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11 TO 17 MAR 2019. W11/2019

Conditioning and Rehab week. Not the usual bedfellows but have to make it work somehow. Stay off the mats until you are healed, more haste less speed yadda yadda yadda.


MON: MOB+HIC (1hr)
MOB<AM> OS Resets. Spent some time on them today.
HIC<PM> Well actually it's probably more like SE maybe. 3 sets of (5rds of 3 chinups, 10 pushups, 15 squats), 5 min//set.
Felt quite ok.

TUE: E + SE (1hr)
SE<AM>60 pushups, done in 30, 15, 15. 60 Squats, in a go. 30 pullups, 6x5.
E<PM>5km MAF style. Slow, limited by the twinge in my groin injury area, around 40mins.
Comments: This is quasi One Punch Man daily workout (Lvl 6). I have subbed in pullups for situps but halved the reps. Let's see how it goes.

WED: SE + E (0.75hrs)
SE<AM> 50 pushups (45, 5). 50 squats. 5x3 pullups.
E<PM> 5k run, MAF style. 141bpm avg hr, 36+min.
Comments: Mid week. The groin injury is still super twingy, I hope it's not a hernia or some rubbish like that.

THU: SE + E (1.25hrs)
SE<AM> 60 Pushups (40, 10, 10). 60 Squats.
STR/SE<PM> Pullup ladders #8/12 7,5,4,4,3.
E<PM> 5km with 10kg pack ruck walk. The wife came along.

FRI: STR (0.75hrs)
STR<AM> Bench Press #2/8 5x5 60kg. Ho humm, I thought it would have felt easier.
STR<AM> Rack Pull from 10cm off floor. #2/12 3s@100kg, 110kg, 120kg. This felt good today.
MISC<AM> Accessory Work: 5x10 2h KB Swing 24kg.

SAT: RECOVERY (0.5hrs)
MOB<AM>: OS Resets for 30mins, with emphasis on rocking and naked get ups. Seems to be doing wonders for the hip area. Too bad I didn't realise this earlier!
MISC<EV> I did 30 Kb Swings every 5min while watching netflix (12 sets of 10 2h, 10 L/R with 12kg).

SUN: SE (0.75hrs)
MOB<AM> OS Resets + extended warmup.
SE<AM> Step ups 50cm x 100 (50, 50). Pushups x100 (40, 20, 20, 20).

SUMMARY: Good work of light SE/E work and rehab. Groin feels much better but occasionally still twingy at unexpected angles. I am going to be a good boy and take it conservative and continue with 1 more week of conditioning/rehab work. It might turn out I have very little BJJ going into my comp end of the month but better than going in injured and fighting at 40-50% of my capability.


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18 TO 24 MAR 2019. W12/2019

Conditioning and Rehab week. Not the usual bedfellows. Will try to slip in more floorwork nearer the end of the week to test out the various BJJ positions to check if I am all a-ok.


MON: SE/STR + E (1.25hrs)
SE<AM> 100 Side Lunges. Felt ok with a bit of pull in the groin but no pain. Pullup Ladders #9/12 7, 5, 5, 4, 3.
STR<AM> Bench Press #3/8 5x5 62.5kg.
E<PM> 6k MAF 44min, 142bpm. Was 36 deg C, crazy weather.

TUE: SE + BJJ-ish (1hr)
SE<AM> 100 side lunges. Pushups x 100 (50, 30, 10, 10).
BJJ-ish<PM> Did 45mins of solo drills with a swiss ball and the mats. Much better but certain actions not painfree yet.

WED: STR + E (1.25hrs)
STR<AM> Rack Pull 10cm. #3/12. 5@105kg, 3@117.5kg, 1@127.5kg.
E<PM> Kicked things up a gear on the pace front. 2.4km 12mins, 15min break, 1.6k 7:36. Well I am sure Garmin FR935 is wrong here as it says my avg hr was 134 and 138 respectively - I was going 80-85% here, and certainly not MAF type effort lvl.

THU: STR + BJJ-lite + S&S (1.75hrs)
STR<AM> Bench Press #4/8 5x5 65kg.
BJJ<EV> Fundamentals class. Tani Otoshi, Armbar/Pendulum Sweep from Closed Guard. Very light specific training with a couple of white 1-2 stripers. Not quite there yet in terms of being pain-free, but slowly improving.
S&S<EV> TGUs L/R with 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32kg. Some discomfort in the rollup phase but otherwise I am pretty happy with the session.

FRI: SE + BJJ lite (1.25hrs)
SE<AM> Pullups #10/12 Ladders 7,6,5,4,3.
Comments: Post BJJ yesterday, my groin area is sore but not painful. Subtle difference but gives me confidence that I'm on the mend. I need to be smart about how to program next week pre comp - I'm definitely going to do the competition, but that's not going to happen if the injury relapses before that, so more haste less speed. Better to go in undertrained than broken.
BJJ<PM> Fundamentals class. Tani Otoshi vs standing gullotine. Sitout from Turtle. Peruvian Necktie vs Turtle. Had 1x10min roll with my wife after specific training, I got an armbar, she got a choke, so it was quite fair.


SUN: STR + SE (1hr)
STR<AM> Bench Press #5/8 5x5 67.5kg.
STR<AM> Rack Pull 10cm from floor. #4/12 5@97.5, 110, 120kg.
SE<AM> Air Squats 100 (50, 30, 20); Bird Dogs 100.

Pretty happy with training, and glad to make a limited return to BJJ. Conditioning and strength, while nowhere near peak, is at a ok standard. Spoke to a few guys who had similar injuries to their groin and a common thread is: be patient. One of them took over a year to clear up as he kept re-injuring it. I will try to avoid such a path!


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25 TO 31 MAR 2019. W13/2019

4 Weeks of STR + BJJ focus coming up. Be smart with the BJJ - some time on the mat is better than none. Priority is not exacerbating any injuries.


MON: SE + BJJ (1.25hrs)
SE<AM> Pullups #11/12 8,6,5,4,3.
BJJ<EV> BJJ Fundamentals Class. Managed to get in quite a bit of specific training, some of the white belts were actually pretty ok. I am going to chance an advanced class on wed or thu... hopefully it goes ok.

