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John Spezzano

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I'm so excited to be part of this organization and see where it goes!


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Most Awesome! SO happy to be part of this group. Well done Mark, well done.


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Congrats to Pavel and all involved. I'm looking forward to see where this goes. I've been reading/following Pavel's path since his early articles in MILO


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Congratulations to Pavel, Mark and everyone else involved in getting this off the ground.

Very excited to see where everything goes. That newsletter in particular sounds like it could be awesome.


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Nice site at first glance. Simple and clean and set up to communicate clearly...I'll look forward to the build out and developments.


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Congratulations Pavel and Mark!!! Super excited to be here and honored to be part of this STRONG FIRST community!!!  I too want to continue to be STRONG all ways!!!

To say I am ENERGIZED is an understatement!!!


Power to us all!! Be STRONG!!



Zach Ganska

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Amazing...... Can't believe how fast this all came together after reading (and re-reading, and re-reading....) Pavel's announcement just under two and a half months ago.   Heartfelt thanks to Pavel, Mark, and all involved with this site and upcoming certifications!

keats snideman

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Really great to see this site come to fruition! I predict great things as this new venture moves forward.

The mission and goals of this company and organization are clear and concise; something that was unfortunately lost over the years at DD. I am very excited about this!

This will be and is the NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD....PERIOD! And not just for kettle bells, but for barbells and bodyweight movement principles.

Coolness, Steak, & Strength For Us All!




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Good to meet you at here.

All Korean miss Pavel and StrongFirst.

We are saying, "Be Strong First." :)

I hope to see you soon.

Tommy Blom

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Pavel, Mark, Nikki and everyone else that has put work into this new venture, you have done a tremendous job!

Thank you for once again raising the bar!

We are StrongFirst!

An honour to be in this outfit!



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Congratulations, Chief and Mr Toomey!!!

amazing site

really glad to be here.

Best of luck!

Yoana Teran

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Wow!!!!!! I am soooo excited! It is amazing!

Thank you Pavel for teaching us to be STRONG!



Shawn Reed

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Wow, how could the new beginning be any Stronger? This site and brand is very powerful.

Congrats and thank you to Pavel and Mark for building this for all of us!
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