Unofficial TSC (uTSC)


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Folks, I want to let everyone know that StrongFirst has noticed the unofficial TSC, and we've been talking amongst ourselves about ways to include people who can't make it to an official event.

So far, while our discussions have been interesting and productive, we don't have an option to offer for Fall, 2017. That's the bad news.

The good news is that we are _thrilled_ with everyone's interest in being part of the TSC, and are looking forward to hearing about how you do.

@damogari, thank you for your interest, your ideas, and for starting this thread.

Thank you @Steve Freides, I hope that attending TSC "online" would be possible some day. In the meantime I just want to thank the StrongFirst for all the knowledge and work they are doing for all of us. And for creating the TSC. It's great event and I hope that there will be more locations every year where we can attend the challenge and meet like-minded people.

This thread was meant to popularize the TSC idea and having some fun along the way. I think that we should keep it this way. I propose that we post the scores and videos here, in this thread on 28th October, leaving the leaderboards or websites to the actual TSC event :)
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