TUE: STR + Prog Min (1hr)
STR<AM> Bench Press #6/8 3x3 70kg.
SE<EV> Not quite the usual Prog Min. I just warmed up with some jogging, did a few broad jumps, sprint starts, clap pushups, vert jumps, 1h pushups and pistols. Rested as needed between exercises. Tonic Training.

STR<AM> Rack Pull from Floor+10cm. #5/12 3@105, 117.5, 127.5kg. Minor victory, but I did all sets with clean grip. Last rep on 3rd set was tough on grip.
BJJ<EV> Just drills with a fellow competitor for an hour. It was actually a pretty taxing session.
Comments: I got some flooring that hopefully dampens the sound of deadlifts... will try to pull off the floor after the current block, and perhaps send a surveymonkey to my downstairs neighbor...

SE<AM> Pullups #12/12 Max reps. Could only get 12 reps, the 13th needed a kick so it was a no-rep. Oh well, I didn't feel great this morning as had a late night but still I was hopeful.
BJJ<PM> Guard transitions DLR/Shin on Shin/SLX/X. Some ankle lock details. One hard roll then a couple chill ones.
STR<EV> Bench Press #7/8 2x2 72.5kg.

STR<EV> Bench Press #8/8 Max Session. Worked up to a RPE 9 effort at 87.5kg. I probably had 90kg in me but that word "probably" made me decide to just take my chips off the table. Happy with my bastardised Reload V2 program, will probably run another block.

BJJ <AM> BJJ competition. Gi Adult Purple u76. I didn’t do well, got caught with a kimura near the end while up an adv. Not the best day in the mats! Injured elbow - probably off mats for a week and bench/pullups no go as well.

SUMMARY: First the positives - recent max on bench press yielded 87.5kg at a RPE 9 type level. As recently as december 40kg was a tough one, so I am glad I trusted in the rehab work and continued to work. Now the negatives - 1) my BJJ comp gameplan was awful. Bad decision making between 2 guys of approximately the same skill level = defeat. 2) My elbow is now newly hurt. Ouch. 3) Groin injury feels much much better, so this is not all negative. Next week is meant to be a STR+BJJ week, but I will go gingerly and see how it goes.

PU Ladder block
#1 6,5,4,3,2 18feb19.
#2 6,5,4,3,3 20feb19.
#3 6,5,4,4,3 22feb19.
#4 6,5,5,4,3 26feb19.
#5 6,6,5,4,3 28feb19.
#6 7,5,4,3,2 4mar19
#7 7,5,4,3,3 7mar19
#8 7,5,4,4,3 14mar19
#9 7,5,5,4,3 18mar19
#10 7,6,5,4,3 22mar19
#11 8,6,5,4,3 25mar19
#12 MAX: 12 28mar19

Bench Press. Program: Reload v2 82.5 E1RM
#0 Test: 1@82.5 (RPE 9.5) 6Mar19
#1 5x5 57.5 8Mar19
#2 5x5 60 15Mar19
#3 5x5 62.5 18Mar19
#4 5x5 65 21Mar19
#5 5x5 67.5 24Mar19
#6 3x3 70 26Mar19
#7 2x2 72.5 28Mar19
#8 Max. 1@87.5kg 29Mar19 (Only a slight grind, maybe a 2nd rep, and maybe 90kg).


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1 TO 7 APR 2019. W14/2019

Strength + BJJ as priorities, and somehow working past a wonky elbow and groin.


STR<EV> Bench Press #1/8 5x5 62.5kg. Some weird sounds from the elbow but actually felt ok.
STR<EV> Rack Pull 10cm off floor #6/12 5@112.5kg, 3@125kg, 1@135kg, 140kg. Did an extra single that is going to be a off-the-floor 1RM PR target for me. So next 6 sessions I basically repeat the set/reps/weights except I pull off the floor this time. Wish me luck in not getting evicted.

SE<AM> 5x20 of Lunges, Pushups.
E<EV> 35min run, 5.3k, 148bpm. Not great running performance but groin felt 90% ok so that’s great news.
Comment: was meant to be a BJJ day but work got in the way and couldn’t make it to any classes.

STR<AM> Bench Press #2/8 5x5 65kg.
BJJ<PM> A few chokes vs turtles followed by 5 rounds of hard sparring. Did well in 2, not so good in 3. I really need to get in more BJJ, am just not sharp at the moment (though painful elbow + residual groin twinge don't help).

STR<PM> Single Leg Barbell Deadlifts Singles LR up to 65kg. This felt like a 90% effort on this lift.
SE<PM> One Punch Man Statics: 10 rounds of 3-5 ring pullups, 10 pushups, 10 squats. I did the last few sets of squats as squat jumps. This is infinitely scalable training, more or less difficult variations, more or less rest etc.
MISC<PM> Farmer Walks with 2x32kg bells for 4x25m. 4x25m of bear crawls (fwd, back, sidewaysx2). 50kg Atlas Ball pickup to chest.


STR<PM> Incline Bench Press adhoc up to 2@65kg, 1@70kg. Easy effort.
STR<PM> Deadlift #7/12. 5@90kg, 102.5kg, 112.5kg. Did an overwarm to a 110kg single to start. Did not feel good pulling from floor, form was bad, right elbow and groin injury were hinderances too. Ah well.

BJJ<AM> 1.5hrs comp team class. Had some good moves today. That said, this class took a lot out of me today.

SUMMARY: Nursing 2 injuries but still forging ahead, with care not to aggravate them. It’s a fine balance to juggle and I think I will err on the conservative side. Overall though, good week of training.


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8 TO 14 APR 2019. W15/2019

Strength + BJJ as priorities, working around the injuries.


STR<EV> Bench Press #3/8 5x5 67.5kg. Elbow hurts a little today.
STR<EV> Deadlift #7b/12. Light day. 3x5 Sumo Deadlift 70kg, 3x5 Deadlift 70kg.

