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Volunteers Wanted to try 7-week Strength & Cardio Program

Tony Gracia

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Yesterday on my Instagram account I shared that I am looking for 10 volunteers to test a pilot program for me. I have 7/10 spots filled after just the first few hours, and am looking to fill up the final slots. Below is a quick synopsis; please read everything before replying.

  • Goals are a balance of strength & hypertrophy along with endurance
  • This is quite similar to how I usually structure my own training, and I believe is a great format for BJJ / grapplers
  • Sessions are 4x per week x 7-weeks. Participants must commit to doing all the sessions
    • Two of the weekly sessions will probably take 60-75 min, and the other two 30-45 min (including a warm up of your choice)
  • This is intended for people of at least moderate experience level. This is NOT a beginner friendly program
  • Participants must have access to barbells & a power rack and proficiency with classic barbell movements (DL, BP, etc.)
  • Participants must have access to kettlebells and proficiency with swings and TGU
  • Participants must have access to at least one piece of cardio equipment with a monitor, such a Rogue Echo bike or a Concept 2 rower
  • I will not be providing technique instruction in this program - you must already be skilled at all the movements. I have already had a ton of people ask me "I don't know how to deadlift, can I still do it?" Or similarly "I am comfortable with barbells but I have no experience with kettlebells, can I still do it" ... the answer to both questions is a polite NO. You must be experienced at all of the above for this particular program.
  • Must be available to start ASAP ... probably next week
  • MUST COMMIT TO DOING THE ENTIRE PROGRAM. I will not accept applicants who can only do some of the days or some of the weeks.
  • Must commit to providing me feedback on how your progress is coming along and how you enjoy the training. After the full program, if you enjoyed it, I would also ask for a testimonial that I can use.

If you are interested please do two things:
  1. Send me a PM. In the PM please confirm that you meet the criteria that I outlined above
  2. After sending the PM please also make a comment in the thread here. Something at simple as "PM sent" so that I know to check ... often these can be missed :)

While I try to hop on this forum from time-to-time, I realize a lot of you may not know me. Here is a quick background:
  • StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor
  • Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Industrial Strength Gym located in Portland, Oregon
  • Our gym was one of the original StrongFirst Accredited Gyms
  • B.S. in exercise science
  • 20 years of BJJ, awarded black belt in 2014
  • Active BJJ competitor (master's black belt division)
  • ~7 years of judo and recently started competing in judo as well
Thank you in advance!
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