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@LoriLifts, bacon should have provided you with a crunchy texture......unless you don't like crispy bacon. I have to admit, a crunchy salad is a good meal.....with bacon & sliced hard-boiled eggs and olive oil+vinegar....... :D

Fish, pork, eggs are all proteins that wouldn't have been brown in color....same for chicken and turkey (whole, parts, or ground). I know that I am giving you all these after you have stopped the meat town tour. However, if you decide to visit again, maybe you can find a better balance.

In my last post, I wrote about the advantages of a meat diet.

Here were the downsides of eating meat/eggs/dairy for 21 days.

Texture! Although I wasn't craving salads, I missed the crunch of fruits and vegetables.

Color! Most of my food was brown. Some folks recommended adding more fish meals. That was a good idea, I should have bought some halibut.

Social constraints when eating in restaurants! Eating only meat doesn't take much time. While my husband is eating appetizers, entrees and desserts, I'm eating a piece of steak. I can get that done in 10 minutes, then I'm ready to leave.

Meat still rocks, but my husband is glad I'm eating more stuff...
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