BJJ<EV> Kneeslide details from HQ posn, and a long step transition to mount. Had 3 really tough rolls ouch, got smashed by an >50yo black belt, followed by a 110kg brown smushing me, then managed to edge out a tough young blue belt.

STR<PM> Deadlifts #8/12. 3@97.5, 110, 120kg. Much better today compared the last time I pulled off the floor. Guess it's just practice.
REHAB<PM> Barbell curls (empty bar) 5x10. Cossack Squats, hanging out at the bottom, 5x10.
Comments: Quite happy with this session. I will conquer this f***ing groin and elbow injury bullcrap by beating them up with rehab work.

OCR<PM>. 10 rounds of 3-5 ring pullups, 10 archer pushups, 8 squat jumps, 2 pistol squats. 64kg farmer walks 6x20m. 50kg Atlas ball carry x4.
BJJ<EV>. Shoulder of Justice when passing half guard. Cool details: pressure into his cheek bone, not at the neck; when u switch to far side underhook with head pressure, press above his ear. Had 3 super tough rolls, won some lost some.
Comments: Like a young man I trained twice today. Tomorrow needs to be ultra light.

STR<EV>. Bench Press #4/8 5x5 70kg
STR<EV>. Deadlift #9/12 5@105kg, 3@117.5kg, 1@127.5kg. Felt good today, they moved up quick.
REHAB<EV> Bicep curls empty bar, cossack squats. Multiple sets.

BJJ<PM> Some pressure passes vs butterfly (walk around, khabib climb). A few chill rolls today to end the training week.
Comments: I think my BJJ just stepped up a notch. My shoulder pressure, arm triangle and armbar finishes, as well as passing strategy/tactics have definitely improved. Traditionally my guard has been the strongest part of my game, I will revisit that at some point soon.


SUMMARY: Very good week of training. Punched the clock and felt good at the end of the week too.


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15 TO 21 APR 2019. W16/2019

Last week of Strength + BJJ as priorities, working around the injuries. Next week onwards a 6 week Endurance + SE + BJJ package beckons.


STR<AM> Bench Press #5/8. 5x5 72.5kg.
STR<EV> Deadlift #10. Max session in both Deadlift & Sumo Deadlift. I supersetted them in singles, maybe not the way I would do them next time as I was quite bushed by the time I got the Sumo final effort. Nonetheless I made PRs (YAY! CHAMPAGNE!) in both variations. Deadlift 1@140kg, Sumo 1@152.5kg. Both were kinda max, 9+ RPE, which in my language translates to: no more reps possible, perhaps a bit more weight is.
Comments: Happy to take my winnings off the table and start working on some E/SE. Full block details of deadlift below.

BJJ <EV> Side control to KOB to x-choke. Side control to NS to NS choke. Simple moves but lots of details. Lots of tough rolls today gosh.

STR<EV> Bench Press #6/8. 3x3 75kg.
S&S<EV> 2h Swings 10x10 EMOM 24kg.
MISC<EV> Rehab Work. Cossack squats, Barbell curls with empty bar. Many sets, 10reps.

OCR <PM> Monkey bar traverse. Various grips and thickness. 50kg bear hug walks. 70kg sled drags. Tyre flips. Finished with 100 burpees. Solid session and I think I got the skills pinned down.
Comments: Getting that hay fever crap (or maybe just a cold) so off the mats a couple days.


BJJ<AM>. A side control variation with the “under arm crossface”. New to me but it worked wonders during the many rounds of specific training we did. So a new tool in the box!

STR<AM> Bench Press #7/8 3x2 77.5kg.
E<EV> Elliptical. 500kcal, 53:31 at lvl 13. Avg power 106 watts, HR 120.
Overall pretty good week of training. The DL and Sumo PRs were a great motivator. Have a max session on bench next week but it's unlikely to be PR territory for that.

Next week will be a light E + Mobility week to aid the recovery of the groin injury (since mid Feb!) and elbow pain (3 weeks now).
Deadlift Block: 531 TM 150kg
—#1-6 Rack Pull 10cm, #7-10 from floor—
#1 5@90, 102.5, 112.5 8mar19
#2 3@97.5, 110, 120 15mar19
#3 5@105, 3@117.5, 1@127.5 20mar19
#4 5@97.5, 110, 120 24mar19
#5 3@105, 117.5, 127.5 27mar19
#6 5@112.5, 3@125, 1@135, 140. 1apr19
#7 5@90, 102.5, 112.5 6apr19
#7b L: Sumo 3x5 70, DL 3x5 70. 8apr19
#8 3@97.5, 110, 120 10apr19.
#9 5@105, 3@117.5, 1@127.5 12apr19.
#10 Max. DL: 1@140 (RPE 9). Sumo: 1@152.5 (RPE 9+). 15apr19.
Happy! Take a break and try again.


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22 TO 28 APR 2019 (W17/2019)

Chill week - starting the week with a sinus infection and on antibiotics forced it too. Bodyweight circuits, and oh, a bench press max test.


STR<EV> Bench Press #8 Max test. Argh. I did 1@85kg easy, had at least 1 more rep in me there but I just couldn’t lock out 90kg. It is a little disappointing - I have a sinus infection that came on over the weekend but still. I might repeat this on Wed.

BWT<AM> Foundation. Pushups 3x15; Flex Arm Hang with Fat Bar 2x10secs, Active Hang with Fat Bar 2x20secs, Lying Knee Tuck 3x15, Squat 1x30; Hip Bridge 1x30. The fat bar hangs were far harder than I expected, was doing this as the pullup bar at the gym was taken up.
BWT<EV> Absolute Zero. Squats 2x20, pushups 2x20, Straight hip bridge 2x10, lunges 2x20, lying knee tuck 2x20. My shoulder mobility is the constraint for straight hip bridge surprisingly.

BWT<AM> Foundation L5 pull only.
STR<EV> Bench Press #8b. Max. 1@90kg, wasn’t that tough today, felt like 92.5 was possible too but sorta max is right. Full cycle details below.
BWT<EV> Wheels of Steel. This felt kinda easy tbh.

BWT<AM> Brick & Mortar L1.

BWT<EV> Brick & Mortar L2.

