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Kettlebell Upper Body Blast


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Has anybody here tried this program from @Geoff Neupert's Kettlebell Express?

I'm currently running ROP and loving it. I plan on repeating it for a few cycles. I'm not having problems with the volume but I am finding the length of the sessions in the last few weeks to be a lot. I've taken to mostly splitting up the C&P and the pullups into separate sessions through the day and then doing the ballistics on my variety days.

Upper Body Blast essentially uses the same ladders as ROP for C&P and pullups, with L/M/H days. The sessions are prescribed at 25 minutes.

Obviously the volume on heavy and medium days will be much lower (takes me at least an hour to complete on ROP) and I'm just wondering how effective it would be comparatively for increasing pressing and pull up strength.

I'd likely run Q&D alongside it with swings and snatches two or three days per week.


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I just went and checked the program out and seems like a good one. Not sure how pulling strength would get impacted as fatigue sets in. We are pulling twice in the super set, so for someone like me fatigue would set in quickly and I will have to reduce reps to make it through. But it does look interesting, especially the town chin ups and what it can do to grip. I wonder if we need to run the same ladders for both the movements, waiting for one to catch up with the other.
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