Updates for October 31, 2020 TSC

Ryan Toshner

Senior Certified Instructor
There will be four events this year, the first being reading comprehension.

Tactical Pullup
Pay attention to the rules’ changes and a return to our trademark super strict neck-to-the-bar pullups:

With a palms-forward thumbless grip, the competitor will pull up from a dead hang until his/her neck or upper chest touches the bar.​

  1. Use pure strength; no swinging, kipping, or other use of momentum is allowed.
  2. Neck must touch the bar below the jawline. Touching the bar with the underside of the chin does not count.
  3. A dead hang must be maintained for a minimum of 0.5 sec before every repetition, including the first one. The body must be motionless, the arms and legs straight.

COVID-19 Virtual Option
Given the current situation in many places around the world, we will once again be allowing a virtual option for this October’s TSC.

If you wish to compete virtually, simply click on the ‘Virtual Participation Only’ option when registering.

This option will also allow competitors to perform even if there isn’t a local host!

There will be prizes for the top performers in women’s and men’s Competitive Divisions!

1stPlan Strong or Strong Endurance seminar​
2ndAll-Terrain Conditioning seminar​
3rd—Complete set of StrongFirst Fundamentals Video Courses (bodyweight + barbell + kettlebell)​

If you have any questions, please reach out to us here or via email at tsc[at]strongfirst[dot]com.
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I was wondering if there are any updates on how the October 31st TSC will run for those signed up to virtual participation?
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