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Michael Scott

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Day 4
The problem is my brain. I'm in a epic battle with my sweet tooth. It's not an issue of hunger. I eat when I get hungry. Call it craving, habit, addiction, whatever. I want a cupcake dammit!
Boy do I hear that Lori!
I fight the battle with my sweet tooth daily as well. I can hold it at bay for about 5 days then I cave.... it is hard with kids and the chocolate is everywhere in my house. Damn it! Stay strong.
Here is a recipe I found for my Keto Diet, might help you both with your sweet tooth. I may be making them this weekend as well:

Chocolate Fat Bombs Recipe

125g/4.4 Ounces Cream Cheese
125g/4.4 Ounces Unsalted Butter
2 Tablespoons Cacao Powder
1 Tablespoon Sweetener of Choice (Or more to taste)

1. Place the cream cheese and butter into a large bowl and allow to soften gently at room temperature.
2. When softened beat briefly with an electric whisk then add the cacao powder and your sweetener of choice.
3. Beat until smooth.
4. Get out Mini Baking Cups and place 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture into each cup.
5. Place into the fridge to firm and enjoy!


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Day 6

I encountered an unexpected downside today. I'm tired of eating brown foods. Chuck roast, bacon, roast beef, all are tasty, but brown.

I shook things up today by having salmon and cream cheese rollups. Pink and white! No brown!

I had something new today...raw milk. Normally I'm not a milk drinker. I was working in a city that allows raw milk to be sold. In Albuquerque, where I live, raw milk is illegal. I had to try some and compare it to pasteurized.

Holy moley! Raw milk is awesome! It tasted like liquid ice cream! I was taking sips all day.

Onward to Day 7...

Mark Kidd

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That's true, eating an apple retains all it's fiber and nutrients. Problem is, I would take that apple and turn it into a vegan pie! And top it with vegan ice cream!
What did apples do to you? Sorry, if it doesn't have dairy, it's not ice cream!


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Original post said no carbs, that's why I asked.
I'm going to edit it and say "no carb-ish!"

You got me thinking...maybe I'll try a week of real deal no carbs. That would be eggs/meat/fish/certain cheeses. Maybe the last week of the challenge. I don't think I'm mentally ready to do it next week. I'll still be No Carb-ish next week.

PS...My husband drank all the raw milk, no more for me!


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Hey Hey Hey...Day 7!

Here's some ramblings about Week 1.
-Only eating brown food is tougher than I imagined. Next week I'm adding more fish for variety and color.
-I didn't restrict or measure how much I ate. Or when I ate. When I got a hankering to eat, I did so.
-Despite eating whenever I wanted, I lost some weight, 4 lbs. I know this is mostly water weight as my glycogen stores were depleted. Still, 4 lbs gone sure makes Pull ups easier!
-Poop day was day 5. I never feel constipated.
-I miss the texture of different foods. Especially crunchy stuff. Today I discovered cheese crisps. That should make my life better.
-No afternoon slump! I wake up in the morning and am alert all day. I'm not sure this can be contributed to my diet. Time will tell on this one.
-Cravings! Day 3 was the worse. If I wasn't in a hotel, I may have caved and eaten some "non meat" items. My cravings subsided halfway through Day 4.

Week 2 coming up..


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Day 8

Tonight will be the first time I'll be eating out. Luckily it will be with the husband. He's used to my "special" food requests.

Here's what I'll order..
Bacon cheeseburger
Hold the bun
Hold the lettuce
Hold the tomato
No sides
Fried egg on top

Hmmm..that might not be enough food...make it two!


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This guy is pretty awesome, his twitter is chocked full of information.
He's an orthopedic surgeon and was a doctor in the Air Force. He's 50 years old and keeps breaking records on his rower..

Shawn Baker MD‏ @SBakerMD May 12
Ok- yet another 500m world record- as usual fueled by no carbs at all, only meat- 50 years old!


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I'm becoming obsessed with finding tasty uncured meats/cheese combos.
Yesterday I had the classic prosciutto/ mozzarella.
Today it was Italian salami/ manchego.
Tomorrow, who knows? I'm spontaneous!

What day is it? Oh yeah, Day 9.
I can't believe I've been able to write about meat related topics for 9 days.
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