BJJ<AM> 50/50 entry, sweep, footlock, pass (the “spider” pass). I did really well in the 50/50 specific trg session, it’s my B game and most people don’t know it well. In the free rolls I did pretty good too though a white belt gave me a hard time!

BWT <AM> Bricks & Mortar L3.

Happy to reach a max of 90kg on Bench Press, it’s within spitting distance of pre injury E1RM of 105kg. The Deload protocol using daily bodyweight workouts from phase 2 of the Kalvado brother’s Get Strong program is a fantastic idea - I feel that I am just keeping my body in shape without really taxing it at all.

Reload v2 87.5 E1RM
#1 5x5 62.5 1Apr19
#2 5x5 65 3Apr19
#3 5x5 67.5 8Apr19
#4 5x5 70 12Apr19
#5 5x5 72.5 15Apr19
#6 3x3 75 17Apr19
#7 3x2 77.5 21Apr19
#8 Max. 1@85, failed 90. O well! I felt rested and 85 was easy-ish. Somehow just couldn’t lock out 90. 22apr19.
#8b retest. 1@90! Wasn’t even that tough today. Took winnings. 24apr19.


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29 APR TO 5 MAY 2019 (W18/2019)

4~6 weeks of Bodyweight Work + Endurance + BJJ coming up.

SE+E+BJJ (Week 1/4)

E<AM> Elliptical 500cal. 49:36, lvl 15, avg power 126 watts, avg HR 135.
BWT<EV> Bricks & Mortar Lvl 4.

BJJ<EV> Various backtake completions vs turtle position, concentrating on creating the seatbelt, and the shoulder crank to force the turn. Had 4 rolls from standing position as there was enough space, good fun and was in pretty sharp mode today.
S&S<EV> Abbreviated TGU session. 16kg, 24kg, 32kg. It's been a while since I worked the TGUs and very happy that they went up easily.

OCR<AM> 7mins of monkey bar practice. A few rounds of Atlas ball pickup & bear hug walks 50kg. Hercules Hoist simulation with sled pulls. Finisher: 15 rds of Sled+20kg for 30m, 5 burpees.
BJJ<EV> More back attacks vs turtle (beat the turn). Had 1 really hard roll against a fellow purple belt, well matched all out battle. Then I tried against a black belt and got crushed. Ahh.

BWT <EV> Bricks & Mortar Test day. Crushed it, but I expected to.
E <EV> Elliptical 500cal. 47:30, lvl 17, avg pwr 136 watts, avg hr 127.


BJJ<AM> Berimbolo from DLR. Also, passing the DLR with the ninja roll, so kinda the same move. A few hard rolls with usual suspects, had the edge today.
MISC <AM> Kettlebell fundamentals. Walked a friend thru a simple KB S&C progression, getups; c&p; goblet squat; one arm row; 2h swing, 3x5 for each exercise, except for swing where we did 6x10. I used a 24kg.
STR<EV> Front Squat 3s up to 90kg. Felt ok, groin had a little twinge on top set but seems harmless.
PWR<EV> Push Press. 3@60kg, 1@70kg. The single was pretty hard, RPE 9.

BWT <AM> Concrete & Iron (Upper). I can't do the hanging straight leg raises without pain in my right groin. I subbed it with ab wheels starting from feet... boy they are hard as well and I can't go all the way down (at least, not if I want to get back up).

SUMMARY: A good week of training. Positives: the bodyweight training makes me feel more supple for some reason. Negatives: I failed to stay away from the iron on Sat, please follow the program; Elliptical - I initially planned to use this for the full 4 week block but they are honestly boring as hell and I don't think I can stick with it. Am going to sub it with a mixture of skipping and runs.


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5 TO 11 MAY 2019 (W19/2019)

4~6 weeks of Bodyweight Work + Endurance + BJJ.

SE+E+BJJ (Week 2/4)

MON: E + BWT + BJJ Lite + MISC
E<AM> Treadmill Climb 5km at 5kph. Incline start 0, +1% every 0.5km. 104 avg HR.
BJJ <EV> Fundamentals class. Just felt like doing a little bit of BJJ. Relearnt some kimura sweep details.
BWT <EV> Concrete & Iron (Lower) L1. I did pistol squats in place of box pistol squats... it's pretty tough at the prescribed volume.
MISC <EV>. 1h KB press. Singles at 24, 28, 32kg. Just for fun. Good to know I got this in me as a baseline.

BJJ<EV> Setting up the double under pass vs DLR. Not my preferred passing technique usually but good to try different things. Had 3 full blooded rolls with a few folk around the same ability (a purple, a blue, and an incredibly tough white) and I am absolutely smoked. Tomorrow will probably be a rest day.
MISC<EV> 1h KB Press and Push Press. i did 1 strict, 1 push press each side at 24kg, 28kg and 32kg.

E <EV> 5k Treadmill Run at 8.8kph. HR 146 average. My running is pretty crap at the moment - the truth (for me at least) is that nothing seems to transfer over to running except running!
BWT <EV> Concrete & Iron (Upper) L2. I subbed in ab wheels for hanging straight leg raises again.
Comments: I was feeling really run down last night after BJJ but a solid 9hrs in bed of no bullshit sleep sorted me out.

E <EV> 8k up & down the football field. Running on grass feels quite different, my legs gave out WAY before my lungs felt it. 1:01:02 (crap), 133 average HR.

Legs feel heavy and sore today. Body called time out.

BJJ <AM> X guard entries and a couple sweeps. During the specific training I did my usual stuff from the bottom, and concentrated on a couple of new passes I learnt (from ...professor youtube). During the rolls today i did well, very patient guard passing vs 2 tough guard players.
PWR <EV> Clean pull singles from 60-100kg, 5kg increments. I am trying to build power and clean pulls might not be it, will try clean high pulls soon.
BWT <EV> Concrete & Iron (Lower) L2. Still sore but I managed this w/o too much issue except the high rep Bulgarian split squats really suck.

I had a chill swim in the pool doing laps for an hour, but not pushing the pace and resting in between if I felt like it. This actually felt really good.

Good week of training. I will need to figure a way to work in trail running logistically but I’ve some time to work on it.


