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Steve Freides

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OK, it's Wacky Tuesday and I'm in need of a little humor, so ...

Wacky names you could use as your forum username. The more they make your groan when you read them, the better. :)

Rules: keep it clean, follow all forum guidelines, and make it somehow related to what we talk about here.

Probably no one finds this entertaining except me, but here goes. My contributions:

Cardi O'Day

Cy DePres

Meese Tronguweek

Wei Tiplate



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LOL, thanks Steve! I don't have any yet, but I'll put it up if I think of one!


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And their bodyweight only cousins Wan Armplupp and his drunken uncle who is always pissed Tals Quat


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There's that high fat weight loss strategy - The Keith O'Genic diet.

You may want to look into the body work guru - Dee Iptishoomasaj.

Particularly useful after a session of biomechanically iffy squats devised by the controversial exercise scientist Val Gusnee.


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I'm a big fan of Dr. Calvin I. Stenicks. You might know him as Cal. Quite a progressive fellow.

Let us not forget the powerful contributions of Mr. Olly Pinklift.

And finally, where would we be without Ms. Kella Graham? We'd have nothing to work with.

Wocka wocka wocka!
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