Used the barbell to develop the strength to use double kettlbells

Erik Duarte

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I used a russian bear template but never exceeding 10 sets for 5 reps. using a steep incline and deadlift for about 1 month. I than switched over to using the clean and press, hang cleans and zercher squats for the next 3 in a half weeks. I cut back the volume I was using before. never exceeding 6 sets on the clean and press.

My goal was to develop the strength to use the two 70 lbs kettlebells for clean and jerks. I was capable of doing it before but felt more comfortable and at ease with a better strength base.

1 month of 7-10 sets of 5 reps- incline bench press
6-8 sets 5 reps of deadlifts

3 in a half weeks of 6 sets of 4 on clean and press
3 sets of 3 on the hang clean
3 sets of 5 on the zercher squat.

My goal is to get up to 20 reps of clean and jerk with the two 70 lbs kettlebells. I have taken on the density program by Ethan Reeve. Today was my first day. It was easier than I expected but I refuse to let my ego get involved and have to lesser the volume. I ptp the zercher squat. Would the zercher squat best be suited to do before or after the clean and jerks? Thank you for your input.


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Erik, Zerchers and kettlebell C&Js are very demanding exercises; I would do them in separate sessions.

The incline bench is not likely to help you much.

Mark Limbaga

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do you have a rep/set goal in mind for double 32 c and j?

how many times can you c and j double 28s?
push press double 32s?


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My goal is to get up to 20 reps of clean and jerk with the two 70 lbs kettlebells.
Is that 20 reps overall, or 20 reps nonstop?

Anyway front squats + strict press will build the strength needed to do multiple reps on C&J.
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