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12 TO 18 MAY 2019 (W20/2019)

4~6 weeks of Bodyweight Work + Endurance + BJJ.

SE+E+BJJ (Week 3/4)

E <AM> 8k Treadmill run at 8.8kph. 133bpm average HR. This felt real easy today, not sure why! I did change my running shoes, guess the Adidas were not for me.
BWT <EV> Concrete & Iron (Upper) Level 3. I think I should be able to hit Level 4 without too much trouble but doubt I have 15 pullups in me for the test.

BJJ <EV> Counters vs kimura attempts from bottom side control. Step over armbars and cartwheels. Had 5 rolls from standing, only 1 was a chill one. Super fun but I was quite spent after.
BWT <EV> Concrete & Iron (Lower) Level 3. This felt pretty brutal today after BJJ.

Woke up feeling a bit rough after last night’s session so just stretched a bit in the morning and deleted the BWT session I meant to do.
E <EV> 6k Treadmill run at 8.9kph. 131bpm average. Stats were good, I wasn’t struggling for air, but legs felt beat up.

BWT<PM> Concrete & Iron (Upper) Level 4. I don't think I can hit 15 pullups but 2 x 10 today was ok.
CON <PM> 12 rounds of 30m Sled Push (Sled+25kg)/10 Burpees. This seriously sucked a bit.
BJJ <EV> Attacks from NS position apart from the NS choke. Paper cutter choke, brabo and cross choke. Had 4 pretty hard rolls. Unfortunately I wasn't in great form today, some old bad habits crept back into the game and I was punished for those.

My triceps hurt like crazy! The pushups + burpees destroyed me yesterday.
E <EV> 6k Treadmill run at 9.0kph. 137bpm avg HR. I felt ok despite going in with pretty heavy legs.

BJJ <AM> Went to another gym today for a standup focussed session. Good fun but super tiring. We did some judo based attacks and their modifications for BJJ, followed by a few rounds of intense sparring.
PWR <EV> Power and speed are my weakest points at moment. I warmed up to maxes (furthest/highest/fastest) and rested as needed. Standing Broad Jump, 10m sprints, running Vert Jump.

I deserve this.

Very good week of training. It is the last week of bodyweight work next week and I will transit to Power/Speed workouts while retaining the Endurance elements.


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20 TO 26 MAY 2019 (W21/2019)

Last week of Bodyweight Work + Endurance + BJJ.

BWT+E+BJJ (Week 4/4)

It is a holiday here, Buddhist holiday celebrating peace and such... and so I shall spend it choking and limb locking others (and vice versa).
BJJ <PM> 1.5h randori session. Got in quite a few rolls. Mix of chill and hard rolls,, did well in some, got my clock cleaned in others. Overall though I wasn’t feeling too sharp.

TUE: BJJ lite + BJJ
BJJ lite <EV> Arrived early and did the fundamentals class. One long extended warmup!
BJJ <EV> 50/50 tricks - a backtake and a Mendes style “leg drag”. It’s my game to frustrate the highly mobile type of players. Had 3 easy rolls today.

BWT <EV> Concrete & Iron test. Managed all tests except pullups at 13 vs passing at 15. I need more freq/volume with pullups to get it up there.
PWR <EV> Push Press. MED (max everyday protocol, kinda). Single at 62.5kg and called it.
Comments: Will be off mats Thu and Fri as my formerly intact left ear is now cauliflower-ed. Hopefully I can stay beautiful.

PWR <EV> Push Press. Max-ish Everyday-ish. 1@65kg.
E <EV>. Park run 6k. Super warm night (30-32 deg C wtf). 40:57, 139bpm avg HR.

PWR <EV> Push Press. Max-ish Everyday-ish. 2@60kg, 1@65kg. Weight felt real heavy today. Not the best of days.
PWR <EV> Split Jerk. 1@65kg.


BJJ <AM> Sumi Gaeshi from everywhere... standing, vs singles, from butterfly guard, vs turtles. Was fun. Had a couple of hard rolls too.

SUMMARY: Very good week of training. Looking forward to the E + PWR + BJJ program for the next 4 weeks.

Did 5 weeks of the "Get Strong! 16 week program", I went a bit quicker through the progressions vs what the book suggested, and ended where Week 12 would normally be.
I started from Foundation (Phase I), worked my way through Bricks & Mortar (Phase II) and got to the end of the Concrete & Iron (Phase III), where I passed most of the test except the failure to hit 15 pullups (got 13).
My take: Bodyweight program makes me feel more supple/flexible despite not training those attributes directly. The joints appear to like it too. The main attribute trained in this program (to me) seems to be muscle endurance. I saw advancement in hypertrophy too, although that's not my aim! I will start at Bricks & Mortar next time, and perhaps add sets to pullups.


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27 MAY TO 2 JUN 2019 (W22/2019)

Power Work + Endurance + BJJ.

PWR+E+BJJ (Week 1/4)

E <AM> 7.2km at the track. Forgot running shoes, and it was a bit harder on the feet than it needed to be. 49:04, 142bpm.
PWR <EV> Push Press. Max-ish Everyday-ish Kinda. 5@60kg. Last rep was tough. I did a power jerk at each weight as well.
BJJ <EV> Hard rolling session with a bunch of people heading out to Worlds. It was their last hard rolling session (or so they say) and it was tough. I gave as good as I took for most of the rolls.

Woke up feeling pretty wrung out. Will take a rest day.

PWR <EV> Push Press max-ish everyday-ish. 2@62.5kg.
PWR <EV> Standing Broad Jump. Maxed at 220cm, kinda garbage really. I used to be >260cm when I was 19... of course that might be some time ago.
BJJ <EV>. Didn’t read the schedule properly and ended up at a nogi class. It is my first nogi class in forever! But I still heelhooked and gullotined a whole bunch of guys. Had a black belt who devastated me though.

OCR <PM> an endurance session with sled pushes mixed in with burpees lasting for 45mins. Hell on earth.

PWR <EV> Push Press max-ish everyday-ish. 3@62.5kg. Felt good today.

