenty of work needed here.
MISC<PM> Accessory Work. Kept it real simple and light. Front Squats with single KB 5/5 @ 12, 16, 20, 24, 32kg.

THU: STR + HIC (0.75hrs)
HIC<PM> 5x Program Min Min circuits, 1min between sets. Pushups, 1h KB Swings, Lunges, Up & Downs anyhows. Focus was conditioning rather than the weight.
STR/SE<PM> Pullups #7/12 ladder 7,5,4,3,3.

FRI: STR (0.75hrs)
STR<PM> Bench Press 5x5 57.5kg #1/8 of a new Reload v2 block.
STR<PM> Rack Pull 10cm. I managed to reduce the offset by 5cm as I found a pretty sturdy block to stand on! Anyhow this was session #1/12 of a 5/3/1 style block. 5@90kg, 102.5kg, 112.5kg.

Clocked 30k+ steps over the weekend, and did mobility work while on netflix.
BJJ on Tue was a bad idea, and I knew it and paid for it - groin injury flared up badly. I have a competition at the end of the month and will somehow try to get into ship shape for that. Strength training for week went well, will go into 2 weeks of conditioning (if bjj is not possible) for comp prep. Priority for the next 2 weeks are: conditioning and rehab...I know that sounds like terrible prep but inshallah I guess!
OHP. Program: RELOAD v2, 56.6 E1RM
#0 E1RM test 55x2 14Feb19
#1 5x5 40 17Feb19
#2 5x5 42.5 19Feb19
#3 5x5 42.5 22Feb19
#4 5x5 45 25Feb19
#5 5x5 47.5 27Feb19
#6 3x3 47.5 1Mar19
#7 2x2 50 4Mar19
#8 Max. 1@50, 55, 57.5, 60, 62.5. 6Mar19
Comments: Very good result with E1RM up from 56.6 to 62.5. 62.5 was hard and slow near the end but 60 moved up reasonably quick.
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