Using Elbow Sleeves For Triceps?


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Hi everyone, I have a pair of Mark Bell STrong elbow sleeves coming. The main reason I bought them is to help with a mild elbow injury: one I received while going too heavy and explosive on skull crushers.

My question is: am I kind of defeating the purpose of triceps training by using the sleeves? I mean, I planned on using them for the skull crushers possibly, but definitely for exercises like the close grip bench and cable pushdowns. I just don't want to further aggravate my elbows into serious injury. Does anyone else use sleeves for this purpose?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Of course, see a doctor for medical advice...

I know nothing about elbow sleeves but compression would probably help a little bit.

I would take it easy for a week or 2. Have you tried taking a break to heal? I know it is a dumb question. I would not do movements that cause pain. Find temporary replacements that don't hurt or do nothing for a while. If you do exercises, consider changing your grip so your palms face each other using specialty bars and dumbbells. This MAY be easier on the elbows.

Check this out. Google this:
Elbow Tendonitis: How It Occurs and What to Do About It | Jordan Burnett
It's a chin up protocol. I have a friend who did this and it worked. You will have to evaluate it yourself, I have never tried it.

Try some heavy farmers walks (but start light to make sure it doesn't aggravate your elbow). Building your grip strength may help alleviate your elbow pain. Also, putting your elbow in tension vs compression may help. When I was younger I had mild bouts of this from time to time. I really believe that building up my grip strength helped make. There is a product called Fat grips that you can add to your bars and DB to make them have a thick handle. I used to use these all the time. This may be a long term solution. Check it out.

Just a few ideas. Good luck.

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am I kind of defeating the purpose of triceps training by using the sleeves?

Neoprene Elbow Sleeves, Knee Sleeves and Waist Bands

I am a proponent of all of these. They maintain heat to the area which increased blood flow.

They are like Compression Garments which increase blood flow to the area.

An increase in blood flow to tissue assist in its recovery.

They also provide some support.

So, the are are defeating the purpose.

"If It Hurts, Don't Do It"

There good and bad pain. If any exercise is producing bad pain, don't do it.

Find an exercise that works the triceps that doesn't hurt.

William provide some great advice, "Find temporary replacements that don't hurt... If you do exercises, consider changing your grip so your palms face each other using specialty bars and dumbbells. This MAY be easier on the elbows."


I had shoulder issue a while back; it made Bench Pressing painful and did not allow my shoulder to heal.

Two exercise that allowed me to Bench Press with out pain and allowed my shoulder to heel were...

1) Reverse Grip Bench Presses

An Under Hand Grip eliminated the shear force place on my shoulder.

2) Swiss/Football Bar Bench Pressing

The handles on this bar allowed for a Neutral Grip, as well as a Semi-Neutral Pronated or Semi- Supinated Grip.

This illustrates William's point of experimenting with different grip to see what will work for you.

Triceps Exercises

Exercise like Skull Crushers and Triceps Push Down produce a lot of shear force on the elbow, as Dasho stated.

Close Grip Bench Pressing should be fine. However, pain is your guideline.

Injury Training Recovery

One of the key for recover is increasing blood flow to the area, especially if the injury is a tendon or ligament.

Due to the fact that there is less blood flow to connective tissue (if that is your issue), it takes much longer for it to heal.

Elbow Sleeves will increase blood flow to the area. Also, performing mega high repetition with an extremely light load with an exercise that does not cause bad pain; this increase in blood flow to the area decreases your recover time.

Years ago, I had a partial pec tear. Part of my rehab on it was performing the Bench Press for set of 20 repetitions with just a 45 lb bar; which at that point.

Connective Tissue Rehab

: Traditionally, slow eccentrics are used for tendon health or tendon rehab. This decreases the stiffness of the tendon. But you could also use isometrics and slow concentrics.

“It’s not about the eccentric component, it’s about the slow component. So you can do the same thing by doing slow shortening or you can do the slowest possible contraction which is an isometric contraction … all three work to improve health of the tendon.”


see a doctor for medical advice..

Physical Therapist of Exercise Physiologist

Physical Therapist and Exercise are more qualified on thing like this that a physician.
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I have been using elbow sleeves for most of my pressing for about two years. I have SBD elbow sleeves I am very happy with. I tried the Rehband elbow sleeves many years ago and did not like them at the time.

I don’t find much difference in output with or without elbow sleeves. If I get an arm pump in my warmup elbow sleeves give a bit of spring out of the bottom of the bench and press.

Training is a hobby and anything that helps me train safely or with confidence I use.
I would have to agree with Jeff. I too have used elbow sleeves for a few years after sustaining an elbow injury. I don't see much different in output whether I'm wearing them or not. I really only use them for the added safety and piece of mind.

That being said if you're worried there are lots of different elbow sleeves on the market. Try a few different ones and see what you like/ what works best for you. I had to try a lot of the ones on this list before I found one that I really liked. Although it was definitely worth it and wouldn't be able to go back. Best of luck!
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