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  1. Brad May

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    I thought I would share my latest vacation experience.
    I’m 15 months in to S&S and have almost reached standard but was faced with the annual 2 week break to Greece.
    Having read a couple of forum posts I decided to pack a 20kg bell with a 2.5kg plate and take it with me. BA charged me £60 for this which seemed reasonable.
    I then used a combination of Dan Johns 10kg swing routine coupled with a standard S&S 100 swing 10 get ups just focusing on form.
    Two weeks later and I’m back and whilst I definitely felt the bigger bells felt heavy i have quickly reverted to form and in fact managed 3 x get ups with a 36 yesterday.
    So if anyone is mid S&S and concerned about losing traction I’d say follow the advice of others on here and use the time as a break- you certainly don’t need to pack a 32kg bell with you.
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  2. Neil

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    Thanks for that. I’m at a similar stage to you in progression and I’m going away for 7 days. I was debating taking a 16 and just having an unloading week but really concentrate on form and technique, so you’ve helped me make my mind up, cheers.
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  3. Pavel Macek

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    The general law is: the longer you do something, the slower you "detrain".

    After 15 months of S&S I would not worry at all with 2 weeks holiday, and I would just enjoy it.

    After you come back, have 3-5 intro sessions with lighter weights, and them right to your old weights.
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