Weighted Calisthenics..... Under-rated?

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by pullupfighter, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. lokate

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    Looks great. I am a martial artist for years en d want a good starring routine .
    Can Simone put down a good starting routine for bodyweight.
    Keep in kind that rigt hoe i can do only 3 pullups.
    I want to work up to train the same as you guys. Training with bodyweight exercises with weights but dont know were to start.
    I still have my martial arts to train zo i dont have hours a dat to workout.
    Amy help to start would be very welkome.
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  2. Tarzan

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    @lokate Have you read The Naked Warrior?

    You won't find a better starting template for bodyweight training, once you learn the basic principles of high tension and learn to apply them you could start adding weight later. I'd advise to work those pullups until you can do 8-10 good reps (without cheating) before you start adding too much extra weight. Tendons typically lag behind muscles when you begin this sort of training and your muscles can actually get too strong for you tendons and cause injuries if you add a lot of weight before your tendons have adapted,

    It's OK to add weight but master the basics first.
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  3. pullupfighter

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    Lokate, check it. I have to handle some paper work tonight and I'll be busy, but tomorrow looks much more free. If you can wait until tomorrow I can send you a screen shot of my full routine / schedule and it will probably save you a lot of reading and time. I did what was suggested above, read Naked Warrior and T-Nation, months of research, learning. The problem is, all the reading helped knowledge wise, but when you start into weighted calesth. it's tough, being that most people just like yourself just starting would be lucky to do 3 chin ups. With that said, there was a lot of things with weighted calesth. that I learned from trial and error so if you give me a day I think I can save you a lot of reading, time, and trial and error.

    The funny thing is, believe it or not I quit working out for years. My first day back, was worse than you! I got (2) pull ups total with no additional weight. Now 3.5 months later, I maxed out today with 49 lbs for 1 rep and 17 reps max with no weight. But remember, 3.5 months ago, I was worse off than you. I honestly read a lot of forums, people said you wouldn't see results for months after working out. FALSE. With weighted calesth. I started growing within 1 month, within 2 months, the results were VERY NOTICEABLE. Not only were the results very noticeable, but I could literally feel my strength gains going through the roof.

    With that said, if you can give me a day, I'll do a full write up via pm for you with my schedule. The reason I brought this up to you was because you said you were into martial arts and I think you would like my routine for martial arts, or at least give you something to start with. But I think you would benefit from my program in martial arts, as I now uses a 6 day split, 3 upper, 3 lower. But (2) of those days are for mass, the other day I've geared around fighting. The other day consist of all explosiveness, speed, and power exercises, where the other (2) days are for muscle building. I think it would carry over great to your martial arts.

    LMK if your interested.
  4. lokate

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    Thanks tarzan and thanks pull up fighter.
    Would be great if you want to writer your training to me.
    I am not much a computer expert so i dont know what you mean by LMK.
    But you can me me to otherwise?
    Would be great that you will do that.
  5. Marc

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    Maybe this one is of help to some:
    The Set / Rep Bible | T Nation

    It gives a pretty good idea how to programm sets/reps and it can be applied to bw exercises (like dips, pullups etc.) in the same it would be applied to any other modality.
  6. Kozushi

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    The Naked Warrior program focuses on one arm pushups and one legged squats. It also endorses pullups it seems.
    You can get strong without adding extra weight onto yourself.
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  7. Sean M

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    @pullupfighter Check out Tactical Barbell, which has 6-week periodization that promotes/recommends weighted pull-ups (there are also suggestions for a weighted bodyweight-centric "cluster" of exercises as he calls them). It's the standard 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps at 70-95% 1RM formula. I believe the author of TB has a mass-building book now (which I haven't read) which may include bodyweight variations.

    I don't know if gymnasts use weighted bodyweight movements, but they are (in my opinion) the strongest people on the planet when considering their low weights. The men in particular look absolutely jacked; what I've heard is that their tendons and ligaments are so strong/big that it looks like extra muscles.
  8. offwidth

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    Interesting question... perhaps there are some gymnasts out there who can answer this?
    If I were to speculate, I would say generally no (with the exception maybe of pull-ups) because training gymnastics moves with added weight would interfere with movement patterns.
    Rock climbers (which I have more than a passing knowledge about) typically do not train with additional weight. I said typically. Some guys I know, (myself included at times) will add some weight when doing endurance laps in the climbing gym. (Or wear a pack to simulate Alpine rock climbing) We will also do weighted pull-ups, and hangboard training.
  9. pet'

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    It is also possible to make things harder by playing with the time under tension. For instance, doing a push up with a slow eccentric and a regular / fast concenctric.

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