BJJ <AM> Reverse triangle + variation attacks from the back. Had 4 very hard rolls... I am taking part in a comp mid June so will be ramping it up for the next week too.


SUMMARY: Overall good week of training but I felt a little run down by the end of it (picked up a sore foot from BJJ as well) despite not having very much volume in training so decided to take a good Sunday rest.


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3 TO 9 JUN 2019 (W23/2019)

Power Work + Endurance + BJJ.

PWR+E+BJJ (Week 2/4)

E <EV> 10k at the track. 1:05:50 at 146bpm. Went a bit harder than I would have liked.
BWT <EV> 1h Pushup. Worked up to a double each side. No issues.

PWR <AM> Push Press 4@62.5kg. Max-ish Everyday-ish. 4th rep was a bit hard but nothing crazy. Pretty pleased with this.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Adhoc. 5@70, 4@75, 3@80kg. The last set is about 89% of my latest 1RM.
STR <EV> Squat. Adhoc. 3x5 @ 80kg (about 59% pre injury 1RM). There were a couple of reps where I felt discomfort coming out of the hole in my groin area. This is such an irritating injury - it seems ok one day and then it will get found out on some movements. When I restart a squat block in earnest at some point I will probably go for a linear prog 5x5 starting at 50kg to get this out of the system.
SE <EV> Chinups. Adhoc. 2x10.
Comments: Did a quick strength session instead of a run of the evening as my foot was a little sore from last evening's run.

BJJ <PM> Lunchtime BJJ is always fun on a public holiday. A few variations of the “kettlebell swing” pass, and 3 hard rolls. In 1 of them I got totally judo-wrecked, that’s rare for me.
MISC <PM> Atlas Ball 3 rds of 10m walk (Pick up to shoulder). 30kg, 40kg and 60kg.
S&S <PM> TGU at 16kg, 24kg, 32kg. Left shoulder could use some more TGU work as it is a bit achy and "off".

Slept really badly for some reason and sore from BJJ yesterday too. Decided to listen to the body and take a full day off.

PWR <AM> Push Press 3@65kg. Max-ish Everyday-ish. This felt really strong today.
SE <AM> Pullups x8, Chinups x8. Just to balance out all that pushing.
E <PM> 5k Treadmill. 31:15, 137bpm.

BJJ <AM> How to crossface properly vs a half guard. Ouch! I had 4 rolls and I was very sharp today. Happy with that.

PWR <PM> Push Press 1@67.5kg. Max-ish Everyday-ish. For some reason it didn't feel good today.

SUMMARY: A week of punch the clock stuff. It is very strange, I don't think I am peaking at all for my lifts or endurance, but my BJJ feels very sharp at the moment. Just at the right time too as I am taking part in the Asian Masters next weekend so hopefully it all turns out good.


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10 TO 16 JUN 2019 (W24/2019)

Competition week. So light work, with some power and endurance thrown in.

PWR+E+BJJ (Pre-Comp Week 1/1)

E <EV> 1.2k swim in about 37mins. Nothing fancy, just give the joints a break.

BJJ <EV> Randori session. Asian Masters Prep. All "seasoned athletes" in this class so we had good technical rolls. All systems go!

PWR <EV> Push Press 4@65. Max-ish Everyday-ish. This was a RPE 9+ effort. For what it's worth, this is a new 4RM but not a new E1RM. It's easy to set 4RM i guess because I rarely do 4reps!
STR <EV> Squat 5@40kg, 3@45kg, 2@50kg. Barbie Weights! But I need to rebuild my groin muscles starting from somewhere. This was very light but it should feel that way. Linear Progression at work here.

PWR <AM> 1h KB Push Press. Ad-hoc. Worked up to 1@32kg each side.
STR <AM> Squat 5@45kg, 3@50kg, 2@55kg. Linear Progression. Zero discomfort at the groin area at these weights. I am doing paused squats for now.

Well not really formal E but I walked 25k steps around Tokyo today!

BJJ <All day> Tokyo Intl Open. I did well today and won my matches without too much issue at Masters 3. I fought a couple weight classes up too!

BJJ <All day> Asian Masters. I fought very well again and clinched purple masters 3 at lightweight this time. I went for the absolute division today and got a huge tough guy. While I eventually lost that match I thought I gave a pretty good account of myself.

SUMMARY: Very happy with the state of my BJJ competition game - very sharp and I have answers to most of the usual questions. I do need a bit more strength and power though - I didn’t fight anybody weaker than me the whole tournament and some of them were quite obviously stronger. Work in progress.


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17 TO 23 JUN 2019 (W25/2019)

Post Competition week. Light strength/power and endurance.

PWR/STR + E+BJJ (Post Comp Week 1/1)



STR <AM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5@50, 3@55, 2@60kg. No pain no discomfort.
PWR <AM> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5@40, 3@45, 2@50kg. Easy effort.
E <EV> 5k Track run. 31:28, 148bpm. No good, felt sluggish. Bad night's sleep perhaps.

BJJ <EV> Butterfly Guard attacks with the “Vershtuka” setup. One of my favourite attacking sequences. Had 3 hard rolls today but I am on a post competition high and did really well today.

STR <AM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5@57.5, 3@62.5, 2@67.5.
PWR <AM> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5@45, 3@47.5, 2@50.

BJJ <AM> Spider X guard to footlocks (standard outside ashi and 411-ish ibjjf legal control variation). 2 hard, 1 med, 1 easy roll.

STR <PM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 @ 62.5/67.5/72.5kg. Smallest of twinges in the groin on the last rep. Hopefully all ok.
PWR <PM> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 @ 47.5/50/52.5kg.
MISC <PM> Pullups 8EMOM x2.
Comments: good easy session. Felt sluggish all thru the day, needed a bit of movement to get blood going.

SUMMARY: good week of training despite a few days of travelling at the start of the week. Time to dust off and start training for Aug Spartan super and World Masters BJJ.


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24 TO 30 JUN 2019 (W26/2019)

Post Competition week 2/2. I did a "what's hurting" inventory of my body on Monday morning and came up with 1) left shoulder AC joint flare up, 2) right elbow pain (maybe tendonitis) flare up, 3) right groin injury still there... 80% recovered but it has been 4 months, and 4) my fingers are all mangled up again because I have been lazy with the taping. My wife has a rule that if more than 2 parts are hurting, she cuts back on training. I am going to follow her advice and take another light-ish week.

PWR/STR + E+BJJ (Post Comp Week 2/2)

BJJ <PM> Sneaked in a lunchtime class. Some tricks to isolate the neck with arm traps from back control. Had 4 tough rolls today, 3 good blue belts (I beat 2, got tapped by 1), and a spirited roll against a black belt where I was doing ok but in the end got wristlocked.
STR <EV> Squat. Linear Progression. 5@67.5, 3@72.5, 2@77.5kg.
Comments: Skipped the Push Press & Pullups to let the shoulder + elbow rest a bit.

BJJ <EV> Backtakes vs turtles with cat collar grip; the "wrench". Had 3 super tough rolls today - not conducive for my light week idea. I am going to take a few days off the mats.

STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5@72.5, 3@77.5, 2@82.5kg. No pain in the groin, but I could "feel" the vulnerability there.
PWR <EV> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5@50, 3@52.5, 2@55kg.

PWR <PM> Clean, Squat, Jerk at 40-42.5-45-47.5-50-52.5-55-57.5kg. Really tried to be explosive on the jerks today.
OCR <PM> 40 pullups for time. This sucked. Then 30 rds of 50m jog + 5 burpees (no rest interval). To finish off this session was 60 burpees in a row. It is possible that I will be become allergic to burpees by the time the Spartan Super is over.


BJJ <AM> Backtakes with Front Knee jam, base change. Also "cat collar" backtakes. Had 4 spirited rolls, great fun. In some I was the bear, in others I got eaten.
STR <EV>. Squat. Linear prog. 5@77.5, 3@82.5, 2@87.5kg. Easy today.
PWR <EV> Push press. Linear prog. 5@52.5, 3@55, 2@57.5kg. Good today.

E <PM> 45min run/walk. More a recovery run than a true endurance session.
Comments: Clocked just over 20k steps today in total.

SUMMARY: Happy with this week’s training, managed to complete what I set out to do.


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1 TO 7 JUL 2019 (W27/2019)

Strength, Power, BJJ and a bit of E. This is like an evergreen block really, when I am not working on anything in particular.

EVERGREEN BLOCK (until otherwise)

STR <AM> Squat. Linear prog. 5/3/2 at 82.5/87.5/92.5kg. No issue at moment.
PWR <EV> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 55/57.5/60kg. Starting to feel the weight a little.
MISC <EV> Pullups, various grips. 8xEMOM. 3 reps across.
Note: this is possibly my fav block setup. Ie Squat + any push + Pullups. I do pullups as an accessory in an EMOM fashion so not chasing big reps or weight there.

BJJ <EV> Leg drag drills: basic, duck under. Then king of the hill for the whole session! Was a tough session.

STR <AM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 87.5/92.5/97.5kg. This was good though there was some crackling sounds in the knee but I didn’t feel any discomfort.
PWR <AM> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 57.5/60/62.5kg. This was a little tough today.
E <EV> 8.4k park run 58:50, 143bpm. Easy run breaking in the new trail running shoes - they are not as good as my running shoes but I will need them for the spartan course.

BJJ <EV> More leg drags, duck unders. I was much much better today, had the head screwed on tight. I did a lot of leg pummels which works really well with leg drags. Had 5 spirited rolls, good fun.
Comment: Tomorrow really needs to be a light day.


BJJ <AM> X guard passes - forward slide (ala Cyborg style) and backstep with knee on chest pressure. Had 4 super fun rolls, I did really well vs a black belt today too.

STR <AM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 92.5/97.5/102.5kg. First time over 100kg since my Feb injury. Felt ok!
PWR <AM> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 60/62.5/65kg. The first set of 5@60 felt pretty rough, but actually got better.
MISC <AM> Pullups. 8xEMOM. 2 reps across. Kept it easy effort today as the Push Presses took a bit out of me.


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8 TO 14 JUL 2019, W28/2019

A bit of everything this week.


STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 47.5, 52.5, 55kg. This is a deload day, so I used about 50% of my last max as a starting point.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 67.5, 72.5, 77.5kg. This is a deload day, so I used about 50% of the last max again as a start point.
BJJ <EV> Guard Retention drills. Had 2 x 10min rolls! Both against quality opposition too. First one went well and 2nd one not so good. Still lots to figure out.

PWR <EV> Push Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 62.5, 65, 67.5kg. Really tough today, felt like limit efforts on all 3 sets. It is going to be a light bench session, a session to hit a single at 72.5kg, then another session to set a PR attempt at 2x72.5 (or 1x75), let's see.
STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 97.5, 102.5, 107.5kg. Felt quite ok on squats, but time to slow down the jumps to 2.5kg. Idea is to do it until it feels close to a limit session, then back off and go for a PR.
Comments: I had 3 beers last night and that left me feeling quite horrible today. Yes I know those are rookie numbers but I really can't hold my liquor anymore it seems. I think I am going to go for 2 max per session now... big nights are a thing of the past.

BJJ <PM> Randori session at lunchtime that I made time for, as I won't able to be train next couple days for bjj at least. Coming into form quite nicely, though a black belt schooled me a bit. Sometimes you get the bear... sometimes the bear gets you.

OCR <PM> Atlas ball pickups. Monkey bars. Too many burpees. Just about 3 weeks out, but I am ready for it.
Comment: Left shoulder is a bit iffy, will take a break from upper body on Fri. Either gonna be a full rest day or Squats or light E work.


BJJ <AM> SLX passes - 1) Leg Weave; 2) Backstep (same pass vs X). The leg weave version is new to me, but it works - pulled it off during specific training. Had 3 chill rolls today.
Comments: Left shoulder is wonky, might need a few days off upper body stuff (including BJJ).

STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 100, 105, 110kg. This felt good today, no issues at all.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 52.5, 57.5, 60kg. This is a backoff day for upper body, next session will be a heavy singles day on the Push Press.

SUMMARY: Good week of training again. BJJ is nice and sharp, strength training went well, and I feel that my aerobic gas tank is good (collaborated by my low RHR). Negatives: left shoulder, right elbow old injuries flared up a bit, right groin isn't fantastic yet either - tight though no pain. Be clever managing these please - you can't win a race if you can't get to the start line.


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15 TO 21 JUL 2019 (W29/2019)

A bit of everything.


E <EV> Skipping. 8 x 5min on/1 min off. Average HR 117, max 147.

BJJ <EV>. DLR retention; a RDLR sweep; a 50/50 sweep from SLX. Then specific training of passer vs guarder for 30mins in a King of the Hill format... this was a super tough session.

PWR <PM> Push Press. Linear Prog. Worked up to a single at 72.5kg (this was my old PR 1RM set in JUN18).... and failed, last successful single attempt was 67.5kg. It wasn't even close. A bit of a disappointment as I managed 2x67.5kg ok-ish in the last session, and to set a new PR I will need to make 2@72.5kg. I will recycle back a little and try to make a PR again.
STR <PM> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 102.5, 107.5, 112.5kg. One of those days where everything felt heavy. Gonna back off the weights a bit and recycle.
Comments: Not sure what was wrong today, I slept pretty well so I felt pretty ok despite a tough BJJ session last night. Once I got started with the weights though everything felt heavy and sluggish. But hey, these days happen.

BJJ <EV> 50/50 pendulum sweep. Also a backtake from 50/50 (I pulled this off in a live roll today so v happy). Beat up 2 big blue belts then got edged out by a fellow purple belt that I used to dominate ... he has learnt some new tricks that I haven’t found the answer for.
STR <EV> 1h KB Push press. Adhoc. Worked up to a PR single of 36kg on the right side. Failed on the left side, last successful rep was at 32kg. Still, super happy!
S&S <EV> TGU at 32kg. Still got it.

STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 100, 105, 110kg. Went well today.
PWR <EV> Kinda Power. Did a complex of 1 Strict Press/1 Push Press with a Kettlebell. Worked up to 32kg on both sides. Very little volume, I might add more to this. I am going to have 1 more go at the barbell push press to make a PR but if I don't make it will transit to kettlebell push press for a bit. NOTE: this also feels a LOT better for the shoulders compared to the barbell push press, that's something to keep in mind.

BJJ <AM> Quarter guard with lapel worm. Rescue missions - basically low singles from various situations. Had a few tough rows... did really well but I think I broke my nose (again).
PWR <AM> 1h KB Push Press. Soju+Tuba Day 1. 4x1@28kg.
Comments: Ok I am going to drop the barbell push press cycle. My left shoulder is not responding happily to that somehow - this is not the first time it has happened either. You would think I learnt something by now.

STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 105, 110, 115kg. Felt kinda heavy but not limit efforts.
SE <EV> Pullups, various grips. 8 x EMOM x 3 reps.

SUMMARY: Pretty good week of training - pity on the broken nose! I am doing a run or skipping session on Monday, that should let me know if I can still breathe ok under stress.

Push Press. Linear Progression.
19 Jun19: 532@40, 45, 50.
21 Jun19: 532@45, 47.5, 50.
23 Jun19: 532@47.5, 50, 52.5
26 Jun19: 532@50, 52.5, 55.
29 Jun19: 532@52.5, 55, 57.5
1 Jul19: 532@55, 57.5, 60
3 Jul19: 532@57.5, 60, 62.5
7 Jul19: 532@60, 62.5, 65 (last 2 sets felt better!)
9 Jul19: 532@62.5, 65, 67.5 (tough).
17 Jul19: 1@ 72.5 (failed). 1@67.5 last successful set.
Truncated cycle: shoulders/neck don’t like this.


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22 TO 28 JUL 2019 (W30/2019)

No BJJ until Sat (let the nose heal). More E work this week prior to Spartan Super next week.


E <EV> 10k trail run, lots of up and down hills. 1:15:28, 138bpm. I kept it low intensity.

STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 97.5, 102.5, 107.5kg. These felt a bit rough today as I was aching a little from yesterday's little jaunt around the hills.
STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 55, 60, 62.5kg. Easy and light. Left shoulder a bit twingy though even at these weights.
SE <EV> Pullups. 8xEMOM. 4/3/3/3, then repeat.

STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 102.5, 107.5, 112.5kg. These felt easy today...what is going on?
PWR <EV> Push Press. Adhoc. Singles @ 55, 60, 62.5, 65, 67.5kg. Again, flying up today but I stopped at 67.5 to prevent disappointment.
SE <EV> Neutral grip pullups. 8xEMOM, 4/3/3/3, repeat. Feels quite different to pullups.
Comments: went to a public gym with a friend so just followed his cluster. Did some shoulder mobility work at the end too.

OCR <PM> Monkey bars, atlas balls, farmer walks, and way too many burpees. I think we are all ready for the Super. Oh, and I stupidly tore one of the calluses on my hand, it is going to hurt for a while.

STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 57.5, 62.5, 65kg. Easy.
STR <EV> Squat. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 107.5, 112.5, 117.5kg. Felt the weight but it was ok.
STR <EV> Deadlift. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 72.5, 77.5, 82.5kg. Baby weights.

STR <EV> Bench Press. Linear Prog. 5/3/2 at 60, 65, 67.5kg.
Comments: today was actually a recovery day. Did an easy bench session, napped a lot, ate well but in moderation.

SUN: MOB + E + E
MOB <AM> Bent Rows 10s @42.5, 45, 47.5kg. More like balancing work to make up for all the pushing done during the week.
E <PM> No formal E, but park roaming with the kids. Clocked almost 15k steps!
E <EV> So I lied. Decided to do a 2nd E session. 8km ruck with 10kg pack. 1:29:32. Tried to up the pace a little today.

SUMMARY: Strength training progressing well. OCR training (with associated E work) was smooth too. My broken nose seems to have set so I might get in a couple of BJJ sessions early next week to test drive the face. Looking forward to the Spartan Super next weekend.
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